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Aquasentials Exfoilating Facial Puff Sponge


Key features

  • Exfoliating Texture
  • Works with any facial soup or gel
  • Remove makeup, dirt and oil
  • Length: 4in Thickness:0.75in
  • Individually Packaged

Honest reviews


Too small, too flimsy, not worth the price

I didn’t like these at all. They are not very thick, and they just don’t hold up at all. I like a bit more abrasive scrubber for my skin. These are extremely soft on the skin, so if you have very delicate skin you might like them. They don’t hold up well in the shower, and they are quite small. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Reba Meadview, AZ

Wonderful exfoliator

Finally affordable exfoliation that isnt’ too soft or too much for your skin. A great value for the price. I cut mine in half to make them last twice as long!

Vonda Alexander, KS

Good exfoliator

After the 3rd use it gets soft, but other than that it works pretty good. I love that it’s a four pack. I can only find these in single packs at the drugstore (when they actually have them)

Roslyn Iliamna, AK

Not worth it

I’m used to buying the walgreen’s brand of these types of pufs. These were the same price, so I thought I would try them. They are about 1/2-1/3 as thick as a typical puf and no where near as dense. Once they get wet, they practically become as limp as a rag. I’ll use these but I won’t be purchasing any more.

Holly Jeremiah, KY

Best facial scrub

I exfoliate my skin with this and it prevents me from breaking out and also gradually fades the dark spots. It’s a great scrubber

Alexis Roachdale, IN

Finally Found Them Again!! Thanks Amazon!!!

I can’t find these anywhere anymore and don’t know why. You used to see stacks of bags of these things at every drug store, big box and often at grocery stores and then they just disappeared without a word. Glad Amazon carries them. As usual at a better price. Both my wife and I use these as we’re both getting older and our faces are turning into greese pits (while the rest of us is drying up:) and I get black-heads and zits if I don’t keep my face clean enough.

Dionne Dillonvale, OH

Not worth it

I’ve used several facial puffs and normally after a few weeks of use they will flatten out and feel less "scratchy". This pad flattened out on the first use.

Nora Peach Orchard, AR