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Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Cloth

AquaBella Exfoliating bath cloth is a unique exfoliating texture of synthetic fiber.It is soothing and refresh. It comes in assorted colors such as white, lavender, pink, and green.

Key features

  • Unique exfoliating texture
  • Soothing and Refresh
  • Large Size – 35 x 11 in (Can be cut to small size or use as long back scrubber)
  • Blue, White, Grey, Assorted Color

Honest reviews


What a treat!

Got these as a gift and love them! I cut one of them up and hemmed it so it wouldn’t ravel, and use it on my face. Works just as well as spendy facial scrubs. And it’s wonderful for exfoliating my feet — much nicer than a pumice stone. They work great with body wash: just scrunch them up and use them like one of those nylon “poufs.” They feel invigorating and great on my skin, which has never been smoother.

Valerie Little Falls, MN

Love these

I love these exfoliating bath cloth they really give u a good clean and the cloth is big i make 2 wash cloth from one

Rosie Canton, OK

Amazing little cloth!

There are some people who say that this cloth is too scratchy. When I read these reviews I was a bit nervous because of how sensitive my skin is. NOW…. it is a bit rough, but this is an EXFOLIATING cloth. It is not going to be gentle. I just got done using this a few minutes ago, and I am amazed! You really dont need much in the way of body wash for this, just get some on, bunch up the cloth, squeeze a few times, straighten it out, grab each end and work it along the back. I cannot stop touching my skin because of how soft it is! Now I just need a good way to apply some lotion!!This item was ordered on a Saturday night. Shipped out Tuesday, and got here to my home in WA. on Thursday. So fast shipping! Get a pack of these, trust me, you wont be disappointed!!

Josephine Grafton, IA

Nice length, just a little too rough

Three shoulder surgeries on one side and an elbow surgery on the other has left me with limited mobility during showering. I’d gotten a similar item at CVS in the past but they no longer carry it. It was a finer/softer texture, while this one is a bit too coarse. But overall a nice product.

Lucy Wounded Knee, SD

Nice cloths

Best exfoliating cloths! It works really well to wash your back because they are long. I always have these in stock.

Dayna Climax, GA

Love it

I love these bath cloths because they scrub like a loofah, but have the versitility of a towel. They are abrasive so be careful if you have sensative skin. I personally love the feel because it makes me feel more clean. These are also great for travel because they are lightweight & dry fast. I wish they came in different sizes. Another good thing is the length is good because you can wash your back easily…

Anne Denmark, ME

Can’t Bathe Without It!

This is such a simple product that has given me the greatest benefits. Think of all the places you don’t pay too much attention to on a regular basis. Between the toes, the back of the neck, just under the buttocks. Seriously, this towel is long enough to use conveniently in the shower while standing or while bathing seated. It’s a gentle massage and makes skin glow. A one-two between the toes, on the bottoms of the feet and across the back and skin is gently exfoliated. I use them every day and they’ve replaced the gloves I used to use. They last for the longest time and the best part is they dry quickly and rinse clean in seconds. I buff the fronts and backs of my legs in seconds and they glow with just a slick of oil.If you haven’t tried ’em, try them now!

Delia Thornton, AR