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ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor

Aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor provides a weekly regimen to treat brittle hair with cuticle damage and moderate breakage.

Key features

  • Prevents breakage and split ends
  • Anti-oxidant green tea protects hair
  • Adds body for easier styling

Honest reviews


Great product

I have African American hair so that you have a idea of how it works with certain hair types. First of all, the product does have a pleasant light coconut smell. I do not recommend you using it as deep conditioner- unless you want a deeper protein treatment. I would recommend you use it for just 2 minutes, especially if you are protein sensitive. I found my hair to be dry if I used it any longer. It has helped made my hair stronger- but I would not over do it. In the end I do recomend it as a great product to rotate with when you feel your hair needs some strengthening but don’t have time to do a full on protein treatment or you don’t need a strong protein treatment.

Samantha Van Meter, IA

Holy Grail for my Curly Hair!

My holy grail in hair care. My hair used to break easily after I had used a product with a damaging silicone (Cyclopentsilxane). Now my hair is smooth when I detangle it with my fingers (no combing!), doesn’t break, shines without need for lots of hair cream, and best of all my twist outs last a week easily (never true before). I retain length now. This is the healthiest my hair has ever been thanks to weekly use of this treatment.Pro’sSmells greatGives hair sleek feelRepairs split endsPreserves growth more easily – less breakageLess time consuming then Aphogee 2 step proteinCan also be bought at Lakshmi’s Cupboard online store

Shelby Victor, IA

Too much of good thing can be bad

I wish I had read all the reviews before I bought this. I used this on a weekly basis for the last two months and could not understand why my hair was so dry and breaking. Yes my hair was healthy, thick and transitioning. This product should be used with caution if your hair is not dry or damaged. I thought my hair was moisturized and did not realize I did not have the right moisture protein balance. I used this in the shower and not under dryer. Do not use heat on hair. Cover with shower cap. Hair was tangled and brittle after rinsing out, even to the point where it was matted at times. So everyone’s hair is different. My personal experience was that I used it too much and too often. I will be shelving this for a while at least for a month or so. My experience had me really seconding guess the natural process, was tempted to relax. Thought transitioning hair couldn’t possibly be this dry, brittle and breaking. So if your hair is healthy this is not for your… the bottle does say stop using once hair is healthy (think I missed that). Btw bought organics hair mayonnaise and I couldn’t be more happy. Hair is stretched, moisturized, and not tangled. Proceed with caution and make sure you are using it for the right reasons, as it works for many, just not me.

Nelda Brierfield, AL

Excellent Deep Conditioner

I use this product in combination w/Aphogee’s Protein Treatment and it moisturizers my hair very well. As a stand alone conditioner it works as a detangler. If you want to increase its effectiveness, add an oil like jojoba, grapeseed, castor, or coconut. It’s a very nourishing deep conditioner.

Jamie Apple Valley, CA

Stronger hair

I have African American chemically relaxed hair. About 3 years ago one of my friends said, “You wear you’re hair everyday; invest in it.” I spent the next 2 years or so reviewing hair forums and trying new products. I was told to beware of dimethicones, sulfates, and alcohols. In a lot of ways it’s difficult to avoid those and have healthy & nice smelling hair.Of all the products I’ve tried, this one is simple the best! It stopped my hair breakage and I don’t have split ends anymore. My hair is the longest it has ever been in my entire life. I use this with100% Pure Emu Oil (8 oz.)(to stimulate hair growth) andOrganix Rejuvenating Shampoo, Cherry Blossom Ginseng, 13 oz.(smells amazing).In sum, my hair is longer, stronger, and smells nice every day.

Marilyn Hopkinton, IA

Not such a great thing for me

My hair dosent get any soft with this not even if a leave it up to 10 minutes and even masage it… what is true is that when i blow dry my hair after using it my hair looks stronger but llack of shine…

Katina Arjay, KY

Not good

I’m not sure where all these glowing reviews are coming from, but I am not at all impressed with this reconstructor. I’ve used it several times and each time it leaves my hair feeling limp and tangled afterwards. I much prefer the reconstructor that comes in the Optimum Care relaxer boxes which leaves my hair feeling thicker and smooth. This stuff is going in the garbage.

