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Aqua Glycolic Shampoo & Body Cleanser

Aqua Glycolic Shampoo & Body Cleanser deep cleans hair and helps maintain the natural moisture balance of a healthy scalp. This unique formulation is also an excellent all-over body cleanser in the bath or shower, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

Key features

  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Maintains a healthy scalp by removing daily build-up and maintaining proper moisture balance.
  • Can also be used as an all-over body wash and exfoliant for softer skin
  • Lightweight, clear gel

Honest reviews


This Shampoo Ruined My Hair

I had high hopes for this shampoo after reading so many positive reviews. I think it might have done good things for my scalp but it kind of wrecked the texture of my hair. It took a couple of weeks of treatments and a hair cut to get it mostly back to normal. Also, the smell? Not so great. Quite overpowering actually and I’ve used shampoos packed with strong levels of tea tree oil and neem – both of which can be pretty stinky – and they were nothing compared to the chemical smell of this shampoo.

Lolita Calvin, KY

Average Result

I purchased it because my skin got ichy when the weather becomes hot.It did work. However, it burned little bit of my skin. Part of my skin got red andit took few days until it got recovered. I do have sensitive skin so maybe that is why.I have not re purchased it after that but still think there is some use for this product.

Cortney Hometown, IL

Shampoo & Body Cleanser Aqua Glycolic

I love this product. My dermatologist recommended this when I was 16 I am now hitting my 40’s and started to have breakouts again. The fragrance smells like baby powder scent and if its too strong you can dilute it a bit with another liquid soap. I can’t take alot of fragrance and this has never bothered me. Just follow the directions and leave on for 2 mins. If you use in the morning I would reccomend a sunscreen. I like to use it at night.

Theresa Jefferson, OR

Didn’t work for me

Bought this trying to help cure my extremely itchy scalp. I have bad dandruff at times and figured I’d give this a try after reading a lot of good reviews. Didn’t help with me.

Dona Marietta, NY

Good exfoliating cleanser

I use this as a shampoo for my crusty oily scalp. Nizoral AD wasn’t helping me at all for the 6 months that I used it (it did used to work for me in the past, but not this time apparently).I already use a glycolic lotion on my face, so I don’t use this as a face cleanser or body wash, but I like it a lot as a shampoo. It foams up nicely in hair & I let the suds sit on my scalp a few minutes before rinsing. Exfoliates well – no more itch & crusty flaking. Smells strong but it’s not unbearable & fortunately the smell doesn’t linger in hair after conditioning. Nice product. It’s a good clarifier too.

Antionette Fowler, OH

Problem Skin Care

Good product for maintaining my break-out prone facial skin. I felt the face wash was too weak so I use the body wash all over.

Brittney Cochise, AZ

Great for keratosis pilaris and hyperpigmentation…

The body wash used in conjunction with the Aqua Glycolic body lotion, has irradicated my former issue of hyperpigmentaion (blotchy/uneven skin tone) on my back and arms. These two products combined have also greatly improved condition of keratosis pilaris (annoying bumps on backs of my arms), which no amount of scrubbing ever cured.

Lorena South Berwick, ME