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Aqua*Tica Organic Botanical Night Cream with Caviar Extract, Reishi and CoQ10, 2oz

This cream feels like thick water on your face, with Sea Kelp, Spirulina and Cucumber, providing continuous hydration to your skin all night long. Combination of essential oils, including rare Argan Oil, rich with fatty acids, add nourishment, elasticity and suppleness, delay aging process by boosting production of collagen and elastin. Kojic Acid as a part of spores of Reishi mushroom contributes to the formula by adding mild lightening action while Caviar Extract nourishes your skin with vitamins and minerals. If your skin is depleted and suffers from pigmentation or sun damage, combination of fruit extracts, like Apple, Papaya, Watermelon, Guava, rich with Vitamins A,B and C, and Apricot, will provide gentle exfoliation, prevent oxidation of cells, promote rejuvenation, take away dead skin cells and speed up it’s renewal. Healing Calendula and Chamomile help to achieve smooth healthy and glowing skin. Relaxing blend of essential oils will put your mind in a happy place therefore helping you to relax and sleep. Our skin care is designed for everyone and can be used safely during pregnancy.

Key features

  • With Caviar Extract, Kojic acid and Co Q10
  • This cream feels like thick water on your face, with Sea Kelp, Spirulina and Cucumber, providing continuous hydration to your skin all night long. Combination of essential oils, including rare Argan Oil, rich with fatty acids, add nourishment, elasticity and suppleness, delay aging process by boosting production of collagen and elastin.
  • Helps Sun damage and Pigmentation
  • Contains Aromatherapy elements

Honest reviews


Best Night Cream Ever

I have used a lot of “high end” full of ugly chemicals creams and serums and finally decided to check EWG for more natural organic line… After a few misshaps I came acroos Sweetsation Therapy and now I am absolutely hooked. My skin never looked better after only using these products for under a month. It’s simpy amazing!! Not only they feel good but also great for your skin. Everything from this line is amazing!! Can’t wait to order their new organic eye cream :)!!

Young Bargersville, IN

Strong smell

Nice feel, but strong perfume smell. I am sensitive to odors and could not take it. The company was easy to deal with and took it back. I only used it a few times, so can’t comment on its efficacy.

Luella Windom, TX

Great night cream

A great night cream. Filled with high end herbal and natural ingredients found in departmentStore brands at a fraction of the price. Has an interesting smell, kindaMinty, but what it does for your skin is well worth it. My only skin careProduct of choice now .

Christie Bolingbroke, GA

Overpowering smell for sensitives

I do not really like the smell, I am also sensitive to smells, had no idea it would be so strong. Its not a light scent, its heavy and perfumy and gags me. Update, if I dilute it slightly with water, it helps. I do like the after effect, it does make my skin smoother, but the price is very high and I didn’t really like the smell. The ingredient list is impressive though. I see there is another product with cucumber which I might try – I really wanted something with a lighter scent, this one was too much for me.

Tommie Tekonsha, MI

Very hydrating

Aquatica is a water for your face. Very hydrating and you can literally feel how it feeds your skin. Very luxury. I had a bit of sun patches/discoloration of the left side of my face from driving my car and sun blasting from the window and after using this cream for a while my skin tends to be more even. I used it also in combination with Sweetsation’s Sun*Si’Belle SPF 30 during the day. My skin is noticebly more bright and even now. I am getting addicted to their products.

Allene Richmond Dale, OH

Really Like

This is one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used and I love that it is organic. I use it over a retinol product (after waiting 30 min.) in the PM to keep the retinol from burning my face. The reason I’m rating a 4 star is due to the smell. The last bottle I received smelled like the inside of an old medicine cabinet. Such a lovely product should have no fragrance or a better one.

Eunice Hills, MN

Best Night Repair Cream

I had been looking for natural and preservative( paraben and phalates ) free skin care products for a while and found Sweetsation and decided to try it. I have combination skin and loved Aqua*Tica Organic Botanical Night Cream” and I can definitely see a well rested me in the morning with brighter even skin tone and less visible forehead wrinkles. I also use the “Q*Lumière Organic Day crème with Cucumber”. I kept my skin even hydrated without making it oily. I like the packaging too as a little bit comes out with one pump which is enough for the entire face and neck. I highly recommend both product and will buy them again.

