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Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Get your skin glowing from head to toe with the innovative, two-sided technology of our Aquitex XF exfoliating material. One side offers a textured, loofah-like surface that deeply exfoliates and massages, enhancing circulation and invigorating the skin. The other side features a soft, smooth microfiber surface that gently deep-cleans even the most delicate skin.

Key features

  • One 4×30-inch linen exfoliating back scrubber
  • Convenient handle on each end makes it easy to give your back the attention it deserves; machine washable
  • Reveal glowing skin from head to toe with the innovative, two-sided technology of Aquitex XF exfoliating material
  • One side offers a textured, loofah-like surface that deeply exfoliates; the other side features a soft, smooth microfiber surface for delicate skins
  • Customized back exfoliation in one simple shower accessory

Honest reviews


It’s a back washer

It works well enough to wash back but not exactly scrub it. The sisal scrubbers are MUCH better at scrubbing and relieving an itchy back. Twice I have bought five of them for $4 a piece on another site with $5 shipping. Gave away as gifts but not any more, I will save for myself.This Aquis is very soft microfiber terry cloth on one side and a slightly rougher material on the other. It IS long enough to bathe with but no better than a wash cloth. It doesn’t relieve an itchy back and I prefer a rougher back brush to this.

Mayra Minneapolis, MN

Looks good

Havent try it yet, will wait and see. But it looks good for washing back thoroughly. Better then using the brush.

Juliana Astoria, SD

Love this thing!

My first time with an exfoliating scrubber, and I have to say…why have I never had one before?!I use it all over my body, it makes my skin so smooth and nice. This is a must have for anyone who is serious about skin care.

Elnora Santa Margarita, CA


I wish the width on this scrubber was 2″ wider for more coverage, but it beats the back rubber handle scrubber. This product is well suited for women who take care of their personal items. For men, the stitching may not be tight enough for multiple use. Thank you seller!

Lora Fombell, PA

A good scrubber

I bought this scrubber after having had the brush on my previous back scrubber fall off from the handle one to many times. I had thought of returning the defective brush but instead just junked it and bought this scrubber which has no way to fall into the shower. It feels good on my back and I think it’s a good product and the price is right.

Patrice Moville, IA


absolutely love this scrubber. i plan to buy another just to have and travel with. there’s a soft side for light washing and a rougher side for exfoliating. definitely worth the buy for clearing body acne through exfoliation.

Roxanne San Ysidro, NM

Love it

Great, I purchased this for my husband who had tiny pimples on his back. Using this has made a huge difference. His skin glows again.

Jesse Butner, NC

Great for itchy back

Good for exfoliating and cleaning my itchy dry back. The only problem is it falls in the water too easily. I need a hook for it or something to keep it dry and clean.

Michael Stayton, OR

Back scrubber

This back scrubber comes in handy. It would be nice if it was just a little wider but overall works very well.

Jannie Koyuk, AK

Works Well

After using a long-handled wooden brush and never being able to reach the center of my back, I thought I’ give one of these a shot. First off, unless you have a lot of elbow room around your bathtub, this is very hard to use while sitting down in the tub, lol.I like that it’s two-sided (rough on one side and softer on the other) and I do agree with another poster here, that it sometimes is hard to get it to not flip over while ‘see-sawing’ back and forth. However, it does make my skin feel softer and the length is very long. So far it’s worked rather well for me and worth the low price.

Mattie Stumpy Point, NC

I bought one earlier…..loved it!

Actually allows me to wash my back from stem to stern and I have a 50" chest! So I have a lot of back muscle to wash and these are cost effective enough that buying two or three at a clip is wise as eventually the moisture will rot the rope… you open a new one!!

Deann Palmer, AK

Back Scrubber

Don’t use as often since buying the brush above, but It does what it was designed to do. Wash your back.

Carol Milford, PA

Works great.

I got this because I always had a hard time getting my back while using my bath pouf. Not only does it work great for scrubbing my back, it feels really good too!and this came as a pack of 2!

Michael Rodeo, NM

back scrubber

needed something to wash my back, did not desire a brush and this strip was ideal. There is a rough side and a smooth side so you can get just the right feeling while cleaning your back.

Beverley Roanoke, VA

Use this for dry brushing

I am using this for dry brushing my back and it works well. I thought it would be a little wider but it still works.

