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Aquasentials Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch

Exfoliating mesh soap saver pouch, great to hang and store your favorite soap without making a mess in the bathroom.

Key features

  • Approximately 7in Length
  • Color: Purple, Coral Red, Blue, Forest Green, Assorted.
  • Works with most size soaps
  • Exfoliating
  • Easy to Hang

Honest reviews



Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I like this 4 pack because I have several different luxury soaps and I like to switch them around before I use a whole bar up. So I keep the soaps in these different little pouches. Not only do they add extra suds, but they preserve the bars. You can hang them up to dry by the little strings on the end. Plus, they gently exfoliate. Really good purchase.

Kristy Carson, CA

Neat idea, poor execution

These contraptions are a great idea, but unfortunately, they are hard to use to actually wash your body. They are rough and not puffy enough like a loufah to make it easy to get areas like your back. They do seem to hold the soap just fine though. I will continue to use them; however, after they’re worn out, I will probably just go back to using a washcloth.

Minerva Mitchellville, TN

Great Product

These are very well made and come in lovely colors. I just bought another 4 packages and will buy again.

Lelia Tidewater, OR

Love to be clean

I love adding new bars when last bar is almost gone. Great soap saver. Will buy again as they last almost as long as the higher priced mesh soap savers. Cheap ones do not have the nice draw string to hold the soap from falling out.

Patrica Nineveh, IN

worth the money

These are pretty cool. Saves the soap but I wish it was half the size. It’s too long. Needs to be the length and width of a bar of soap.

Janell Smilax, KY

Best ever

I had these as a college student, I have these now for the gym, and will have them forever! Best way to use every last chuck of bar soap, and the best way to store that soap without messy soap holders. Love!

Rita Bankston, AL

Great Product, does what it’s designed to

Love these. When you add a bar of soap they suds up beautifully and give some gentle exfoliation. Also it prevents the soap from getting glued to the shower caddy. The drawstrings pull tight and they seem to dry out well enough without become mildewy so far. My boyfriend loves the set I gave to him too. I’m not sure how often they should be replaced, but I’ll keep an eye on them to see when they start to get yucky (skin cells and all that). They are a little harder to suds up when there isn’t much soap left, but when you have a full bar it’s no problem, they are sudsy almost instantly.

Loretta Burnt Hills, NY

Very odd design

In the past I’ve only used soap pouches that were single or double layer and made of a cotton based weave. I knew these were multiple layers of plastic mesh but I thought I’d give this design a chance. They just don’t work very well.They have quite a few layers and do foam well, but it takes quite a bit of time. Also, they’re so thick that the top doesn’t close completely. Because of this, you have to hold it upright to keep the soap inside. If they were shorter they would pretty much be unusable. As is, they’re not the worst, but you’d probably do better with a more traditional design.

Alyssa Mustoe, VA

Not For Me

I had to actually stop using these because they were too rough on my skin. And I know this will sound weird, but they were doing anything for the dry bits on my arms. Not sure how it’s possible to be too rough and not rough enough… But there you have it.

Molly Pink Hill, NC

Terrible quality

Yeah, I know, it’s a pouch but these things are great for keeping your soap from melting all over your soap dish (the soap melts in the bag which helps them lather up) and the scratchy fabric is the best for exfoliating rough patches on knees, elbows and heels. I had one I bought from the grocery store that lasted for years but these are nothing like that. My first one broke in less than a week. The bottom of the pouch is held shut with a zip tie and in this case the zip tie snapped which let the soap fall out leaving a long sharp piece of plastic to scratch my legs. That’s too bad because I can no longer find this type of soap bag in the grocery/drug store.

Kelli Newman Grove, NE

Great little idea

This is a great idea to save soap scraps and place them in this sponge and use it, however this tends to get a bit of bacteria on it as it sits in the shower, I try to hang it so that it does not get any bacteria or germs on it, but I still dont feel comfortable using it. I did have some break outs and attested them to this, even though I dont know for sure this is the culprit. I wont use mine any longer, though I am thrifty and thought this was a cool idea.

Deanne Jamieson, OR

Love these!

I purchased some frog suction cups from Amazon to go along with these… now all four hang securely in my shower, color coded for each of my children! No more arguing over who’s using what soap… no more searching for washcloths!Yes, the mesh sometimes seems a bit scratchy when you’re soaping up … but then again I like a good exfoliation!

Billie Helen, MD

Almost Perfect!

I wanted something to use all my soap scraps up. I like to buy handmade soaps and hate wasting the precious scraps. This mesh pouch really works well for that use. I put a few scraps in and it lathered up wonderfully. I love that you get 4 mesh in the package. The only downside I have is that the mesh is rather rough. I am all for a good exfoliation but not every time I shower. But it’s not a huge deal and the price on these is great. I definitely recommend.

Sandra Carrollton, VA