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Aquasentials Nylon Exfoliating Facial Brush


Key features

  • Soft exfoliating nylon bristle
  • 2 Per Pack
  • Color: Clear

Honest reviews


Not sure yet…

The product itself is great! I see these selling for twice the price! It even has a cap, which I was pleasantly surprised to see! This is my first face brush- and it was odd! It wasn’t as exfoliating as I thought, but when I looked in the mirror an hour later I had dry patches! Need more time to see if this helps acne!

Kirsten Marchand, PA


Decent facial brushes are so hard to find. I like this brush, and I’m glad I bought 2 packs of 2. It exfoliates well but it is a bit abrasive on my delicate eye area. If you have sensitive skin, you might find that this brush is too abrasive no matter where you use it. Heating the bristles with hot water will soften them, and using light pressure helps. The head is oval shaped as opposed to round and is about 1" in diameter. The handle has a hang hole. Unfortunately, the caps cracked as soon as I tried to place them back on the heads, but I won’t be using them anyway since the caps are not ventilated and I like my brushes to thoroughly air dry. These were sold by Aquasentials and fulfilled by Amazon. Good buy.

Glenda North Benton, OH

first time user

not hard to keep clean, make sure u let it dry before putting the cap back on. i use it everyday. its not hard but hard enough to clean and exfoliate your face.

Roseann Sophia, NC

good facial brush

tried this out as i save up to buy the clarisonic. the brittles are softer than i wanted but for the price, i am ok.

Jennifer Randolph, KS

Does the job!

I had previously ordered a battery operated brush but was not happy with it to gave it away. Then I found these little brushes and I really love them!! I keep one on the sink and one in the shower. They are just the right size for getting into those small areas around the nose. Too bad I didn’t buy these before buying the battery operated one. This is far better!!

Letha Clay Center, KS


The brushes appear to be of good quality. The bristles have a great level of firmness to them, many brushes are so whimpy they don’t do anything at all. The brushes also each come with a cap to cover the bristles, which seem rather pointless and annoying to use. As a side note, I have found that Earth Therapuetics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves are much better than scrub brushes, but these brushes are a good option as well.

Dolly Mount Tabor, NJ

Not bad

I got these for vacation because I didn’t want to take my clarisonic along. These are very nice. A little softer than im use to but are a great alternative to an electric brush. And way cheaper. I would recommend it to anyone not wanting to spend the money on a clarisonic or other expensive face brushes. I use my philosophy purity one step with it with excellent results. Skin feels soft and clean with this brush. My husband likes using these before shaving to exfoliate his face.

Robin Earleton, FL

Awesome Little Brush

Good way to leave your face leaving cleaned but not raw!! I foolishly thought I could pick up a similar one from the Dollar Tree. However it was like washing my face with brillo pad! I will definitely be ordering my brushes from here for now on.

Emilia Earleton, FL


I ordered these facial brushes to use on my face when washing. I keep one in the shower and one by the sink for easy access. The bristles are just right, not to rough but not to soft. The size is actually perfect even though I was under the impression they were bigger going by the picture. But it worked out for me! I suggest these to anyone who wants a great facial brush fora great price that works great!

Mayra Webster, ND