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Aquasentials Loofah Facial Pad

AquaBella Loofah Facial Wash Pad is great with any face wash or soap.It has a elastic holding band and terry cloth.Natural exfoliating loofah softens when wet.

Key features

  • 3.5in Natural Exfoliating Loofah
  • Great with any face wash or soap
  • Terry cloth
  • Elastic Holding Band
  • Loofah soften when wet

Honest reviews


Haven’t used Yet

I haven’t used these yet. They’ve been sitting in my drawer. I think I brought these to round up the $25 for free shipping. But what I can say personally is that they feel so abrasive to touch that I haven’t brought myself to lather them up. The price was cheap and size is small and idea for facial washing. There is a nice strap for the hand on one side. It’s really flat and not fluffy at all.

Carly Gunlock, KY

Useful but annoying to maintain…

First Time Use:The first time I used these they developed grey spots/smudges on the sponge surface. I had to pick these off and so now have a gaping hole in the sponge. They are still usable however. I’m not sure if this stuff develops due to the bacteria in my skin or the environment but once I picked it off it did not return, so I assume it’s an inherent problem of the sponges, hence my 4 stars.Usage:The pads have the elastic bands to slip your hand through. I like to hang them from this in the shower to dry them properly (sponge facing down), but they still manage to get stuff growing on them after a month or so. These sponges work better with bar soaps since they can’t really develop a rich lather by themselves. So you must use your own hands to do the lathering. I use it primarily with a papaya bar soap for whitening the skin and theAlpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash – 6 fl ozto remove make-up/refresh.Maintenance:After a month or so of being in my shower the pads tend to develop nasty black stuff, mostly on the cloth (back and elastic) portions of the pads. My shower has a rather large, high up window that allows all kinds of stuff to come inside. So it is difficult to maintain a completely mildew free shower. But I’ve found that bleach is excellent at getting rid of any crud that may grow on them (make sure to rinse the bleach out thoroughly, or leave in the sun).Overall really good and reusable products to exfoliate your face. I will definitely pick up more once I go through them, they should last about a year or more, but I like to give extras away =)

Gussie Waite, ME

Exfoliates well, but more suitable for the body

I bought these pads purely for the purpose of exfoliating my face. Overall, these accomplish that purpose. They’re very rough, so you only need to go over your skin gently to exfoliate. I like that the pads have a strap on the back so that the pad stays on your hand when you’re using it. After I’m done using it, I’m left with a fresher complexion and softer skin. I’ve had these since last year and they’ve held up very well.My main complaint is that the pads are large and very stiff, making them awkward to use on the face. When I’m trying to exfoliate in small areas, such as in the corners around my nose, it’s very difficult because the pad doesn’t really bend to allow you to get into small areas on your face. Plus, because the pad is pretty sizable (almost as tall as the palm of my hand), moving this large pad that doesn’t bend around my face is just plain awkward. I’ve started using the pad on my body instead, which seems a much more suitable use. I won’t be purchasing again for the purpose of exfoliating my face; I’ll try using a manual face brush instead, which would probably be much easier to use.

Candice Nash, OK

Loofah Facial Wash Pads

These are wonderful to get your face scrub clean morning/evening. Itmakes your skin feel clean and fresh. I was not able to locate any inmy small town. So, I went to the best source in town…Amazon. It arrivedless than a week from the time I ordered it. So, the product is fabulous;the Seller is wonderful!!

Marta Saint Paul, KY


great product, comes very hard but softens and puffs up after using warm water on them.

Jewel Dukedom, TN

Like washing your face with a rock

I have used small loofah sponges before to exfoliate my face, and was hoping to use these for the same. However, they are hard as rocks. I mean literally, actually, it’s like washing your face with a rock. No bend at all, and shaped like a ball when wet and puffed up, so it’s even more awkward for the face since it’s only touching a small area at a time. I do like the little band you can use to hold it on your hand, and they usable for elbows and knees. But not good for the face.

Deanna Alston, GA

This item is for sxxx will hurt your face

I bought this to clean my face and it hurts to use it not only that you cant keep it clean…

Harriet Mc Crory, AR