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Aquasentials Easy Grip Nail Brush

processional quality hard bristles for the ultimate nail brushing/cleaning.4 Assoeted Color Easy Grip Handle Nail BrushesDeep clean your nail and nail bedWorks great with any shower gel or soap3in x 1inProfessional Salon/Spa quality

Key features

  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Deep clean your nail and nail bed
  • Works great with any shower gel or soap
  • 3in x 1in

Honest reviews



The price is right…no doubt about that…unfortunately these brushes are weak…the bristles are soft…the grip is good…so let’s get a grip and make a stiff nail brush…!

Goldie Blue Hill, ME

Scrub like the surgeons

I bought these to have one at every sink … just think of all those nasty little e-coli germs going down the drain.

Serena Powell, OH

Good deal!

These little brushes do just what you’d expect — they clean your nails. The price is great, especially considering you get four of them. I put one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and gave two of them to relatives.

Katharine Blanchard, ID

Four Stars

Size just right for kids

Robyn Eglin Afb, FL


Lovely little fingernail brushes work well and add beauty to the decor. While the title says "assorted colors," those arriving here are just as pictured, 2 of each.

Marlene Waves, NC


The bristles are way too soft. If it’s gonna be a nail brush it should be for under the nails as on top. Must brush an dbrush and brush to get out dirt, an dI’m not a mechanic either.

Olive White Mills, PA

Must have if you garden!

Perfect if you garden and need to get the gunk out of your nails and cleans your cuticles. Isn’t too abrasive either. Love them!

Bianca Andover, OH

Great product, great price

I got four clear brushes that work great. I do agree that the brushes are a little soft, but I prefer the word “gentle.” I don’t need or want hard bristles damaging fragile cuticles–these work fine for me for everyday use, for grubby feet, and to remove garden dirt from my hands. I don’t need anything else.

Deena Glen Richey, PA

Good For the Price

Nice to receive 4 pieces for such a low price. They come individually wrapped so extras can be tossed in a drawer for later use. Easy to hold.

Lenora Wallace, KS