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Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair 16 oz.

ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment is a serious treatment for seriously damaged hair. It rebuilds broken damaged hair.

Key features

  • Rebuilds hair structure within six weeks
  • Ideal for permed, tinted or relaxed hair
  • Stops hair breakage

Honest reviews



Only writing this because I see that someone had some hair issues as a result of this. 🙁 Woldn’t want someone else ot make the same mistake.THIS is a PROTEIN Treatment.A reconstructor, I think.The purpose of a protein treatment is to strengthen hair. If your hair is limp, stretches to a great extent when pulled, mushy, breaking, etc… then this would helpful to you.If your hair is dry, brittle, taut when pulled, with no give, ‘breaking’ then this would most likely increase your issues. Because it will make the hair dryer, even more brittle and more prone to breakage.You’d most likely need MOISTURE–conditioners and shampoos that moisturize the hair, i.e.,1. Nexxus Humectress,2. Elucence MB3. Aubrey Organics4. Keracare Humecto, etc…You’re not supposed to use this product as you would a regular condition. And you have to know how to assess your own ‘hair health’ to know if your issue even warrants the treatment.The same rules apply whether you’re relaxed or natural (to varying degrees)…because ‘black’ hair is dry hair. The driest of all hair types, I think. Black hair thrives on moisture.Although–I suspect that relaxed hair may be drier because of the chemicals. Anyway–this is the main reason why it breaks. This is why some ppl have the impression that ‘black hair can’t grow’.It can…you just have to know how to work around the main issue.You have to know how to care for black hair properly.[…]

Lucinda Jasper, OH

Animal Protein?!? Terrible.

This product contains animal protein, as in it’s not animal-friendly. There are plenty of vegetable or synthetic protein products out there. Try Dieci by La Brasiliana. You can get it for a great price on Amazon ~$14, and the texture feels great on the hair. The bottle is a good size too, 8.8 oz. Plus, it’s no 2-step process, so simpler than this.The seller should post the ingredients; I only found them out from another websie. It’s not worth killing an animal, taking any life, just so we can look good.

Cecile Winter Park, CO

Love This Stuff!

I should first note that I have medium-length (nearly mid-back) relaxed (but naturally coarse) hair. I am very into hair care and have accumulated a lot knowledge over the last couple of years via research about how to properly care for African American hair. In the process, I learned about Aphogee Two-Step, a heavy protein treatment. I was wary of it because I had read that it is an extremely strong treatment that turns your hair rock-hard when left to dry and, if used improperly or if your hair does not need protein, can have disastrous results. Despite my worries, I bought this product over a year ago, but had not used it for a long time simply because I was too scared to use it.I finally decided to use it recently out of desperation. Though my hair is pretty long, it is typically limp, dull, has very little body, and feels very weak. I’ve also been having issues with breakage, particularly after washing my hair, and have noticed that I have been losing some of my length. Because I do all other things recommended to care for relaxed hair, I suspected that it was my reluctance to use a lot of protein that was finally taking its toll. I researched heavy protein treatments again and read that if you are relaxed, you almost certainly need heavy protein treatments to counteract the negative effects of the relaxer. I have actually known this for a long time, but, as I mentioned, I was too afraid to use the treatment and convinced myself that because my hair was long, I was doing fine. Wrong! Though I do take care of my hair, the relaxers have been taking a toll on it and I’m so glad that I finally decided to take the plunge!I have only used it once, but have already noticed drastic results. After the entire process was over and I was done detangling, which usually results in the loss of countless small hairs, I saw that I had VERY few broken-off hairs in my comb or anywhere else. I was already sold. Once my hair was dry and styled, I noticed that my hair had more body (it holds a curl much better) and felt stronger (I could pull on it and run my hand through it without also breaking off strands). My hair just has more life and structure and I can’t wait until it’s time to use it again so that I can continue to see improvements in my hair.Before I end this (long) review, I just want to advise people about a few things regarding this product:-Use only every 6 weeks. If used more often than that, you will oversaturate your hair with protein and it will eventually become dry and brittle and break off. If you relax your hair, it is recommended that you schedule these treatments so that you have one either a week before or after a relaxer.-Don’t manipulate your hair when it is drying/dry because your hair really does become hard as a rock and it will break off if manipulated. The instructions say to comb it through while it is still wet in order to saturate the hair, but I found that my hair was too sticky and that the treatment was drying too quickly for that. I just sprayed it on with a spray bottle to saturate my hair, quickly finger-combed it through, and sat under the drier with my hair UNCOVERED for 20 minutes.-It is recommended by Aphogee that you use their Balancing Moisturizer immediately after rinsing out the treatment. This is meant to return the pH of your hair back to normal and is not intended to function as a moisturizing deep conditioner, which you will DEFINITELY need to use, as well. It’s unfortunate that the directions don’t inform customers of this, as some people won’t be aware that your hair will become hard and break off if you don’t follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. After rinsing out the Balancing Moisturizer, apply a good moisturizing deep conditioner (look at the ingredients to make sure it has little to no protein in it!) and leave it in your hair (under a plastic cap/bag) for 45 minutes to an hour. Rinse it out, apply your leave-ins/moisturizers and style as usual.BTW, this stuff smells PUTRID, but it’s worth it in the end and the smell goes away once the treatment is rinsed out, anyway.