Kelli Corcoran, CA

works great

This scrubber works great! It’s nice and abrasive, and plenty long. The handles are nice, especially for hanging it in the shower for easy access. Happy with this product!

Sharon Waterloo, SC

Cheap copy! Update!

I have contacted Amazon. This is NOT the Aquis. It is a cheap copy with a small area of loofah on one side. How do I know? I have an Aquis. The Aquis has a label sewn in saying it is Aquis. It has a special material on one side, making it rougher and exfoliating. Read the description! This has neither! I am VERY angry that this vendor is selling cheap substitutes that I could pick up at a dollar store. This vendor is breaking the law and I hope they go to jail! They put a cheap label on the bag saying it is an Aquis. I could make that label on my computer, and I think they did! Do NOT buy from this vendor!Update:I reported this to Amazon AND Aquis. Aquis contacted Amazon. They told me I could now order it and get the right item. The seller is now listed as Aquis. I’ve ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet. If you buy it, look for the Aquis label sewn it. And it should look like the picture here on Amazon. The previous seller asked me to change my rating of their storefront, after apologizing, claiming ignorance. I refused. It was fraud.

Jennifer Doe Run, MO

My Wife Doesn’t Need Me Any More

People with itchy backs rejoice! The Equis Exfoliating Back Scrubber is more than an infomercial toy. This natural fiber product is gently exfoliating and it holds (and releases) a reasonable amount of suds and water to do its job. Admittedly, I am not long of limb but I find the length of this product to be fine for whipping over the back of my head and its ropey handles are comfortable for the back and forth of scrubbing. People who have difficulty (like my wife) in reaching behind themselves to clean their backs with a wash cloth will appreciate this product. It washes out well, too!Looking a little deeper, suppose a guy has a disgustingly hairy set of shoulders: this product works with an exfoliant to gently scrub away unwanted hair as well as performing its usual scrubbing function. Maybe we should buy two of them!

Brandy South Dayton, NY

Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber

This is an excellent product I purchased for my Mom. It made it much easier for her to bathe. Comfortable and easy to hold on to.

Keisha Gibbon, NE

my hobbies include exfoliating my back

No more dead skin on my back. No more itchy back too.This is so well made that I feel like I can exfoliate a Rhino with it and turn it into a unicorn.

Pansy West Minot, ME

Nice scrubber

Bought this for use on my back in the shower. I also have the Aquis washcloth and mitt. This is a nice back scrubber but I do think it’s somewhat expensive. If you are use to a handled back scrubber as I am, this might take time getting the hang of it and you can get a handled back scrubber a lot cheaper. Aquis does make great exfoliating scrubbers and they do last a long time. I tried to find their large washcloth and had to settle for their mitt. The mitt is just okay and small. Hope they bring back their large washcloth.

Mona Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Like it

Works pretty well, easy to use, reasonable price! I like that there is a soft side, but not a fan of the rougher side since I have sensitive skin.

Becky Manistique, MI

Good at first

It worked nicely but after a while it started to have that musty smell even though I would hang it to dry properly. Even after machine washing it, the smell would come back right away. Too bad because I liked it. But this smell thing was NOT a problem for quite a long time. Oh well.

Patricia Soldotna, AK

it is ok

this is ok for occasional use, but too much work for daily use. For that I shower prefer a brush

Kelsey Indian Springs, NV

Durable & Double Sided!

Best backs crubber I have ever bought. The cloth is very stretchy and you can tell it is a good material. One side is rough and the other is smooth. I like the rough side very much.

Kendra Cumberland, NC

exactly what I was looking for

I have exfoliating gloves for showering, but being that I have short arms & I am not a tiny person, there are a few areas that I wish I could reach a little better. This is perfect for getting my back & the back part of my upper thigh area. One side exfoliates & the other side is softer feeling. I have only used it a few times, so I cant say how long it will last, but I can say that so far I love it!

Rose Boxholm, IA


I had high hopes for this and it exceeded them. It works perfectly, texture is great, washable, etc. What more can I ask for?

Lynette Carmen, OK


Works great to get to the hard to reach areas. Good length so you don’t have to be a contortionist to use.

Marcie Early Branch, SC


Everyone buy this it really works and its great for single, seniors and it does the job and is easy to keep clean…

Polly Wilton, WI

Works great

I really like this back scrubber. I can put my body wash or sugar scrub on it and really do a good job exfoliating and getting the blood flowing!

Hattie Homer, GA