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Aquasentials Natural Body Smoothing Brush

As found in ancient spas of southern Japan and renowned spas all over the world, comes the inspiration of this scrubber. Use to vigorously massage and exfoliate. Features bamboo bristles, a wooden handle and blue ribbon hanging loop. Measures 9.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep.

Key features

  • Natural bristled brush
  • Design to clean and buff your skin
  • Exfoliating Texture
  • Easy hanging rope
  • 9in Long

Honest reviews


not worth even trying

I read reviews that his brush was too hard but in my case it was too soft. The bristles fell out easily and it did not scrub well. I ended up tossing it in the trash after 3 uses.

Susanne Montana Mines, WV

OK for drybrushing; BAD for showering with

awkward, doesn’t reach the center of your back, the handle is scratchy, kept falling off after I’d hang it up and then it molded in a month… I bought 2 of them, the one we use for dry brushing is in great shape and works decently but NOT recommended for the shower at all!

Ladonna Sublimity, OR

brissle stiffness perfect!

This brush is perfect for removing and renewing that layer of dead skin! Not to soft but soft enough it doesn’t hurt to brush away the dead cells. My skin really suffers in the winter seasons, even with applying lots of lotion. This brush has really helped with my skin and appearance.

Anne Fe Warren Afb, WY

Great brush

This brush is a perfect size and just soft enough for dry brushing but sturdy enough if you want to use it in the shower. I like the wrapped handle for better grip.

Arline San Juan, PR


This little brush is very powerful. The bristles are very tough, but at the same time are not too tough for your skin. I really like it, it helps keep my skin soft and supple. I now use it every time I am in the shower/bath to get extra clean.

Hilary Thorp, WA

Tough but kicks butt.

I have read that this brush will soften up over time, but as for right now…it’s pretty tough on my skin. I still give it five stars because to dry brush the skin, it does the job.

Erica Ashley Falls, MA

Excellent exfoliant!

Sturdy bristles that do not shed, long handle with detailed rope for a firm grip! This is the best tool to use to assist in exfoliation!

Ada Naturita, CO


Took some getting use to, but once I did I really liked it. Invigorating and does wonders for the skin!

Lila Boyce, VA