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Arbordoun Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream 4 oz

Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream is formulated by hand to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate skin of all ages. It is created from an emulsion of olive oil and beeswax, with herbal extracts of Calendula, Oregon Grape, Comfrey and Aloe. These herbs have been used historically to enhance skin vitality. They are organically grown on our small Lopez Island farm and blended with the olive oil, aloe, beeswax and lavender oil. The water-based ingredients are readily absorbed by the skin so the cream works deeply.

Key features

  • 4 Ounces Cream
  • Serving Size:

Honest reviews


Smells good, doesn’t do well with my skin

I have a small rash problem on my shoulder area that is exacerbated by swimming in a chlorinated public pool, so I was looking for a cream or lotion to mitigate the problem. This not only did not help, but it made the situation worse (mostly the rash started itching even more). However, it does have a pleasant scent, and, at least for my hands, it is a nice cream. It comes in a nice dark round jar with a good lid, but you don’t get much (4 fl. ounces) for the price. It does have kind of a greasy feel to it and it doesn’t rub easily into the skin (or be easily absorbed by my skin). I finally found a great product that works on my shoulder rash; it is called Renew. Check it out. Great stuff!

Madeleine Garner, AR


I stumbled onto this amazing cream about a year ago. It quickly solved all my skin problems in just one application a day. Now I hope I’m never without a jar. I had sun damage, brown spots and dry itchy skin and this cream made all the spots lighter and my skin moist and healthy. My nails improved and the tone of my skin improved. Did I mention the great smell? If you are looking for a quick acting, effective, healing and aromatherapy cream you can not do better than Arbordoun’s Calendual cream.

Ashleigh Hampton, CT


I was really nervous about purchasing this product due to the fact that I have very oily/acne prone skin and not to mention the fact that I suffer from eczema. However, since using the product I haven’t experienced any breakouts or reactions, the product smells so good, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. When I wake up in the morning I seem to have this nice glow. Also I was a little concerned about the price since the product is a little on the small side however, this will definitely last a VERY long time so the price was well worth it..

Jessie Sacramento, CA

It’s fine. Won’t buy again….

It’s ok. I don’t really need it tho. I guess it’s handy to have on hand but I won’t re-purchase.I LOVE the Sweet Blessed Bee Magic and the All Natural Queen Bee eye cream better. (I think they’re 2 separate companies and both products are excellent for aging skin, for the eye area, just overall for any type of moisture retention and skin care.)All 3 are different products, different uses. But they have a lot in common. I just don’t need this Calendula added to the mix.But if you’re specifically looking for CALENDULA, it’s fine!

Rochelle Unionville Center, OH

Wonderful Relief

I recently had an outbreak of something on my face around my eyes. The Dr. told me it was an allergic reaction to something….could be anything. Several internet searches points to eye eczema, but it’s not Dr. diagnosed, as I did not see a dermatologist, but a general MD. My eyes became very swollen and very red. My eyelids and cheekbone area looked like a horrible sunburn or maybe like I had just had a laser treatment. Very uncomfortable and itchy as well. At night I woke up several times and wanted to scratch my eyes out. I found this cream after doing a search for eczema treatment on Amazon. The reviews described many of the symptoms I was experiencing. So, I ordered it ~ what I was using seemed to make things worse even though these creams had helped with my prior breakout of whatever I was experiencing. I waited 2 days to try this…I was afraid to make things worse because everything I had tried just wasn’t working at all. Last night, I gave this a whirl. After 15 minutes, I was feeling relief from the itching and the redness and actually what swelling I had going on seemed to lighten up. I woke up with about 1/2 of the redness around my eyes that I had been experiencing over the past 5 days. The cream is a tiny bit gritty, but nothing major, it is pretty greasy, but for me it did soak in and give me almost immediate relief. When I woke up, it had absorbed into my skin and I finally looked like I had rested. I will continue to use this and give it a 5 star rating….it really is good stuff. I’m also on prednisone for my symptoms and that also may be the reason I’m feeling somewhat better, but the relief I felt shortly after applying this cream to my face is the big thing for me. This cream gets 2 thumbs up! :o)Update: I began using this on the heals of my feet and it works amazingly well there too!Update 2: I experienced a lot of itching on my neck and scratched too much. I used this and the redness and swelling along with the itching subsided. This stuff is amazing and works on so many things. I keep it on hand at all times.

Hillary Kelliher, MN

LOVE this stuff!!

I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin, so I was hesitant to try this, however this cream has exceeded my expectations!! When I opened the jar I could tell this cream was extremely high quality. It doesn’t have the appearance or consistency of "commercial" creams and when you apply it, it absorbs into my skin so smoothly. It is the middle of a Minnesota winter and my face and hands feel very soft and moisturized. The calendula is soothing and the oils are blended for the smoothest application. It is more of a heavy overnight cream and I would be hesitant to put it on under my makeup during the day, but it is perfect for overnight. It seems too heavy to put around my eyes, but it works well on the rest of my face, neck, and hands. I’m sure it would work well on any area, though. This is a product I will order again and again!

Jami Albert Lea, MN

Dry skiners, read on! =)

First off, a bit about my face.I have combination skin; oily in the summer, dry in the winter. NY weather.For those with dry skin:
• I only use this cream in the winter. NY summers are high in humidity therefor no additional moist is needed for my face.
• Make sure to stir with clean tool, or finger, as there’s oil in it, which separates when just setting.
• Make sure to use an SPF on top of this cream as it is NOT one.
• Allow for skin to absorb the cream before adding the sunblock (I used an organic; Fleurs de Soleil SPF 30)
• Depending on how dry your skin gets, amount usage will vary.
• Excellent for after shaving cream.
• It does not make skin greasy nor oily.
• While it has a natural fragrance it does not overpower cologne/perfume. Fades quickly.I had no reactions to it. I totally recommend it. I like to try different organic products so that my skin can react favorably to them.

Melinda Blue Diamond, NV


It was an okay cream. Very creamy. You have to remix it because the oils separated. I’ve bought better homemade calendula creams on etsy.

Martha Slade, KY

smells lovely, if you like lavender

good cream but a bit too heavy for my face, even in winter. Occasionally okay for overnight, but leaves my face way too shiny for daytime. I use it on dry patches (like elbows) and it’s effective. A little goes a long way. In my opinion, too oily to use as hand cream unless you want to drop things and leave fingerprints everywhere. Consistency is a bit strange, creamy but the distinctly yellow olive oil separates out if the container goes unused for more than a day.

Jan Avoca, NY