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Aquasentials Long Handle Bath Brush

Apply soap, rub gently to create lather. Hang to dry after use. Recommend replacement every two month.

Key features

  • Softness: Medium Soft
  • Nylon bristled long handle bath brush
  • 14inch long and easy to hang and quick dry
  • Great with any soap
  • Available Color : Clear and Green, Assorted

Honest reviews


BACK SCRATCHER!!! Love This Thing!!!

I purchased this brush not because I wanted a bath brush but because one reviewer said that it was hard bristled, EXACTLY what I was looking for. Most bath brushes are soft bristled or soft boar bristle, ALL the Back Scratcher’s are those monkey hand wood or plastic things that are worthless, so my husband first suggested a toilet brush…okay, seriously NOT acceptable! Ha! But then said, what about a bath brush? So I searched Amazon’s reviews for the perfect brush and this one IS The Perfect Back Scratcher!Much too hard for a Bath Brush in my opinion unless you…like…the sensation of a hard bristle hair brush on your skin!But definitely the best Back Scratcher everrrrr!

Candice Worthington, WV

Useless Junk!!

I kept re-soaping the brush and ended up using twice as much because the soap literally dies in these cheap bristles. It is totally a waste of money. It wasn’t even decent as a back scratcher. I don’t recommend it and I would never buy it again.

Donna Fairfield, ME

Bristles are too rough!

This bath brush hurts on the skin! The bristles are way too hard. The only place that it doesn’t hurt too much is on the back. I wouldn’t buy this brand again. Oh well; maybe I can use the brush to clean the shower – it’s hard enough!

Alma Bishop Hill, IL

Perfect for back scratchig and washing.

I have long hair and when I wash it sometimes the conditioner residue stays on my back and makes me itch even after rinsing. I bought this to scrub my back clean. This is the perfect brush for both scrubbing and scratching without being too hard or too soft.

Pauline Glenfield, ND

Just as nice as can be…

IF this is what you’re looking for. Fine quality, just fine — I , however, was hoping for a brisker scrub brush. This is ‘soft’ and of high quality IF….

Colleen Clay, AL

SHORT, small brush

This brush is much shorter and the head much smaller than the ones I have been using for the past few years. So it’s a bit smaller than your typical back brush.While the bristles are nice and firm, they are maybe *too* firm. The first time I used it, my back stung for hours afterwards. This is probably NOT a good brush for sensitive skin.Also, after a few uses, the bristles are falling out. I’m not sure if that’s just excess left over from manufacturing or if it’s just going to shed completely. I’ll update my review as time passes.It works for me, but it sort of looks like this product should have been called “Back Brush, Jr.” Definitely won’t be buying this again.

Francisca Lacey, WA

A brush for all reasons

This is a good brush…stiff enough to do the job without peeling skin. Nice long handle..reaches where I need it and beyond. I have some problems bending and this brush is ideal for washing my feet too. Now if it just had a cord so I could plug it in and it would scrub my back without my help. I guess that is asking too much, huh?

Lidia Thief River Falls, MN

Good all around (but made in China)

This brush is quite good, even w/o considering its price. I’m surpised by the one-star reviews here: I was able to observe literally nothing people complain about — it’s neither too short, nor too soft, nor does it fail to keep enough soap in it. Really, for five bucks, this is a god-sent little thingamajig, everyting’s good about it, and plus it’s plastic so it’s easy to wash after use. The only questionable moment is that, as I’ve discovered, it’s made in China. This I don’t like on principle, first, because who knows what kind of poison went into manufacturing it, and second, it’s made by slave labour. We like to cluck about evils of communism, but sending megabazillions to the at-least-officially communist China is OK, I don’t quite get it. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it’s from China. But that aside, it’s quite good for its intended use.PS. I saw it in my local drugstore sold for under four bucks. So, check it out locally before buying here.

Jesse Denmark, ME

Does the job!

If you want to feel clean and have smooth skin, then this is the scrubber for you. It’s perfect for your legs because it exfoliates and leaves your skin smooth and crack free. A+++++

Katelyn Grand Prairie, TX


I got this for our tub and its great has a feature on the back for a massage best buy

Sheena Belcher, LA

Torture device

The bristles painfully scrape my skin. I was appalled when the brush arrived with a label advising me to replace it every 1-3 months. I never would have purchased if I’d known this in advance. Don’t waste your money.

Anne Columbus, IN

Its a brush

We purchased this to clean the dogs. It will serve its purpose but I wish the bristles were a little longer and stiffer.

Colleen Jekyll Island, GA

Love it!

I was hesitant to buy this based on other reviews stating it is to hard. I’m glad I went ahead and took a chance because I LOVE it! I have normal skin and it’s not too hard at all for me. I actually bought a body brush along with this and the body brush is a bit hard, but this gives the perfect brush on my skin!

Eloise Stockholm, SD

Works great!

Very happy with this purchase. The handle is sturdy and the bristles are just the right level of harshness to scrub my back with. The ribbon hangs on my shower handle easily. Very pleased.

Nettie Fort Stockton, TX

Pleased with my purchase

The color definitely varies (mine is clear), and soft is not a word I would have used to describe the brush. Not that the bristles are rough, mind you. They just aren’t exactly soft. But I’m not completely sure that a super soft brush would get much cleaning/exfoliating done, with regard to cleaning a back. The length is perfect and it certainly gets the job done. I would gladly purchase this item a second time, or as a gift.

Marla Ulysses, PA

Good purchase

Long enough to reach toes and back. Nice exfoliant for back, heels, elbows and legs. I also like it because the handle is not made of wood, which means that it can be washed and is less prone to germs.

Felecia Dunbar, KY