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ARCONA Cranberry Toner 4.05 fl oz

Naturally beautiful, toned skin is possible with ARCONA Cranberry Toner. This three-in-one cranberry milk toner uses the nourishing properties of antioxidant rich botanicals and rice milk to clean, tone, hydrate, and protect skin, resulting in healthy, radiant complexion. Arcona’s products are all formulated without harsh chemicals or preservatives so you can feel good from the inside out!…

Key features

  • Naturally beautiful, toned skin is possible with ARCONA Cranberry Toner
  • This three-in-one cranberry milk toner uses the nourishing properties of antioxidant rich botanicals and rice milk to clean, tone, hydrate, and protect skin, resulting in healthy, radiant complexion
  • Arcona’s products are all formulated without harsh chemicals or preservatives so you can feel good from the inside out!

Honest reviews


3.75 stars … over-hyped

This toner’s better than Dr Haushka (sp) but it comesin a flimsy plastic bottle. It’s a good toner with niceingredients but I didnt find it that moisturizing. Maybe Igot a bad batch. I switched to L’UVALLA bitter orange tonerbecause it also contains natural ingredient and it’s packagedin glass.

Bessie Rugby, TN

Love this Toner!!

Love this toner- Got in a a monthly subscription box and if it wasn’t so expensive I would buy more- It made my face feel so good and clean, took makeup off easily and smelled so good!

Vickie Satsuma, FL

Amazing. Refreshing. Gives a glow.

I’m ADDICTED to this toner. Not only is it refreshing, you really feel as if you’ve cleansed your skin–and it feels that way for at least an hour afterward. The scent is more pronounced in the pads than in the bottle of toner. The scent has never bothered me, as it has others–it is light, and fruity, and perhaps not for everyone, but I like it . And the toner itself? Well, it feels good–good consistency. It is pricey, but worth it. I’ve used a number of toners over the years, and this is one of the few that goes above and beyond. You can even use it to remove makeup!If you are thinking about trying this toner, do. I coveted it for over a year (didn’t want to spend that much on an unknown product), and received a sample through a different source. Haven’t used anything else since. It is one of those products that daily lifts your spirits and becomes part of your permanent rotation. Just as a note–I prefer the toner on its own to the pads–yes the container which includes pads is convenient, but I feel that the pads are oversaturated (I believe another reviewer mentioned this as well) and messier (despite being of good quality) than my regular cotton squares 🙁

Lillie Watertown, CT


I don’t normally use toner, not sure why, but I got a sample of this toner in my Goodebox and I liked it a lot. It didn’t dry out my face or sting, and the smell was pleasant not medicinal. I felt like I could use the toner and not require moisturizer, which is rare. I also checked out the company and decided to try the Raspberry Cleanser Bar, which I absolutely love.

Louise Port Heiden, AK

Love it

I use this to remove my make-up. This is really good. I don’t get any break-outs (I usually get them with some other make-up remover products)and it doesn’t dry my face, which is wonderful. Love it.

Rosetta Sprankle Mills, PA

excellent toner, be careful about the other claims

I’m in my mid-30s and I have combination skin (oily T-zone, dry cheeks). Most of the toners I’ve tried in the past have been alcohol-based and have been quite drying, so I was happy to get the chance to try a toner that is not alcohol-based. After using this twice a day for a few weeks, I’m happy with this as a toner. First, I’ll use a cleanser and then pat my face dry with a towel. Following that, I’ll dispense this toner onto a disposable cotton pad (usually I press the dispenser top twice) and apply it to my face and neck. It takes a little longer to dry than an alcohol-based toner, which is understandable. While I wait for it to dry, I do something else (like apply a hair treatment) so I’m not wasting time.I do feel a tightening effect when I use this, which may be due to the witch hazel and/or the cranberry extract, since both have astringent effects (shrinking pores, tightening tissues). I find that this dries without leaving a residue. After it has dried, I then continue with my skincare routine, which varies based on time of day. Thus far, this toner has been compatible with all the serums, moisturizers, and liquid foundation products I currently use. I would say that the oil level of my skin is approximately the same using this versus an alcohol-based toner. It is not causing my skin to break out, which is nice.This is definitely less drying than alcohol-based toners, so if you have sensitive skin and find other toners and/or astringents too harsh, you might really like this. I am pleased that it does not contain any artificial fragrances or dyes; the only preservatives are vitamin E, essential oils, citric acid, and benzyl alcohol (present only in very small amounts). Benzyl alcohol can be found in many plants and essential oils (including jasmine). However, there have been some reports of allergic reactions to benzyl alcohol in skincare products (see the Wikipedia page for benzyl alcohol), so it is best to do a patch test if you have known skin allergies. I did not have a reaction even after extended use.I really like the way this product smells but I’ve long been a fan of fruity-scented skincare products. The scent of this one lingers a bit longer than the scents of toners/astringents I’ve used in the past, but since I like the scent, I’m fine with that.This product makes some other claims that I’d like to address now.First, it’s advertised as a makeup remover. I’ve tried using it as a makeup remover and it’s certainly effective; it removes lip stain, eyeshadow, and waterproof mascara easily. I also noticed that it removed traces of leftover liquid foundation that remained after cleansing with another product. So it’s a wonderful "second pass" makeup remover. However, I’d like to offer a caution: if this gets in your eye, it hurts! (Also, something oily from this toner remained in my eye nearly all night. So this should perhaps not be used as an eye makeup remover.)Second, it’s advertised as having cleansing properties. This product does not have any detergents or surfactants and it neither foams nor lathers. Because of the issues surrounding getting it in your eyes, it may be better not to use it as a cleanser.Third, it’s advertised as hydrating skin. I actually feel like my skin has been fairly well moisturized while I’ve been using this. I have been using other moisturizers, as well, though. It’s certainly not drying, at any rate.In the end, as far as the product claims go, I’d say this is an excellent toner, a decent makeup remover (for non-eye areas), and it has some hydration value. Honestly, I’d say the manufacturer is making a few too many claims about the benefits of this product, and they may want to rethink that. However, that being said, I like the product enough as a toner to continue using it.The Amazon ingredients list is not complete, so here is the list from the Arcona website:Distilled Water, Witch Hazel Extract, Rice Milk, Sodium Lactate, Cranberry Fruit Extract, White Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Essential OilsThe rice milk may help absorb some oil as rice powder is commonly used for this purpose and only the rice powder/flour would remain on the skin after the water evaporates. Rice milk is likely to be all right for people with gluten intolerances/allergies since rice is gluten-free. The antioxidants (from cranberry extract, white tea extract, grapeseed extract, and vitamin E) may provide anti-aging benefits although many sources suggest using a sunscreen in addition to antioxidants. In particular, the grapeseed extract contains an alpha-hydroxy acid (malic acid), which should always be used with sunscreens; however, this compound is going to be present in only small amounts in this product.Disclaimer: Received a free full-sized bottle of toner from Truth in Aging for evaluation purposes.

Tamera Moulton, TX