Johanna Horsepen, VA

Stronger hair!

I am very happy with this product which was recommended by author “Chicoro” who wrote, “Grow It”. The book is about how to grow ethnic hair that is coiled/curly. My hair was breaking every month and it was how I was treating it and also that I never used protein treatments. Right away, I noticed a difference after using Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. The secret is to follow the directions carefully and deep condition afterwards. If your hair is shedding heavily, breaking and splitting, this product will stop it cold. It works very well, but don’t use too often.

Amanda Mill Village, PA

Hair care

This is by far one of the BEST treatments I have ever given my hair.The Good:This product makes your hair feel silky soft and I mean silky soft. Feels like you have a new head of hair. Amazing, I was extremely impressed.The Bad:Gosh this product stinks. Horrible horrible smell unlike aphogee other products.You need to have the time on your hands to do this… pretty much you gotta wait til it dries on your head…. your hair gets REALLY hard but it is sooooooooooooooo worth it in the end.Sorry to hear about the 1st reviewer with the breakage. I have been using this product off and on since 2001 and never experienced this. Maybe it just didn’t agree with her hair. I guess maybe people purchasing this whould probably do a strand test or a lock of hair test to be safe.Will recommend this to anyone.Good job Aphogee.

Aisha Land O Lakes, WI

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t?

I dunno, between this and the two minute reconstructor, I’d have to say that the reconstructor does a better job of strengthening my hair. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve done this protein treatment twice so far (once every six weeks) and it only strengthens my hair for 24-48 hours and then my hair starts breaking again. The reconstructor on the other hand lasts me for a week, which is good because I do a protein deep conditioner once a week along with a moisturizing conditioner twice a week. I do plan on finishing this up, but after that I’m probably going to try something from Nexxus or Aubrey Organics… their products seems to give me good results, so here’s hoping their protein products work wonders.

Casandra Sandwich, IL



May Manitowoc, WI

This stuff works!

Ok, so I’ve been using this stuff for three weeks now, (I’m african american & wash my hair weekly) & I’ve really noticed a difference.I’ve had years of coloring & relaxing my hair, so I’ve had dry hair, split ends, & constant breakage. My hair never seemed to grow past shoulder length. Health & hair care professionals say you’re supposed to shed like 100 hairs a day, but I’m noticing that my hair sheds far less than that, if it sheds at all.After the first usage, my hair felt stronger. I usually air dry my hair & then flat iron it. Usually, when the flat iron neared my split ends, hair would start to break. Now, my hair feels stronger & like it doesn’t "give" as easily.You have to follow the instructions when using this product and I’d recommend applying it in the shower, to keep the mess to a minimum. If you fully coat your hair, the product will run, so you’re going to want to wrap your neck in a towel. Try to wrap your hair or have it up, without something holding it up. You could sit for 40 min & let this stuff air dry, but when using this product, I just blow dry my hair on a medium setting. As your hair begins to dry, it will still look wet, but it will become very hard. Be careful not to agitate your hair or try to comb through it, or you’ll risk breakage. After your hair is dry, simply hop back in the shower, gently wash the treatment out & apply a deep conditioner — then you’re done!

Ester Dorena, OR

This Was Not For Me!

