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Aqua Glycolic Toner, 6 oz

Aqua Glycolic Toner thoroughly cleans oily or problem-prone skin, leaving skin free of excess oil, dirt, and makeup. With continued use, Aqua Glycolic Toner will leave your skin with a smoother texture and a healthier, more radiant appearance.

Key features

  • Dermatologist recommended skin care brand
  • Thoroughly cleanses oily or problem-prone skin and helps to clear clogged pores
  • Reduces the appearance of pores and smoothes out complexion

Honest reviews


love love love

I started a new skin care routine about a month ago. I am 44 years old, fair skinned and dark hair. I started to see some really deep wrinkles “11” between my brows, and lines around my mouth, forehead and facial folds from my nose to my mouth. I am to the point of considering botox and fillers. I am a little strapped for cash and botox and fillers are expensive and a little out of reach right now. So I read up on Glycolic acid peels and other products. I purchased 50% Glycolic acid peel and started using once a week at home about four weeks ago with good results so far. It is important to use toner before applying the peel to remove the oil. So I found this glycolic toner and also a glycolic cream from the same company. I am using the toner and cream twice a day after I cleanse. This toner pulls more dirt from my face than any other toner I have used, it works great to prep my face for a chemical peel. I am using much more facial sunless tanning product than before because the twice daily use of this toner which really removes the old dead cells so well, that the sunless tan fades very quickly, but that is something I am more than willing to deal with for the fresh face the glycolic products give me. My wrinkles have become less apparent with the new routine and I have been only using for 4 weeks. I also use Hyaluronic acid under the cream. I am using all these products as a routine so I do not know how this will work alone without the other glycolic products…I will be buying this again and sticking with it for the long haul. My face feels like a baby’s butt and my make up goes on a lot nicer an I use a lot less foundation for coverage than before.

Gilda Clarksville, MI

Works but not long

It worked very well at first, but don’t know it was because of my skin got used to it or some other reasons, it just did not work as effect as the beginning. But I will still give it a 4 stars as this price get this result is worth it.

Deana Jonancy, KY

Very strong

I bought this AQUA GLYCOLIC TONER Size: 6 OZMERZ PHARMACEUTICALS INC but it is very strong on my skin and causes a lot of flakiness and peeling and also burns my skin. and my skin is not sensitive at all.

Marie Pierpont, OH

Does what it says!

I’m almost 33 but my skin is still fairly oily. The alcohol-based gel version of Retin A has made a marked difference in my overall skin texture, and the number of breakouts and under-the-skin-bumps that I get. However, even with dedicated nightly Retin-A use, I will still have some issues, at least once a month, and they take time to clear. Aqua Glycolic toner absolutely eliminates all my remaining problems. It’s amazing, I don’t even have breakouts before my period when I use this product! With this in the morning and Retin-A at night, I’m finally happy with my skin! I’ve had skin issues since the age of 24 so that’s saying a lot.

Lindsey Paw Paw, IL

Clears my skin right up!

This toner is the only one I can ever use. I use it at night before I go to bed and it leaves my skin nice and clear. First few days it burned but now that its been almost a year I love it! I highly recommend it if you have oily and breakout prone skin. The whole set is actually fantastic.

Eve Alpena, SD

Amazing stuff

I bought a bottle of this last summer to help with adult onset acne. I’m fair skinned and had a lot of red mark from recent acne breakouts. I also have sensitive skin that reacts to many different products. This has been wonderful! It has a pleasant scent and has not caused any rashes or redness. But most importantly, it helps to quickly fade the ugly red marks and has dramatically cut down on the acne breakouts. My teenaged kids have used it and were amazed at how quickly their breakouts cleared up. Highly recommended.

Jewell Saint Mary, KY