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Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner, 8 Ounce

ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner is a deep penetrating, leave-in conditioner that fortifies limp, lifeless hair creating superior body.

Key features

  • For all hair types will support hair styles better
  • Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner perms will spring to life
  • Stops Frizz and Seals in Moisture

Honest reviews


Leave in Conditioner

I like this product, it leaves my hair very soft. It doesn’t have a smell that stays with you, but it doesn’t smell great. I use it on the nights when I skip the Profectiv anti-breakage daily streghtener.

Nina Klamath, CA

Fixed my peroxide damaged hair.

For the last 6 months my hair was damaged due to a John Frieda lightening spray. It left my hair sticky and it broke off from the roots. I had chunks of hair missing. I originally purchased the Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair…I started to see some improvement after a few uses with the shampoo…but the leave in conditioner with the aphogee shampoo has helped eliminate the hair issues.(Sticky hair) I have spent tons of money trying to repair my hair and trying to remove the sticky crap from my hair…but these 2 products by aphogee were the life and hair saver.

Lidia Bazine, KS

Pretty darn good!

So far, this is the best leave in conditioner. It smells great, it softens my hair very fast, and keeps it from getting dry for at least a whole day. I have very thick, dry, unruly, African American hair, so I think a leave in is necessary, Im still going to try other leave ins after Im done just to see, but I think it would be hard to find one better than this. I recommend getting a spray bottle though, you can get a cheap one for $1 from any discount store, its worth it to switch it to one, its just a lot easier…

Lenora Carlotta, CA

Loving It!!!

This is one of the first products I bought when I started my Healthy Hair Journey last year based off the recommendation of Ateyaa on youtube. I had never used a leave in before and boy it makes a difference!! One time I skipped this step when washing out of pure laziness thinking that it would not make a big difference but I was proven wrong. My hair was dry and straw like. Since my bottle is almost empty, I will definitely be ordered one in a few days. This is a GREAT product!!

Joann South Amboy, NJ

Used it once/Okay

I’ve used it once after a shampoo and reconstructor (same brand). It was lightweight and didn’t leave any residue like others have done. The scent could be better. It’s watery like other reviewers have stated, but mine came in a spray bottle. I air dried my hair in a wrap. My hair didn’t burn at medium-high temperature with a Ceramic Tools flat iron. Hope this helps!

Gayla Brown City, MI

Really like it

I have been looking for a good leave in conditioner. When I first used it I didn’t like it, but I put some Argan Oil in it that I bought from Watts and made it much better.

Reyna Saint Cloud, MN

Great stuff!

I started using this conditioner once a week but then up’d it to daily and have noticed a huge difference in the amount of shedding. It doesn’t leave my hair sticky or leave build up. This leave in is definitely not for moisturizing but when your hair needs protein and strengthening, this is the one to go to. I also noticed that it helps reduce frizz on those humid summer days.Definite hair staple.

Allie Le Raysville, PA

Aphogee Leave In

I don’t have a problem with this leave in. This product is not a detangler but the scent is pleasing. Hopefully time will tell if my transitioning hair is strengthened. I use this after washing on damp hair. Using this spout on your hair may cause you to use more product than necessary.

Esmeralda Vassar, MI

It’s just like water…

I’m amazed at all the good reviews people have given this product. This leave in conditioner is SO watery and runny and doesn’t help detangle or condition hair at all. I knew that it was a liquid leave in conditioner, but I was expecting it to have a slippery feel to it like other leave in conditioners I’ve used. This however is just like scented water.I definitely would not recommend this product. Waste of money.

Katie Colebrook, NH

Did not work for my Native American hair

This conditioner wasn’t as great as all the reviews I read . I am Native American and had very damaged hair at the time of ordering . I guess if your hair just needs a little tlc you could use and would probably help but it did not help my hair , I still had to do a ton of different treatments to get my hair to where it is now .

Eliza Bloomingdale, OH

unimpressed- very watery, odd scent

This product is extremely watery (even after a good shaking). It seems to be conditioner mixed with a lot of water. I find it difficult to get in my daughters hair before it runs through my fingers! I have seen no results or an increase in softness or "brushability" for my girls who have long hair. I don’t particularly care for the smell either. I really hoped this would be a good leave in conditioner for a good price, but this was one of those, you get what you pay for scenarios. This reminds me of the concoctions my children make in the tub when they mix a little cheap "suave type" conditioner in water in one of their toy teacups or the hair rinsing container. Don’t waste your money, I will have to buy something else to replace it with.

Chrystal Fullerton, ND

Used for the first time last night…Pleased so far!

