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Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair, 16 Ounce

ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair is for permed, color-treated or damaged hair. Cleanses hair gently, restores shine, strengthens hair, normalizes pH.

Key features

  • Restores natural beauty
  • Repairs and protects damaged areas
  • Improves hair strength

Honest reviews


Great Product!

I am a woman of color who has single-handedly managed to ruin her hair over a number of years. My hair was so damaged from heat styling, relaxers and weaves that I ran out of ideas. I decided to eliminate the problems one at a time. I quit relaxing, then I gave myself a break from all the weaving and eased off on the heat styling. My hair started to grow healthily but I was lacking a great shampoo to go with my new regime. I tried this shampoo not expecting too much because I have wasted a lot of money before and never had the results I needed but I have got to tell you. I am so glad I did because after a few washes I noticed my hair texture was softer and there was little to no shedding! I am now addicted to Aphogee products, I decided to invest in a whole range of other products from them and I couldn’t be happier!

Ina Hyde Park, PA

It worked off the bat!

I have lost a disgusting amount of hair to an autoimmune disease. I’m 34 and had long dark brown hair. It’s all broken off now pieces up to my chin! My hair is destroyed. I used this shampoo one time! And my hair feels amazing, I even received my first compliment in well over a year about my hair looking “nice today and really shiny”. I was so happy I almost cried. Buy it, it works miracles

Sherrie Fairfield, TX

Five Stars

works as expected

Geraldine Penrose, NC

lather baby!!

this def. helped my shedding with the two step protein treatment and a little really does go a long way so maybe its a keeper we’ll see if it stops my shedding all together

Maria Ryland, AL

Good Product

This is a good product. I use it with the aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor and they work more than OK. I would recommend it for sure.

Stella Visalia, CA

My staple shampoo!

I started using this shampoo on my hair journey two months ago and I have noticed a decrease in the amount of breakage I’ve been having. It also smells good and is very rich so you do not need to use much, lathering once is enough. Definitely buy this if you desire an effective shampoo.

Lydia Millersburg, KY

A miracle in a bottle

I have wavy/curly 2B/2C Hair. When it starts to get frizzy and out of control I shampoo with this, and it transforms my hair to silky smooth. It replaces a cabinet full of products, and it is curly girl friendly too!

Kristi Lookout, CA