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Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush


Key features

  • Exfoliating Nylon Bristle
  • 15.5in total length
  • Bristle Softness: Medium
  • Work best with soap or thicker shower gel
  • Clear or Green Handle, Assorted

Honest reviews


Good brush, decent quality and works well

This brush is of decent quality and works well. It has a pretty good reach and the brush bristles are stiff enough to clean well and remove dead skin, but not so stiff as to hurt you. It has a cord on the end of the handle so it can be hung easily. Mine had a clear plastic handle. If it were a bit cheaper, I’d give 5 stars, but a good solid 4 stars and a fair value shipped free via Prime. It makes a great back scratcher, too.

Alison Ferrysburg, MI

very scratchy to start

Ironically I was going through my email files today and came across a request for a review of the bath brush the day after it broke. So we ordered it on April 8th 2012 and had daily average use of it till October 17th whereupon the handle snapped. I don’t know how long we expect something that cost $5.99 to last. It’s not that I feel super ripped off; it’s just that I’ve bought several brushes from various companies and they all seem to last 6 months, give or take…When it first arrived I was disappointed, because it was replacing a natural bristle brush in in comparison this felt very scratchy and harsh. But either we got used to it or time softened that problem. I have just replaced it with a new wooden handle natural bristle brush and it feels too soft, so I guess we did get used to this one.

Deborah Kaaawa, HI

Not cool, bro

This is a really, really hard brush of super stiff bristles. This feels like murder on my back. I won’t be using it again.

Lorene Butler, GA


works well, reaches my whole back. bristles are rough but it makes me feel like my body is getting a good scrub, i always use a loofah to scrub my body and i feel this brush is exfoliating without being hurtful or making my skin raw.

Karina Alda, NE

Yay to this Plastic Brush

I have gone through several all-natural bristle brushes in the past year: some shed their bristles, the wood cracked on others, and overall they didn’t hold up in the shower or perform well. I came across one review for this brush which commented on the reach, and that sold me on giving it a try. What appears to be a non-organic, cheesy plastic brush has turned out to be my favorite yet. My usual nature is all-natural, however, this brush is exactly the feel I was looking for. The ergonomics are just right for me, and the plastic bristles do a better job scratching and washing my back than any of the boar bristled brushes did.

Marcie De Land, IL

Five Stars

Great brush for those hard to reach back areas works great would recommend to anyone

Rosetta Flossmoor, IL

Solid Buy

Solid bath brush, surprisingly it’s remained very clean in the shower and the bristles have held up well under use

Robert Saint Francisville, IL

Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush (15.5in)

I have a bad back so twisting around trying to clean my back beyond my shoulder blades is tricky. I like the feel of a well scrubbed back though. I have looked everywhere for a long (but not too long) handled back scrubber without any luck. Ran across this one during a random internet search. Should have thought to check Amazon first – they have everything!

Lucia Coulterville, CA

Great back brush

I read some reviews about how stiff the bristles are, but to me the bristles are softer than I expected and work very well. I am tall and the brush is long enough to do the job. I had a bamboo 2-piece brush that was too short and kept coming apart. This is a better brush and I recommend it.

Julianne Pocomoke City, MD


The bristles are a nice firmness. I like bristles that are very firm, and these are not too soft and not too firm. Plastic is of a good quality.

Hallie Worden, IL

Very Rough, spikey

I think my pain tolerance is pretty high, but jeeeeez this scrubber is rough. Its definitely exfoliating alright, because it takes off the top layer of skin. I could clean the floor with this brush! I’ll keep it, but i’ll have to find a way to wear down the bristles some.

Fay Fultonham, OH

A Good Brush

I like almost everything about this brush. My only complaint is the hand grip. It’s a little small for a mans hand. The handle is long enough; and for my use the bristles are just right. They’re in that Goldie Lock zone; not to soft, and not to stiff. The head is only about two to three inches in diameter; but is very usable.The handle is only about two inches wide and about three eights of an inch thick which is what led to my calling it too small. My fingers go to far around to get a tight grip. It reminds me of a paint stirrer; it’s a little thicker but about the width. I know this won’t be much help to women reading this review; but the men who are most likely to be affected by this, will know what I’m getting at.It’s a good product at a very reasonable price; only the most delicate skin would have a problem with the bristles.And I have to address the only one star rating. In that rating the person complain of rust. I’m not sure that person was reviewing the right product; there is nothing that could possibly rust. It’s all plastic. Rust will almost certainly not be a problem.

Patrice Bardolph, IL

Pretty good

I like this back brush it does the job of cleaning my back pretty well and lasts a long long time.

Marcia North Java, NY

Love It!

Unlike all other brushes, this one has STIFF bristles, the handles that does not bend, and it is NOT wooden. Hence, it does what Iwant it to do: it scrubs well without rotting. Excellent product!

Sonia Franklin, TX