I used this for the first time last night. I have to say I’m delighted after blow drying and straightening my hair its really soft and smooth. I also purchased the keratin 2 minute restorer from aphogee so not sure if that also helped it as well. I’m pleased so far and will give more of a review after a few weeks of trying this.****Update: still loving this stuff! wasn’t thrilled as first that it was a liquid but once I bought a spray head it has been really easy to use and good for my hair. makes combing it thru alot easier!

Meredith Poseyville, IN

Effective products

I love the aphogee line because it never lets you down an you will always see great results if you use the products correctly.

Marian Dover, GA

Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner 16Oz/473Ml

Amazing!! I think my hair is the type that needs protein every now and again. I only perform my shampoo/conditioner routine every 2 weeks on my kinky curly hair so I believe that this product is exactly what I need. Makes my hair so soft and its a heat protectant as well (woah!) I put this in a spray bottle because to met its distributed better throughout my hair that way. It smells good and its light. I am very satisfied.

Kristy Manlius, NY

Great leave in

Great leave in. My hair is much thicker and holds a nice sheen and bounce. Moisture without a drip. Great body and my hair feels much healthier

Kari Wolcott, CT

Leaves my hair sooo soft

I love how this stuff makes my hair feel. I spray it in after I wash my hair and towel dry it, and then I brush my hair after using so it gets evenly distributed. The only thing I’m not fond of is the smell. It smells like shea butter, and I’ve never been a big fan of that scent. I use it either every day or every other day. It doesn’t leave my hair greasy or weighed down.

Delia Kennewick, WA

It’s okay, not the best.

I liked it, however it could have been better. It sometimes left my hair feeling hard and it wasn’t a feeling that I liked frankly.

Henrietta Argyle, IA

Not for dry thirsty Relaxed hair

I have been searching for a leave in conditioner which leaves my hair moist after cool blow drying and this conditioner left me with one conclusion. If you like straw like hair, it’s the right one for you.I’ve been using less sulfate based shampoos and instead using Conditioning shampoos along with deep conditioning regularly. This leave in is water based and can be used as a detangler. Otherwise, don’t look forward to moistness and shine you obtain from other leave in conditioners. This doesn’t live up to the Lacio Lacios or Chi Silk Infusions of this world.

Vilma Winston, MO

Awesome leave-in

I use this leave in after washing my hair and seal with an oil. It softens my hair making it easier to comb; I wouldn’t consider this a great detangling solution but it does work well with softening. I also use this almost every other day when moisturizing and sealing – it works great in this scenario as well.*IMPORTANT*This leave-in has a watery consistency. It comes in the standard squeeze bottle so I highly recommend putting it into a spray bottle for ease of application and product conservation.I would recommend this to any that are looking for a leave-in that works and improves hair texture.

Antionette Michigan City, MS

i cant tell

I spray this in my damp hair or dry hair n then follow up with a moisturizer i cant tell if its doing anything or not.

Wilma Blackwell, OK

Great Leave-in for Oily or Damaged Hair!

Aphogee has done it yet, again! The Aphogee Pro-vitamin Leave-In is outstanding! Whether you have hair that is bleached, damaged or otherwise chemically treated, this is the leave-in for you. It is water-weightless and can be layered under heavier leave-ins if/as needed. Praise isn’t enough to describe this product’s virtues. But, hopefully an A++ will suffice!

Angelita Pleasant Shade, TN

Daily use

I use it every day and it keeps my hair moisturized and soft – my hair is now very manageable

Georgia Gordon, NE



Noemi Caruthers, CA

Smells Good

This product smells really good! It leaves my hair feeling really soft. I really like it and would definitely buy it again. I would recommended getting a spray bottle to put it in so it does not spill all over the place when you are trying in your hair.

Angelique Baltimore, OH

Ok product

I received this product in a few days it was packaged well. I am transitioning to natural and was in need of a leave-in detangler. This product was ok as a leave-in, after i washed my hair and deep conditioned i sprayed a generous amount on my hair and on the ends. I then tried to clear out my 4A african american hair. The product did not give much slip, however once i sprayed my hair a few more times I was then able to detangle. I used this product for four weeks, I usually wash my hair every Sunday. I like this leave-in it was not bad i like the vitamins in the product but there was just not enough slip to detangle real easy then roller set,,, I would recommend this to a person with curly hair and not so much as a detangler..

Sheila Deer Harbor, WA


good but not really sure if it work. great for the price those. trying to experiment with different products for healthier hair.

Lina Buckner, AR


I am an African American woman with 4a-4b hair. I love this stuff. It moisturizes my hair, protects from heat and strengthens my hair all at the same time. I only use it when I am about to flat iron my hair. I’ve been using it for almost year now and I will gladly keep buying. I am also interested in buying more products by this company. I just wish the 16oz container came with a spray bottle. I had to buy a cheap empty spray bottle so I could use it.

Tami Milford, MI