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Aquasentials Dual Sided Foot File

Remove unwanted foot skinsTwo sided filing surfaceEasy to Hang

Key features

  • Remove unwanted foot skins
  • Two sided filing surface
  • Easy to Hang

Honest reviews


Pretty darned good for the price

I was skeptical about this product with it’s glue-on abrasive strip, but I figured "what the heck" for the price. Well, it’s been over a month of near-daily shower use and storing it on the side of my bathtub, and the strip is still stuck on tight. Also, the abrasive does a much better job than my old (solid plastic) favorite.

Marci Easton, KS

Great bargain – works great!

Works fantastically, without it feeling like it’s ripping the 2nd layer of your epidermis off. And the fact that it comes in a pack of 3… SCORE!

Lori Espanola, NM

Okay so far.

I got this to get rid of calluses on the balls of my feet. Helping to keep the calluses at bay but hasn’t totally handled yet.

Brianna Miami, NM

Surprisingly effective!

These work great. I have used a similar product with the plastic handle, which always broke after a few uses. These wooden handled files are sturdy and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.My heels look great!

Cynthia Cramerton, NC

didn’t do anything

The foot file did not help with calluses or dry skin at all. I followed the instruction but noticed no improvement in my feet.

Fay Minong, WI