I have been having bad breakage for a while as well as my hair was not very smooth, shiny or healthy due to much abuse over the years. I thought I needed protein because I have not been maintaining my hair for some time now. However, after using this product my hair became worse and the breaking continued. I know this treatment is not for me but the other products in this line works wonders on your hair which is why I cannot bring myself to give this a low rating. I also noticed a lot of people talking about the smell of the product. I did not find any issues with the smell so I am not sure what is so offensive but I also have a high tolerance for smells so maybe I just didn’t notice. Make sure you assess whether you need this treatment or not because if used too much and you really didn’t need protein I can forsee it ripping your hair out. I have switched over to hair mayonnaise which is working wonders on my hair. I needed nutrients and not protein. Good luck all and make sure you know that you need it before you try it!

Antonia Dornsife, PA

It’s okay.

I had purchased this product by mistake, I already had one in my cart and forgot to delete the duplicate.. They do make a product that comes in a square plastic package that works much better than this.

Suzanne Alma, NY

I love it

I use the single use verison of this product because I couldn’t see spending $17 for something I only use every 6 weeks. The single treatment is less than $3 at Sally’s.I use this product one week before I relax my hair, because I really feel that it makes a difference in streghtening my hair. (I am currently using the Profectiv Perm)After I have used this and the ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer I rinse it out and use the Two minute reconstruction treatment.

Carey Isabella, PA


The smell is so bad, worse than rotten food! Does leave hair soft! I won’t buy again due to the smell.

Carla Beaver, PA

Best product for damage hair

I went from black hair to platinum blond. I’ve bleached and toned my hair so many times its falling out. The whole front of my hair is about 2 inches long it was about 14 inches long and the ends was horrible. Went to a beauty supply and they recommend ApHogee two step protein. I’ve only used it once so far and it worked miracle. My hair is healthy again, the ends are now smooth and no longer split. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it to anyone with damaged hair. It works! The sales rep recommend I use it once per week or once per month, with the result I got I will only be using it once per month. Very happy it saved my hair, now I want to tell everyone about it.

Stacy Cottonton, AL

The stench!

Bought from Sally’s. I used it as instructed exactly on the package.While it did seem to make a difference in making my hair look and feel more smooth, the stench is overwhelming and lasts for days.Sorry, but no results are worth the odor from this stuff for me.

Marilyn Nickerson, NE


i used this product yesterday. i’m aware thats its a heavy duty protein product, thats why i’m confused as to why it left my hair silky soft but not stronger. my hair is still breaking the same amount while it is wet. I used a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo, put the treatment, did exactly what the instructions say. use the balancing moisturizer , my deep conditioner and the rinse that came with it. could it be that my hair needs more protein? 6 weeks from now i will try this product again to see if the issue is my hair or the product.

Wendy Lake Lure, NC

Great for my fine frizz-prone hair!

I have lots of very fine long blonde hair (mid back) that started breaking after trying to correct a botched dye job; so after reading many glowing reviews on MUA I thought I’d give this stuff a try.I used a clarifying shampoo, towel-dried my hair, then applied step 1 Protein Treatment. I used a little spray bottle which made application much faster/less messy and I stopped every so often to comb it through my hair. This stuff starts getting really sticky/tacky within a few minutes so you want to make sure you comb it all through your hair while you can. I really didn’t find the smell offensive at all which is unusual since I’ve got a very sensitive nose… but this honestly didn’t bother me at all. Then I used my blowdryer to dry my hair which took at least half an hour on high (I’ve got thick hair). My hair never got *super* hard but it did get quite stiff, like a stiff but pliable plastic. Then I jumped back in the shower and rinsed it out thoroughly before applying the accompanying step 2 Moisturizing Conditioner. Left that on about 5 minutes and rinsed out and styled my hair.I love the results! It really cut down on the frizzies and tangles I used to get. My hair is so much softer and smoother and behaves itself a lot longer! I can’t stop running my fingers through my hair! Will definitely repurchase and incorporate this into my routine every couple of months.

Daisy Lisbon, NY

It Works

I used this product four years ago when my hair was extremely brittle, dry, and plagued with split ends. Surprisingly, I saw a difference after a months usage! This product definitely repaired my damaged hair.

Jessica Sanford, MI

Didn’t work for me

I have been looking for a protein treatment for months (I have relaxed hair). First I tried Organics hair mayonnaise, and my hair was left weak and breaking. Then I tried Aphogee 2 step protein treatment, and instead of helping, I experienced even more breakage once I was through with it (and I followed the instructions to a T). I am disappointed, since the reviews shows that this product worked well for others, but not for me.

Ola Worthington, MN


If I could give it a zero I would, it made my hair tangle so bad I lost so much hair when I detangled it, I follow the instructions carefully, it made my hair dry, knotted and horribly hard, I almost spent a whole bottle of conditioner, in my entire life I never experienced so much breakage and shedding, beware!!