Michael Monument Valley, UT

Luxurious night time magic for your skin – Great value!

I originally found Sweetsation Therapy for their safe and effective sunscreens (EWG), when I was pregnant with my daughter and wanted to use only very safe skincare products. I LOVE their sunscreens, and ordered a few different ones to try. They sent samples of other products with each of my orders, and I love free samples! Aqua
• Tica was one of those samples – I tried it the night I received it and was immediately hooked. Though I absolutely loved the scent of the Q
• Lumiere instantly, I didn’t swoon over the fragrance in this at first – not that I disliked it, but I was sort of indifferent.It only took me a few days of using this every night (and Q
• Lumiere every day) to notice a real difference in my skin. I have really dry, VERY sensitive skin. So many products rich enough to offer ample hydration at night are greasy or thick feeling. And I often end up having dry or irritated patches from other products. Not with this. It is creamy and easily absorbed, and perfectly balances the moisture content in my skin, to make it smooth and soft. And I swear, it seems to minimize fine lines also. And now that I associate this stuff with fantastic skin (and going to bed!) I am no longer indifferent to the scent, I LOVE the scent!!!Aqua
• Tica is even better than many, much more expensive night creams that I have tried. I can’t recommend it highly enough!I also have to recommend the C
• Bella brightening toner. I tried it shortly after trying the Aqua
• Tica and Q
• Lumiere, and again, am hooked on it! It is absolutely the best toner I have every used, after cleansing both morning and evening.Yes, I am a Sweetsation Therapy devotee. It is sooo great to find products that are not only SAFE, but also REALLY do wonders for your skin. That is a combination that is not easy to come by.

Ann New Haven, VT

Smart Lotion for Bedtime Use!

This cream is a bit heavier than their day cream and it smells just like their Organic C*Perfect Skin Foaming Face Cleanser with Vitamin C–a nice light herbal scent.I will be honest that my hubby doesn’t really like the scent much but I really like it a lot. I also like the results. At first I feared it was too heavy for my face and would leave it greasy, but I should have known better. There is a point behind the added moisture and heaviness of this face cream. If you put it on and go to bed, all of it doesn’t end up on your pillows and blankets like other face creams I’ve tried. Because it is heavier and thicker, you wake up with a soft face and not a dry one. All of your product is not wasted on your linens! Goodplan! LOL I highly recommend this for bedtime use, especially in the winter months or on specifically targeted dry areas. I use it on my forehead at night and have lovedthe results.

Brenda Grace City, ND

Great moisturizer

Great night time moisturizer! I would mix a this with their serum and the next morning my skin would look and feel great!

Mattie Nicasio, CA

Love it

Im in love with Sweetsation products, Beside being organic, they smell amazing and it feels really good on the skin. I’m addicted to it .

Eileen Jonesboro, TX

You can’t go wrong with organic

I’ve tried different night creams and this by far is the best night cream in the market. Some people seem to not like the smell but i love it. When i wake up in the morning my skin looks 10X better than it used to look before. Im so impressed with this product im thinking about buying it as a gift for my sister. Try it, you will love it:)

Noelle Islesford, ME

The best night cream ever!!!!

I have been in search of a new skin care regimen for a little while now and I can’t say enough good things about the whole Sweetsation Therapy products. Their products are the best. The Botanical night cream has been doing wonders on my skin. It has helped me with my acne scars, sun spots and blemishes. I even go without makeup sometimes since my skin looks so amazing. I have been using their day cream, eye treatment, the mask and toner and every single product has helped changed the appearance of my skin.And the fact that it is organic and without any chemicals is also a huge factor since my skin is so sensitive.

Sarah Canones, NM

A Fantastic night cream!

I’m very picky when it comes to my skincare. Spent many hours searching and even more $$ on products that didn’t do nearly as much as this moisturizer did. First is the smell – LOVE IT! It’s by far my favorite time of the evening; Wash my face, tone and apply the night cream. Goes on very smooth and feels so refreshing and healthy! You will be pleased to find your younger, brighter looking skin in the morning! I’m so happy with their line of products! Just placed an order for a body lotion, face wash and moisturizer/spf30. So excited to try those out too!

Flora Maple Falls, WA

Like organic cosmetics…

I tried sample, felt it smelled a little bit strong, still ordered it because I am a great fan of organic products and really like other Sweetsation Therapy products, and I do need a night cream 🙂

Jami Elk Grove, CA

Great Night Cream!

