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Aqua Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care System, Facial Cleanser 6 Ounce, Toner 6 Ounce, Face Cream, 2 ounce 1 kit

Facial Cleanser: Advanced cleansing care. Dermatologist Recommended. Facial Cleanser is gentle, non-drying and compatible with all skin types. Can also be used for shaving sensitive areas, such as the bikini line, face and underarms. Toner: Advanced oily skin therapy. Dermatologist recommended. Thoroughly cleans oily or problem prone skin, leaving skin free of excess oil, dirt and makeup. With continued use, your skin will have a smoother texture and healthier complexion. Facial Cream: Dermatologist recommended. Gently removes the dead skin cells from rough, dry, sun-damaged skin; smoothes the appearance of fine lines, and imperfections; and helps restore proper moisture balance. Made in USA.

Key features

  • A solution for all skin types, a product with one of the highest levels of glycolic acid available with out a prescription.

Honest reviews



I had such high hopes for this set. I am 32 and still dealing with bouts of acne. Had it under control the past couple years using Alpha Hydrox products. Then the past year I started getting acne bumps on my neck and under my jawline. The kind that are small and spread and don’t pop, and are OH SO difficult to clear up. So I have been trying new products containing glycolic acid since this is the only thing that ever worked for controlling my acne. But this line is disgusting! The cleanser is nothing more than a lotion, it doesn’t lather and feels like I am rubbing grease on my face. And the actual lotion is entirely too greasy for people with even normal to oily skin. My face is covered in oil within 15 minutes of putting it on and I’m having to blot with tissues. Gross! I tried just the toner in the afternoon, but oil also appeared on my face within 15 minutes of applying. After using all three products for two weeks, I have been breaking out more and my skin has a film on it. These products are going in the trash.

Elva Wortham, TX

36yrs old and I’ve tried many products…this really makes a difference!

I normally have medium tone, oily-combination & somewhat sensitive skin. However, I’m almost 37 & recently developed what I think was hormone induced moderate acne & possibly mild rosacea. Over the past 6 months I’ve tried so many products for acne but NOTHING worked. I researched some sites & found AquaGlycolic products. I’m so thrilled with the results after 1 month. I also purchased the Clarisonic Pro & use that along with the AquaGlycolic 3 part system (I use the face cream at night only) and wow what a difference. Even the acne scars I had are disappearing & my skin looks better & is less oily. My skin has changed almost completely. I can’t say enough about the products or the price. You have to be careful when in the sun (I use Oil of Olay regenersit moisturizer SPF 15 & bare minerals make up also with SPF 15). I love to tan a bit but I don’t need to tan my face when I have use make up & bronzer anyway!

Kitty Bailey, TX

Good Stuff

I gave it a 4 only because I’ve only used it for about 3 weeks now, but so far it’s great! Pores are smaller, skin is smoother, surface bumps gone. I like it.

Elvia Elmhurst, PA

Excellent Product

It was recommended that I use this product to minimize scarring on my face after a facial procedure. It worked!!!!

Maxine Harbinger, NC

Just what the doc recommended

I am grateful that my dermatologist recommemded these to me. She gave me some samples and I fell in love with these. I am especially sensitive to all skin lotions and facial stuff but to my surprise, I can tolerate these. My skin looks great and my pores are visibly smaller. I have lots of craters so this has helped.

Harriet East Petersburg, PA

Not for people with oily skin

It works great on my body though, so that is what I am going to use it for from now on. It was just a little to much for my sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.

Leola Ottawa, OH

good skin care

I have used this product for years and receive many compliments on my skin. It has become difficult to find in local drug store so I am pleased to get the entire kit with one click. They will even set up a scheduled deliver every three months or so without you even ordering each time!

Flossie Romeoville, IL

Goodbye blemishes, good buy product

Decent quality products that deliver what they promise for much less cost than similar competitors. Your skin feels clean and tingly without over drying. No need to over scrub your face, the product does most of the work.

Lela Harwick, PA

perfect for my 40+ skin!

I am not one who likes to spend money on face creams, washes etc with false hopes of youth. I have already spent years and money on everything and they never work. I really love how this makes my skin look and feel! NO it is not a miracle in a bottle and you won’t look 10 years younger, but your skin will glow… be even toned and soft and you will require less foundation! It is a slight peel effect. I enjoy all 3 products and plan to repurchase! I noticed a difference after only a few uses which is more than I can say for most products with false promises. The oily areas weren’t oily and the dry were no longer dry.

Caroline Hesperia, CA

Skin is Improving

I’ve tried so many adult acne-prone skincare products including an all-natural, organic stuff. I finally found out about this product through one of those blogs people write about their oily skin conditions and mentioned Amazon. So, I read the reviews about this brand that I have never heard of before (not even from the many dermatologists I have seen in many years) and was impressed. I gave it a try and it’s been a few weeks now since I began this complete regimen. Just a note: I do use this cleanser with my Clarisonic brush every nite and most mornings. I do find that if I just use my hands to cleanse the makeup off, I can see makeup residue on the cotton pad saturated with their toner. Nice, that it doesn’t have any fragrance smell. The toner has alcohol in it so it helps dry and “sanitize” the acne-prone areas. I use the cream at night only since I am oily and I don’t need moisturizing during the hot summer days. My skin seems to be more even toned and smoother. My Dior AirFlash makeup looks much better on my skin since I started following this regimen.My skin has definitely improved and every month I don’t get those huge forever red mosquito looking bumps “then-turn-pimple” anymore. Since I began using the 3 products I don’t get 5 H-U-G-E pimples anymore on my chin. Maybe just one, maybe… and it’s a normal pimple, people! I also found I stopped getting those white bumps too that have started to accumulate on my chin and near my eye socket near my cheekbones.So, as a former user of Obagi Nu Derm (for 2.5 years), Aveda Outer Peace (4 weeks), Cetaphyl, Neutrogena, ProActive, Clinique 3-step system (6mos.), Peter Thomas Roth (3 mos.), Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean (1month), Exuviance (2mos.) and many other brands I have used, returned or trashed because it only worked for 4 weeks or less (and I’m kinda broke now from buying so many products that promised to clear my acne and control the MEGA shine and oiliness), I think I can finally say I have found the best product for my adult acne-prone, super oily skin. I shall hope (keeping my finger crossed) that this brand, Aqua Glycolic, will be the last product that I ever have to “experience” with and will continue to work for my skin type for the many years to come!

Elsa Beacon, IA


You can really feel the glycolic acid but not to strong- I learned about from youtube. A must for any age and acne too.

Tia Durham, CT

Great Set!

I always buy this set. Its amazing and clears up my skin. I would absolutely buy again. I generally wear the cream at night after I use the toner. The wash I put on before I get into the shower and I love it. Before using this I use to break out on my back but now I find that I have no backne!

Jennifer Wetmore, KS

Oily Skin

Best total skin care I have found for my skin. It leaves you skin feeling bright and clean without feeling oily.

Frankie Wallsburg, UT