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Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, Lisse Crepe, Patented Design, White

Aquis towels are made of Aquitex, a super absorbent material woven from ultrafine microfibers. The technology behind our microfiber towel enables water to be drawn from hair and skin more quickly and thoroughly than other towels. And it’s especially gentle on hair and skin. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, Aquis towels are ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and while traveling.

Key features

  • One patented design lisse crepe-style white microfiber hair turban
  • Made from Aquitex microfiber, which delivers the efficient moisture transport while providing comfort and durability
  • Dries hair faster to save you time and cut down on hair-damaging blow drying; self-securing with button closure
  • Reduces risk of split ends; ultra-lightweight and gentle on hair and skin; comfortable and easy to wear
  • Dries quickly between uses; extremely soft and supple

Honest reviews


Would work better if a little larger

Doesn’t completely cover my hair. Works well to keep hair out of shower or protect from dirt outside. Might do better if the closure were velcro and not a button.

Edwina Lynchburg, OH

Great turban towel

Good turban for wet hair! My other turban is getting old and I can’t find that one anymore so thought this would be close to the old towel. It is small so better for people with a smaller head size and not a lot of long thick hair. I have small head and shorter thin hair and it is a bit snug for me, the elastic is snug. Seems like a good product it does absorb a lot if water because when I take it off the ycloth seems a lot wetter then my other regular towel turban. I like the button and loop feature stays in place real well.i I just hope after time the elastic loosens a bit.I haven’t washed yet, need to remember do not use bleach or fabric softner on these.

Penny Sierra Blanca, TX

I love this turban

I am very happy with this hair wrap. I don’t know if it actually reduces my hair drying time. I just like the way it stays on my head so tight. I can get so much more done with wet hair than ever before. I can run up and down the stairs to the laundry room, brush my teeth, put on my makeup, drink my coffee. Could not do that with a regular towel wrapped around my head, that is for sure. I squirt some of my leave in conditioner into my hair before I wrap it (if I remember) and I like the way it feels when I finally take off the wrap. I might have to make this my standard girlfriend gift this holiday season.

Susana Matthews, GA


I didn’t find this hair turban to be any more beneficial than a regular towel. Other than it being lighter weight. The absorbancy wasn’t better, and my hair wasn’t dryer.

Lorraine Pinebluff, NC

Too small

I guess this would be a great product if you have a small head. It doesn’t fit mine so it was a waste of money.

Alfreda Metamora, MI

Fantastic- no complaints here

I love this hair towel. It seems silly to have a towel specifically for your hair, but this thing allows me to dry my hair in a nice tight package. And it definitely pulls more water from my hair than a traditional towel. I’m buying a couple more for traveling, my gym bag, etc.Regarding the people who complain about the fit, I wonder if twisting it more or less would adjust the fit for your… more twisting and it’s going to be tighter, less twisting and it’s going to be looser.

Michell Rye, NH

Fits all of my hair, doesn’t pick up lint

I bought a cheaper version of this somewhere and it was made of the material you use to pick up lint. Needless to say it picked up lots of lint and after one wash/dry, it stuck to itself and had all kinds of things stuck to it. I guess you could use your head to dust if you were wearing that…but the worst was that it wasn’t enough material to fit longer hair.Well, the Aquis DOES fit longer hair and doesn’t fall off. It also has elastic on the edge to keep it on your head. And it dries quickly. It’s a must for drying long hair when you aren’t a blow-drying type of person…and you could use it to get excess water out before blow-drying.The best thing is they sell them at Nordstrom Rack in SF for $10! I had only one for a year or so but I wanted to have a few to rotate out so I could throw one in the laundry. They dry quickly so you can subsist on one but it’s nice to have a fresh clean one if you want to wash yours – mine get sorta saturated with conditioner after a while. I like the non-white ones so if you color your hair and you use the turban, it won’t show as much if the dye comes out in the material. I guess getting white would be a good option if you want to be able to bleach out any hair coloring that might end up on it.

Noemi Dorset, OH

Five Stars

I don’t know how I lived without this product.

Jody Oak Run, CA

Tried others

I have had other wraps before but didn’t like them. This one is terrific. It absorbs really, really well. It is a nice fit. I have bought it for all of my sister in laws. Love it.

Maureen Riverside, MI

Doesn’t really speed up my drying process…

I had high hopes for this. With hair down to my mid-back, blow drying takes far too long for my liking. After reading reviews I thought this would cut out some time, but it doesn’t. I like the secure turban versus wrapping my head in a towel, but that’s where the benefits end. Any suggestions as to what would work better??

Shannon East Bernard, TX

The ONLY way to wash my hair!

I love these turbans so much, I have several, so I can rotate them to be washed. This towel is super-absorbent and it secures well on my head. It’s also very lightweight, which is great, especially depending on my hair length at the time. Since I’ve started using this product, I’ve had very long hair to shoulder-length hair, and it’s worked great for every length.I highly recommend this!

Wanda Forestville, WI

More cosmetic than effective

It does not dry my hair very well at all. It is more useful to put it up when I am not ready to dry it yet. On that point it is very secure.

Randi Bristol, RI


I am always in a hurry after I take a shower and this product doesn’t dry my hair well. I should probably leave it for 5 to minutes on my hair so it will dry it thoroughly.

Edith Gardner, MA