Great nighttime cream. A little goes a long way. My skin feels nourished and healthy. I use this every night, and I wake up feeling as though my skin is still soft and not dry at all. I love that it’s natural.

Tania Brant Rock, MA

Excellent healthy product

Sweetsation therapy products are truly the healthiest. I have tried every over the counter product available only to find eventually they burned my eyes, or made matters worse. I came across these products on accident, however it was a great accident.I am 33 years old, not pregnant, an avid bike rider, and live in the hot state of florida. Being in the sun all day takes a toll on you. I began using the sweetsation spf30 and spf50 products for when I ride my bike, and to a great surpise they do not wash off with the heat or sweat. Not to mention the ingredients are truly organic with no chemicals. NOt many people understand the effects of chemicals, but eventually they all will enter your bloodstream and potentially cause damage.The night cream is super hydrating, not greasy at all, which is a great bonus. It has a light mild fragrance, but its a natural fragrance. When you put it on immedietly you feel and see a difference. I didn’t even expect to see a different using any of the sweetsation products, I just wanted sun protection and something for after the sun. HOwever, the second you put it on, your face must really like it because you see a difference that almost takes your skin back years. The plus is it is all natural. If you are someone who uses moisturizers regular, stop with the high end products and over the counter products, they really are full of chemicals and dont do anything for you, but perhaps cause more damage.Yes, the price is a little higher, however, they actually cost less because you need much less, literetly a pea size will cover your entire face. In the end, the health benefits and cost outwiegh any product available on the market.The best part of this product line is the customer service. I contacted the company a few weeks ago with a question about the spf30. The owner emailed me back an hour later on a saturday evening with helpful tips and suggestions. She is really kind and understands we all work hard for our money. It is not often you will get the owner of any company to return your questions, but she really cares, and it is obvious she cares about your needs over making profit. I am a doctorate learner, almost finished, and as such I read people while. This company is one of a kind, and should be highly rated as such.If your using one of the products and have a simple question like I did, email customer service on the sweetsation website. You will get an immediete response. I am not very girly, so I felt kind of silly with my question, but she did not make me feel such and helped greatly.You wont regret buying from this line, and I assure you customers needs are priority.

Lynne Galt, IA

Nothing short of amazing

I had melasma from my last pregnancy despite slathering myself in sunscreen. I used the Aqua*Tica cream in conjunction with the Q*Lumiere and within a couple of months, my skin was back to normal. My skin looks really even and smooth and I love the scent. I have found that a little goes a long way, so a container will last you for quite some time. I adore Sweetsation Therapy’s products, not only are the ingredients safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, but they actually work!

Tisha Altamahaw, NC

great product

its light, make skin looks fresh the next morning. i am using several products from their company and love them all and i appreciate their great customer service….

Violet Preston, ID

Was hoping for more results

I purchased the night cream, eye cream and serum and used them diligently for at least two months. I was initially very excited to find organic products that promised results and were safe for use during pregnancy, the reviews on these products are excellent as well. I’ll start with the night cream – smells strongly botanical but is very creamy, definitely moisturizing, did not make me break out. The serum smells pretty strongly, but is overall nice. A little goes a long way and this spreads evenly and dries quickly, I used this twice per day. The eye cream smells good and also goes on very creamy. The good – I still have a lot of these products left after two months, they last a long time. The bad – my skin has not gotten any better and may have gotten worse since switching from a big name brand. I can actually see wrinkles on my forehead where there were none before. I wanted to like this brand so badly, but sadly to say, I will not be repurchasing due to the lack of results I saw, which I was surprised at since the reviews are so glowing.

Jo Northport, WA

great stuff!

This is lovely, light cream and goes very well over the skin whitening repair. I use jit nightly. I also use the eye cream at night. Wish they had an eye gel as well since most creams seem to make my mascara run.

Beverly Clarence, MO

Night Cream

I absolutely love the Aqua*Tica Organic Night Cream!! I received a sample of it when I placed an order for one of Sweetsation’s other products last month. Once the sample was gone, I knew that I just had to order the full size because I love the way that it makes my skin look and feel. Thank you Sweetsation Therapy for all of your wonderful products and also for the excellent customer service!

Alma Turrell, AR