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Aqua Glycolic Hand & Body Lotion, 6 fl oz

Aqua Glycolic Hand & Body Lotion will gently remove dead skin cells from rough, dry, sun-damaged skin and helps restore skin’s proper moisture balance. Continued use will reveal softer, smoother skin with a healthier glow

Key features

  • Dermatologist and podiatrist recommended
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin to help moisturize rough, dry, and uneven skin
  • Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells
  • Lightweight, unscented

Honest reviews



it was a waste of money was better off going to walmart and purchasing s better lotion wouldnt buy again.. wonder if and glycolic body lotions are worth it

Amie Lake Hughes, CA

Best lotion ever but ridiculous packaging

I have been using this lotion for probably at least 15 yrs … on and off, as it’s hard to find at times. I love it, but keep trying to find something else I like as much because the packaging is ridiculous! The 6 oz pump is manufactured in a way that makes only about 4-5 oz of the product readily available, without opening up the pump and scooping it out manually. As a hand and body lotion, that means the pump will only last about a week .. and I am always opening it up and shaking and scooping .. it’s totally frustrating!!! It is the best lotion ever .. keeps my skin soft in super-dry winters, I use it everywhere with great results. But the packaging is annoying enough to mean that I am constantly trying other products, running out, and not able to keep to a steady regime to get consistent results. Bigger size that is appropriate to the hand and body application, and better pump, please!!!

Molly Kent City, MI

It does a good job

I am brown skinned woman that has a few hyper pigmented spots on my skin, elbows, knees etc and wanted something that would gradually reduce these areas. I also have some old dark spots on my back from acne when I was a teenager. This product did alot to help greatly reduce these areas. My skin was left smooth and even toned. I also observed that some old white stretch marks didn’t look as pronounced.Its a great product, the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I think your skin gets accustom to it and it stops working after a while. To avoid this, I alternate it with shea butter ( natural stuff) a couple times a week.

Hallie Lynndyl, UT

So happy I tried this!

I have very sensitive skin and also have mild Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms and since using this stuff every day after my shower, I can honestly say that I notice a difference! I have never noticed a difference with anything I’ve tried. I also started using African Black Soap w/ Shea Butter at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s this lotion, the soap or a combination of both that has FINALLY cleared up my upper arms, but I’m betting this lotion has a lot to do with it. Will order more when I run out!

Louise Atlanta, GA

good for sensitive skin

i have very sensitive skin to the point where i cant even wash my clothes with scented soap. lotion is also an issue. my dermatologist suggested this product. my skin feels so much smoother. the product is not really meant for dry skin, but more for skin that dosnt tolerate the average if you have dry skin, i would suggest fragrance free Aveeno lotion instead.

Antonia Huntington, WV

So happy!

Within 5 days of starting to use this lotion on my upper body I see a drastic reduction of the little red bumps that have plagued the backs of my upper arms for 30+ years. Overall my skin is softer and smoother to the touch, and appears more youthful. I think I still need something even strong for the backs of my hands, but over all I am extremely happy with the product.It does sting a little when it first goes on after a shower, but so worth it. There isn’t really any fragrance so it doesn’t compete with my perfume, and it absorbs quickly enough that I can apply it, put on my makeup in the morning and then get dressed without feeling like it’s rubbing off on my clothes.I’m so impressed I started using it on my feet/legs this week….sandal weather is almost here!

Anna Steele, MO

It’s only been a week but I swear I see a difference!

I kind of bought this product on a whim. I was not happy, recently, when my son lifted up my hand and said, "Wow! Grammy’s hand!"I loved my late mother but her hands were not her best feature. I have always put lotion on my hands but figured there wasn’t much more I could do. Then I tried this lotion and it’s already making a difference..Without a doubt, the dry spot on my elbow, which developed there due to my arthritis, has almost healed. This is almost a miracle because I have tried everything I could think of on that. Occasionally it becomes a scab and it’s not how it looks but the fact that I fear it might become a skin ulcer that has troubled me. It’s practically healed. Even my husband, the original doubting Thomas, had to admit it was very effective, and started to use it on the dry skin on his legs.The lovely sun spots on my hands are fading, I swear. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I don’t think so. With regular use, I hope that the only thing that makes my son look at me and think of my mother is the fact that I’m always talking!The cream has a very light scent that fades. It isn’t greasy but if you have an animal, you’d want to use it the last thing at night, after you’ve petted him, because the Glyco Acid leaves a very bitter taste on your hands. I don’t think my cats would be happy if I petted them right after using it, since they always lick the area I’ve touched. Best to wait about a half hour before touching them.Otherwise, give it a try because I think it’s an extraordinary product and worth every cent you pay for it!

Doreen Montezuma, NM

smoother skin

My skin has gotten smoother over time and softer too. Unfortunately, sometimes it stings a little when you put it on, but that is a small price to pay. I put it on my face too!I will never use another lotion again.

Kimberlee Edmonton, KY

I am so happy I found this!

I’m obsessed with this product. It works so well that I’ve gotten rid of my other hand/body lotions and use only this. For as long as I can remember I have gotten really bad ingrown hairs every time I shave. I have pale skin and I hyperpigment really easily so it’s been a really frustrating thing to deal with. After trying lots of aftershave creams/gels/toners I came across something that said that Glycolic Acid was good for ingrowns and other hair related issues. After reading the reviews I decided to take a chance and get this and boy am I glad I did. Not only has it completely (and I do mean completely) solved my ingrown problem, my skin feels SO soft! I use this after I shave and on my hands/elbows daily and I feel a difference almost immediately after putting it on. It’s so moisturizing but I feel like there’s nothing on my skin. It’s great! I’ve been using it daily for 2 months now and I still have about half a bottle, which is just amazing – you really only need a little bit of this stuff. My favorite beauty product, hands down.

Ola Coto Laurel, PR

Love it.

I bought this along with the face kit that comes with cleanser, toner and cream. I love the facial stuff and purchased this at the same time and it works well for my hands and body.

Susanna Freeman, WV

Highly recommended!

This product is awesome (great exfoliant), and contains as much glycolic acid, or more, than any of the leading products. I’ve used this item for many/many years, as it was first recommended by my dermatologist. Kaiser used to sell it, but when they stopped, I was lucky to find it online @Amazon! As it was initally recommended for my face (yes, even if it says hand/body lotion), I always top it with a good spf moisterizer, and I would suggest that you do, as well. Using this product has been part of my daily regimen for a very long time!

Lucia Marienville, PA

Really like this

This cream has been wonderful for my legs. It hydrates beautifully and my legs stay soft and supple all day.

Gloria Brodhead, KY