Eugenia Essex Fells, NJ

Simply Wonderful!

What Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment for Damaged Hair has done is to create and maintain a product that does exactly what it says it will do. Repair your hair damage from the outside-in. This truly is the basis for the salon-standard that costs much more, btw, but is no less effective in treatment. This is a wonderful industrial-grade, industry standard product that will work for all hair types. A+JJ/-R

Jasmine Vanlue, OH

New and Improved?

I started using this back in the 90s as a kid. It was recommended by a stylist who would do the treatments for me until I started doing them myself at home. If you’re trying to retain length lost due to breakage this may be a huge help for you. Back in the olden days this stuff smelled HORRIBLE and contained “animal byproduct” of unknown nature. (eggs,maybe?) These days it still doesn’t smell good, doesn’t contain animal byproduct, but the odor is no where near as bad as it once was.Also, my hair isn’t as hard or frizzy after I do a treatment anymore. Back in the olden days it was guaranteed that my 3b curls would tighten up to nearly 3c after a protein treatment. Both the shampoo and balancing moisturizer are much better than they once were.The down side is that it doesn’t seem to prevent breakage as well as it once did. While there could be other dietary factors and such contributing to this for me, it doesn’t seem to take me all the way to zero breakage… at say the crown of my head where my hair is more fragile. This new formula does help, but it doesn’t seem to be as good as the old one. However, it could also have something to do with changes in regularity. If I haven’t really been experiencing breakage I might only use this every 2 months. If I’ve notice breakage I’ll use every 6 weeks as instructed.I have long hair and can’t comfortably sit under the dryer anymore with this treatment. I use a hand blow dryer applying the treatment in sections and drying in sections. When straight my hair was waist length when I bought the bottle I just finished, but currently about 3 inches shorter. I get about 2.5 uses out of bottle! I have thick, porous hair. I’m sure people with super thick hair will use even more product. When my hair was short/medium length and dyed, was able to get about 5 uses out of the bottle.These days I also use the Aphogee shampoo along with the treatment instead of my regular shampoos. I actually like the combination. While I do let the Aphogee balancing moisturize set in my hair for longer than 3-5 minutes, it’s not what I use to deep condition. After letting it sit for about 15-20 minute, I rinse and use a *real* deep conditioner. Anything from Biolage, SheaMoisture, original Cholesterol, or any other heavy conditioner I have on hand. And when I’m all done my hair is just as soft as it would be otherwise.So, while I’m liking that it doesn’t make my hair feel hard these days, I do sort of wish it had the anti-breakage power it had way back when.

Dawn Silas, AL

Hair Therapy

So my hairdresser said that I should start to use a protein reconstructor. This Aphogee 2-step treatment protein was my 2nd go to product (I tried Nexxus Polymedic Reconstructor 1st and it’s okay, but I like Aphogee better). The stuff smells horrible and it’s very runny, yuck.I applied it to my hair and then blow dried it for 10 minutes until the stuff made my hair rock hard. Then I washed it out.I followed with the Aphogee balancing moisturizer. For ANY type of protein reconstructor, it’s very important to use some type of balancing moisturizer to restore the pH of your hair back to normal. If not, you WILL experience breakage.My curl pattern turned out very nice and my hair felt silky and moisturized.I will stick to this product. Not a bad find.

Katelyn Louisiana, MO


This product made my hair stop falling out which is good, but i was expecting my hair to be smoother and shinier.

Fran Satsuma, FL

I really love it.

Just used it for the first time today. I am a black woman with fine hair. I was told I should apply this 7 days before I relax my hair. My hair feels so soft and bouncy. What I did was washed my hair with a moisturizing shampoo, applied the aphoghee, sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, washed it with the shampoo again to make sure it was all out, then a moisturizing conditioner. Afterwards I let it air dry. My hair feels terrific.

Allie Lonsdale, MN


Buy this product and do your own protein treatments at home if you are experiencing shedding and damage. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my hair since using Aphogee and 100% Argan Oil. Check my other reviews. This and Biotin have my hair 5 inches longer and way less shedding. My hair is 3 inches away from touching my rear end. Which is crazy long hair for a black girl! Everyone thinks I have a weave. When they find out I dont’ they ask what have I been using. Even my hair stylists was like, what are you doing to your hair, it’s healthy, gorgeous and longer than ever. I just smiled.

