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Aqua Spa Energize Body Creme, 9 Ounce

Aqua Spa gives you a hydrating beauty boost when you need it most. Slow down the stress-induced aging effects a 24/7 connected life can have on skin. Take an overdue self-love moment to soothe, relax and energize from head-to-toe. Enjoy guilt-free luxe for less with spa-quality products featuring anti-aging marine minerals and aromatherapy fragrances. Have greater peace of mind knowing the Aqua Spa products you use are made in the U.S.A. and thoughtfully formulated with quality ingredients and practices. No parabens. No formaldehyde donors. No animal testing.

Key features

  • Ultra-rich conditioning creme that banishes dry skin and leaves your skin soft
  • An aromatic blend of citrus and ginger that sharpens the senses
  • Mineral youth complex protects against stressed, aging skin
  • Formulated to help stimulate cell renewal, enhance skin elasticity, strengthen skin, boost collagen, and keep skin hydrated
  • Proudly made in the USA

Honest reviews


So so Body Cream

I used in the beach and had a warm feeling on my body. I haven’t tried this in colder weather.

Sonja Cook Station, MO


I am a lotion addict…some i love and some i just like..this is definitely love! I love how well this absorbs and the smell is fantastic!! It makes my skin feel so smooth, and is soothing when my dry skin acts up badly. I have been sharing with the girls I work with and the like it too! I will definitely be buying more!

Mia Drummonds, TN

Huge bottle and invigorating smell

I’m a bit of a lotion hoarder, always getting new bottles of different scents and trying out all different kinds. From thick body butters to thin moisturizers, I have them all. The Energize fragrance in this Aqua Spa is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. The fragrance is totally different than anything I’ve tried. Normally when I get a lotion that’s listed as a citrus scent, it ends up being the typical orange fragrance, or another similar scent. This Energize lotion is much more of a ginger fragrance than citrus. Very unique! I find the smell to be very true to the Energize name.It’s a large bottle of lotion. Much bigger than I expected. It almost resembles the size of a bottle of shampoo. The lotion is thin enough to be easily absorbed by the skin. So it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on you. While the bottle is orange, the lotion itself is white. So if you’re sensitive to added dyes in products, there doesn’t appear to be any in this.You only need a little bit to get a lot of scent, and it lingers on the skin for quite a while. It has a very clean smell to it. Not perfumey. So if you’re looking for something different than the typical orange citrus lotion, this is it!Sample provided for review

Daisy Duckwater, NV

Smooth and Creamy

This body creme is perfect for application after a soaking bath to keep the moisture in my skin. Even better, I really like the scent — and that surprised me. If you had asked me a year ago if I liked lavendar, I would have said no. But I like this! Although the scent is a little strong, it’s pleasant enough that I don’t mind. Even better, my husband likes it.This absorbs fairly quickly into my skin, and it does not feel greasy or heavy. But it’s also not so watery that it does nothing. If you think you won’t like the lavendar/chamomile fragrance, look for the Citrus/Ginger (aka "Energize") one. I adore the Citrus/Ginger scent. Try combining products for a Mother’s Day or holiday gift. Note: I received a sample for review.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Ophelia Leesport, PA

Perfect for dry sensitive skin!

When I received the Body Cream I right away gave the cream to Isa. Isa is 10 years old and she has terrible dry skin – I mean terrible. Her hands were so dry from this years harsh Wisconsin weather that they were starting to look calloused on top. I gave her my Aqua Spa cream and told her to use it numerous times each day to help repair the skin on her hands. She even took her Body Cream to school. I am so happy to tell you that the Aqua Spa Body Cream did the trick…he hands are back to normal.

Deena Doswell, VA

4.5 Stars – Rich and Aromatic

This is a wonderful way to complete your shower or bath, especially if you have used the other Aqua Spa products. But even if you don’t use the other products, this body lotion/creme is a great addition to your regime.The creme is a rich and lush moisturizer that has a very enticing aroma (this one is Citrus and Ginger) and is long lasting – both with the aroma and the skin enriching properties.Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

Marina Cherryville, PA

I love my Aqua Spa relax body creme

After a long tiring day I love to come home & soak in the tub. I find that using this lavender scented body creme really puts me in a relaxed state & helps me wind down & get ready for a night of relaxation & restful sleep. It quenches my skin & smells just heavenly.

Pam Colusa, CA

Soothe with eucalyptus & mint

This body crème is easy to apply to even large areas of the skin. It leaves a visible shine that locks in moisture and provides good protection for the skin against drying.It has a very pronounced and pleasant aroma from the eucalyptus and mint oils. I’ve been using it after showering with the Aqua Spa Body Cleanser in the same Soothe eucalyptus & mint fragrance and it’s a nice way to continue enjoying the scent.The tube has a flip-top cap and holds a generous nine ounces. I do prefer a pump for dispensing lotion at home, but it would be nice if it also came in a smaller tube to slip into a bag.A sample was provided for testing and evaluation.

Lou Braden, TN

this stuff is Amazing

I love love love this body creme. It’s texture is soooo luxurious. It moisturizes my skin perfectly. It smells great and the scent stays with you for quite a while. The great thing about the fragrances they use is that they blend with, and work well with any perfume I put on.

Elsa The Sea Ranch, CA

Silky smooth

Body cream is just a fancier word for body lotion. Aqua Spa has 3 scents, Citrus+Ginger labeled as Energize, Eucalyptus+Mint labeled as Soothe and Lavender+Chamomile labeled as Relax. I like this Energize scent. My wife likes it too although she said it is more of a masculine smell.Sticky the first few seconds you apply it but you feel silky smooth on the skin after it gets absorbed.A sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.

Rita Sun Valley, CA

Amazing body creme!

I have the Lavender + Chamomile Body Creme and love it! I use a lotion or creme on my entire body everyday and am very picky about what I use. This stuff is amazing! It has a great scent, the perfect amount of moisturizer, and lasts all day. It never feels greasy or oily. It makes my skin feel super soft and silky. Since this is the "Relax" scent, it seems to calm my nerves as well when I have it on during the day. I also sleep better at night when I use it.

Willie Moreland, GA

soothing scent, non-irritating, but has some synthetic and petroleum-based ingredients

This is a lovely body lotion. It’s a bit thicker than something like Jergen’s, but it’s still easy to dispense and apply. I won’t bother discussing the ingredients in detail because they’re shown in one of the product images (I’d expect the ingredients to be the same, except for fragrance, in all the scents), except to say this is not a particularly natural product — it has several silicone ingredients, in addition to mineral oil. If you are looking for organic or natural skincare products, this probably doesn’t qualify.I have been using this on my lower legs. I find it non-irritating, which is unusual for something that has a strong scent. It makes my skin soft and smooth and the scent lingers for a few hours after I apply it. It does not leave me feeling greasy after I’ve put it on.I used the lavender and chamomile scent. (Most of what I have had to say up above should apply to any of the scents, though.) I’ll note here that the lavender scent is predominant and the chamomile isn’t as noticeable. It has been fairly effective and I’d consider buying the same scent again, and/or trying one of the other scents.

Ella Manhattan Beach, CA

Sooooo Relaxing!

I have tried this in the Lavender & Chamomile Relax formula and I can truly say it is amazing! I had very dry skin and started out using this after my nightly shower so I could relax in the scent and moisturize all night. The body crème goes on nice and smooth with no sticky feeling. It has left me with such amazingly soft skin and all the dryness has disappeared. I ditched my daytime lotion and only use the Aqua Spa now! This is luxury at a price I can afford and I cannot wait to try the other scents/formulas in this body crème line!I was provided a sample for this review.

Bobbi Avoca, MI