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Aquasentials Small Mesh Pouf

Apply shower gel onto mesh, rub gently to create lather. Hang to dry after use. Recommend replacement every two weeks.

Key features

  • Palm size mesh pouf sponge
  • Create great lather with any shower gel
  • Recommand replacement in every 3 to 4 weeks
  • White, Blue, Pink , Red, Orange, Green or Yellow, Assorted.

Honest reviews


Too rough!

I love the 4 pack of mesh sponges so I thought I would try a 6 pack of smaller ones. They are not the same! I am in favor of daily exfoliation, but not taking off layers of skin that aren’t ready to go! These are so rough that after one use I threw mine out and am saving the remainder for cleaning. They probably will do a great job of cleaning the sink or tub, but for personal use they are a no go with me. I do have to say that my husband didn’t find them too rough for him, but does prefer the size of the larger ones.

Concepcion Pawling, NY

Isa goood

Great bath mesh thingies. I’m a dude and don’t normally admit that I use bath mesh thingies……but the truth is…..I do. I like these darn things. They work great and fun fact; chicks dig guys that smell good. Two things that are a must in my thrown room; 3-ply poopaper and bath mesh thingies.Get these now. Your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, lover, mistress, random person standing strangely close to me on the train or whoever, will be very appreciative of the fact that you now have bath mesh thingies.You’ll smell great after using them (preferably with some soap…….in the shower…….or bath)

Felicia Walhalla, MI

A little Small … for me

These are smallish poofs for adults but a good size for children. The first one I put in the shower started loosing form after a month of every day use by one person. They feel like cheap plastic with a lot of gaps in the weaving almost like the Baby Bell mini cheese nets. You know what I mean…

Josefa Irondale, MO

Pretty Small but Sturdy!

These pouf’s are super small. I thought it was a packing thing so I’ve used one for about a week now to give it time to "expand". Without closing my fist the whole thing pretty much fits within my hand, from wrist to fingertip (about 8 inches, 5.5" across the hand). It’s taken some getting used to, but the mesh folds aren’t unraveling from the center tie like alot of the cheaper poufs have done in the past. I’m not gentle with these things at all, so the fact that it’s still holding together speaks volumes. For the price and quantitiy this is a good purchase.

Rosella Romulus, NY

Had higher hopes

These last about two uses and then two washes (to clean them) and they begin to fall/pull apart. SO disappointed.

Juliette Enloe, TX

They smell weird

They are small, but that’s not the problem. The smell that they have is the problem, will have to air them out for a month before using

Annette Claverack, NY

Great Poufs

The poufs I buy usually fall apart very quickly, so I purchased a bunch of them. These have lasted so long that I still have most of them under the cabinet! Great Item.

James Hatfield, AR

Perfect Price

They are loofahs. What more do you want. The price was cheap but they don’t feel cheap. Definitely meant for a female, not nearly rough enough for my husband.

Megan Grantville, GA

Bad Colors and too small

I know it says small in the title, but these are almost too small for use in my opinion. Instead, I suggest going to the grocery and picking up 98 cent ones that are bigger, and you can select the color. I say this because the colors that came in mine included 2 green poufs that looked like barf green: not appealing for gifts. So skip this purchase and head to the grocery store instead.

Natalie Deep Water, WV