Beverly Whitefield, ME

Hair saver

So I got this on recommendations and I’m SO glad I did.My hair is dyed, chemically straightened, and I’ve been swimming in a chlorinated pool.I’d all but killed it, it was breaking and dry and I was thinking that short hair cut was in the future.This is a lovely conditioning treatment that you feel working and after? Holy Moly! My hair is silky and soft, manageable and so much better feeling! Worth every penny!!

Casandra Burchard, NE

Noticeable Difference – Great Product

There is definitely a noticeable difference as hair feels like silk from this in 2 minutes. It’s pleasant smelling, and my hair has gotten a lot stronger since I first used it. There are not any sulfates in this line. I recommend this and the shampoo, as well as the leave in conditioner. I’ve been using all 3 and am here re-ordering. Excellent product line at excellent price – well worth it!

Susan Butler, IL

Excellent if you use it right, no miracle but a very good treatment.

I bought this product to use as a part of a monthly (or less) deep cleanse and condition routine. My hair was being ambiguous and was in desperate need of treatment. I’d seen this recommended online, when used properly that is.Bear in mind my aim here was to completely strip my hair of all product and excess protein and THEN treat it. Here is how I used the product:After clarifying the hair with a harsh, clarifying shampoo (I washed twice and left it on a few mins the first time to make sure it really did remove everything, then rinsed thoroughly and I mean super thoroughly because you don’t want that stuff in your hair for long, lol), I gently towel dried my hair and applied this reconstructor generously. I popped a shower cap over it and actually left it on for about 5-10 mins, then thoroughly rinsed. My hair had felt awful before applying this from a) lacking care for so long and b) the clarifying shampoo, but this product made my hair feel really nice already afterwards which I wasn’t expecting so soon. After I rinsed, I towel dried again and applied a MOISTURIZING (absolutely no protein content) deep conditioner for about 40 mins under a cap. Once I sealed my hair with oil and left it to dry naturally, it felt much much better.This product was a large part of my hair’s rescue, it smells fairly pleasant and does its job well. BUT I would heed people’s warning about this; it is not for regular use unless your hair is particularly starved of protein and even then please be careful. Excess protein in your hair causes a brittle, dry texture and I expect this is why some people didn’t get on with this treatment. Do not use this more than you feel you need to and if your hair has been acting up, I can recommend a thorough deep cleanse/condition with this as a step before another conditioner.If it helps to know, I am Caucasian with very long and thick wavy hair that just does not like to behave. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and as a result my hair was in pretty bad shape thanks to a lack of nutrients and neglect. It was very dry and impossible to de-tangle or run my fingers through. This product definitely helped alleviate my problems and I will be using it as a sporadic part of my routine, like I said only once a month or two months even.

Effie Mc Sherrystown, PA

Miracle,this stuff is wonnnnnderful!!!!!wow

im very ashamed to say but ,i went a few days maybe more like weeks without doing my hair and it started matting almost dred lIke i thought i would have to cut it but i went to the beauty supply brought a bottle of creme of nature detangling shampoo ,conditioned with herbal essence smoothing shampoo to help comb it out (alot came out)but i have very long full hair it was left very brittle n stiff with the herb. conditioner being in for hours but i was able to dematt it ,anyhow i applied two handfuls of this n a heating cap OMG THIS STUFF IS WONDERRRRFUL I TELL U IF I DIDNT TRY N SEE I WOULDNOT BELIVE THE SILKY,SHINY NO HAIR IN COMB HAIR I WAS LEFT WITH AFTER THIS STUFF CAME OUT .I DID USE IT IN HAIR FOR MORE LIKE AN HOUR BUT SHOOT THIS STUFF WORKS WELLLLL!!!!WILL BE ORDERING THIS MONTHLY OR BI-MONTHLY

