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Aquasentials Classic Soft Bath Sponge

AquaBella Classic Soft Bath Sponge one of the best and caring ways to cleanse, massage and exfoliate your skin. The sponge is highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, and are softly textured.

Key features

  • Soft texture for a soothing glide
  • Produces rich lather
  • Dries quick for easy storage

Honest reviews


Nice sponge

It’s very soft, and a nice size and seems to be quite durable so far. I do like it a lot for my very sensitive, thin skin. If you are wanting something that will exfoliate however, this is not the sponge for that purpose. It is very gentle on the skin.

Freda Lynn, MA


My husband had a sponge like this for showering and when it became unusable, we looked everywhere locally for a replacement. So glad we found it here and for a good price.

Lesa New Manchester, WV

Very nice.

This is the sponge I have been looking for and it comes in a 2 pack which is great! It is soft and so nice for using body washes. I don’t care for washcloths as they don’t hold the soap suds as well. I accidentally bought another sponge on amazon that uses this picture but it is not the same sponge. This is the one I prefer. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to use a bath sponge vs a wash cloth.

Marietta Leisenring, PA

Soft, spongey but maybe a bit too soft!

I bought this sponge after going to a Korean spa where I got a fantastic body scrub. Of course, this sponge is hardly doing the work of what they did but I wanted something that wouldn’t fall apart after a few uses and the reviews were very good! So far extremely durable, very nice on the skin, and very foamy and spongey. Perhaps I was thinking it might be slightly less soft but I love it – it is not supposed to a scrub, poor thing, it is doing what it is advertised to do and I give it a good rating! Thank you!

Sheri Lake Creek, TX


I love these bath sponges! They are small enough to fit perfectly in the hand and large enough to wash the body. There is just enough texture to “scrub” the skin softly and best of all, they don’t fall apart after half a dozen uses.Will definitely buy more of these!

Olivia Leonardo, NJ

1 st sponge I will use instead of a loofa

It is a bit firm the 1st couple uses, but after you break it in, this thing is great. I alternate between this and my loofa depending on whether I want to exfoliate or lather. The sponge works great for both though. Loofa isnt as good for exfoliating.

Janis Braham, MN

Good sponge but a little rough

If you have sensitive skin this sponge probably isn’t for you as it can really scrub your skin. If your looking for something to really exfoliate the skin then this is for you. My only issue was that if felt like I should change it earlier then usual because after a few uses it looks like its dirty even after rinsing it heavily but that’s probably just me

Etta Highland, CA

Nice Body Sponge

This time, I received the correct body sponges. I am not too happy with the white color, but at least they are the right texture and size. I am glad I bought two of them. They hold more suds and make taking a shower much quicker.

Christa Chesterfield, IL