Ester Ocracoke, NC

wasnt as good as everybody was saying…edit, to say i love it

i relax my hair and was in need of protein badly so i got this and the shampoo. ok first i have to tell you this stuff doesn’t smaell bad like everybody was saying it smells toxic i had the bathroom door closed and almost died i had to hold my breath the whole time. then on the bottle it says comb it through your hair before it dries which is impossible since it dries so fast and if i did comb my hair it would have fell out and make sure the water is running so you can wash off you hands as soon as your done cause it will stick to your hands, ok after i dried my hair and washed it out i deep conditioned and my hair felt so strong that i didnt feel like i had to be be super gentle with my hair but it was stiff and dry, now that i think about it it’s been maybe 2 weeks since i put this in and my hair and it has never been drier no matter what i doEDIT… now that i have been using this for a couple of months i can tell you that while it still smells toxic it works, my hair is so much stronger and to combat the dryness i use cholesterol after im done and i will continue to use this product

Silvia Blythewood, SC

Aphogee Two Step Treatment

Since I was transitioning I decided to try this product. I heard good things about Aphogee and was in desperate need of a protein treatment to stop breakage. I can’t say this product doesn’t work, I’m just not seeing any results for my hair but I will give it another try maybe under the drying for a little while since protein treatments and heat is not such a good idea on transitioning hair. I still would recommend Aphogee because it does get my hair nice and soft.

Jan Grand Island, NY

Saved my hair!

I had extremely damaged hair after going from dyed black to brown, (my hair is naturally dark brown, straight, fine and about 50% gray). After color removal and several bleach treatments my hair was like straw, would not hold color at all, and my only option appeared to cut it all off. After reading about Aphogee Two-step treatment, I felt like this was my last option (before cutting off the damage!) I had already tried many conditioning treatments with no improvement including K-pak, coconut oil overnight, etc.First, I read up on the application process, as well as all the reviews I could find. I then applied the Aphogee Two-Step with a spray bottle, it is messy and starts hardening in about 5 minutes, so I saturated my hair and then loosely piled it on top on my head, blow dried for 50 minutes until it was hard and seemed as dry as it would get. Per suggestions from previous reviewers, I reclined in the tub to allow my hardened hair to soften and then showered and rinsed for several minutes. I applied Biolage conditioning balm to my hair for about 5 minutes and rinsed. I added some Its-a-10 and some Fekkai glossing cream.Okay, so after all of this, my hair still looked bad, it was less dry and somewhat healthier looking, but it was not a miracle or dramatic improvement. I hoped that after coloring it would improve. I waited 24 hours and colored with a non-permanent color, conditioned with Biolage for about 5 minutes, rinsed, towel dried & applied Its-a-10 & fekkai glossing cream.Wow! My hair looked good, it felt soft and held the color.It’s been two weeks now and the color still looks great! There has been a huge improvement and I am very happy that I will not need to cut off all my hair.Some tips:Apply with a spray bottle.Plan beforehand where you will place your hair to ensure that it will completely dry, you cannot move it AT ALL once it dries as it may break off!Wear gloves, the product is sticky and a bit irritating to the skin.I used a hand dryer and it worked great, just plan at least 30 minutes of straight blow drying.Before using, read all the reviews, I found this very helpful.I don’t plan on using it again at this time, but if I do, you need to wait 6 weeks between treatments.Make sure to condition afterwards with a non-protein condition.Only use this if your hair is extremely damaged, it is not for healthy hair.Thanks!

Selina Seeley, CA

Good Stuff

This stuff works really well. I am happy with what it does for my hair. My hair always feels stronger after using this product. It does smell absolutely horrible, but it’s still good stuff. Make sure to use the balancing conditioner after. I also deep condition with a MOISTURIZING conditioner after that. Do not use any protein based conditioners after this product! When used as directed, you should have good results.

Lillie Yankeetown, FL

Great Product

Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment is amazing. It saved my hair when it was overprocess by relaxers and hair color. After using this treatment my hair stopped shedding and breakIng. My hair felt strong and soft…very impressive. This product should only be used if you’re suffering moderate breakage or shedding. Well actually I’ve recently used it because my hair had been over conditioned and was left feeling mushy. I love this stuff,it works miracles. The smell takes getting use to,but it’s worth it. The procedure is a drag,but again worth it. This inexpensive product gets more than five stars from me.

Tamara Cook, NE