Kris Stout, IA

Cost and Time Effective Product

Prior to becoming a mom 3 yrs ago, I took excellent care of my relaxed hair. Once I had my child, personal time and supplemental cash were practically nonexistent so going to the salon often or taking the extra time to deep condition, sit under a personal home dryer and/or roller set my hair wasn’t doable or financially feasible. TheAphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor 16ozhas made the difference between having no hair (lol) to at least having reasonably healthy looking hair and less breakage.If you don’t have a lot of time, use time saving tools (flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc.) and have a lot of breakage as a result, this reconstructor will help in halting *some* of that breakage (though you will definitely have to supplement it with other hair care products like serums and other heat styling protectants). It doesn’t work miracles, but it does pretty darn close when you need it to.

Cara Schell City, MO

Love it

This stuff worked great. After the very first use I noticed the strength and moisture it added to my hair.

Aimee Liberty, NE

Looooove it!

I bought this at Sally’s because I just happened to be there one day and saw the Aphogee line. I think out of all the Aphogee products I have, this one takes first place! It does a good job of freezing my breakage than the two step protein treatment does, and it smells really awesome. I like to use this as a protein deep conditioner. I just shampoo/wet my hair, towel dry it, and apply a fair amount of the conditioner to my hair. Then I put on my conditioning cap and sit under the dryer for about 10-15 minutes. The bottle says to apply it for 2-5 minutes, but I’d like to do it my own way. After I rinse the conditioner out my hair feels nice and soft!**DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS WITH A MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER…YOU CAN USE THE APHOGEE BALANCING MOISTURIZER OR YOUR OWN CONDITIONER**I highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing moderate breakage. Ive been using the Aphogee line (Shampoo for damaged hair, protein two-step, this conditioner, green tea/keratin reconstructor, balancing moisturizer, and leave-in spray) for about 4 months now and I’ve noticed little breakage than ever before! I will probably be stocking up on this after I finish this bottle (which I’ve had since January ’11 now and i’m only halfway through it).

Traci Luttrell, TN


I really like this product as it does what says. It helps repair my damaged dry hair amazingly and also helps detangle my hair easily. I would recommend it to any one, any type of hair.

Diann Turner, ME

Great for Transitioning Hair

This is a great product if you are transitioning from being permed to natural and your hair needs protein and replenishment. Use it once a weak on weak, broken, stripped, and damaged hair and you will notice a difference right away. The proteins really stick, but don’t leave it on too long or it will cause stiffness.

Abbie Chatham, MS

Ok but not the wonder product I was hoping for

This product was ok, but I have gone back to my Dermo Organic masque. The smell on this was a little off as well, not a nice clean fresh smell at all, and it stuck after rinsing it out too!!

Alisha Mount Joy, PA

Didnt work

Very sad that i didnt get amazing results. I would actually leave this in my hair for longer than two minutes and it still did not help any. My hair is so rough and horrible split ends i dont know what to do. I will def not repurchase this!

Malinda Hampton, IA


great for my relaxed hair, I use it every few washes not just when I relax my hair. leaves my hair softer and feeling healthier.

Alexis Drewryville, VA

Hairs shiny and smooth today!

I used this for the first time last night. I have to say I’m delighted after blow drying and straightening my hair its really soft and smooth. I also purchased the leave in conditioner from aphogee so not sure if that also helped it as well. I’m pleased so far and will give more of a review after a few weeks of trying this.***Update: This is amazing stuff! I usually have pretty coarse hair after wearing it up in a bun so brushing it is really bad and it causes alot of breakage so I jump in the shower and use this on my hair and tada! back to being smooth and easy to manage. I wear my hair up alot with my workouts so this has really helped with the taming my curls and frizz. I love it! and I also just bought another bottle with the great price I couldn’t pass it up. They got me as a customer for life!

Tabatha Evarts, KY

Improves hair instantly

I wanted to use this twice before reviewing so here it is….this stuff works. My hair (long straight and fine) has been bleached and dyed and has been recovering for several months add on dry broken hair from damage and medication = complete mess.My first impression was in the shower when I went to rise the product out and my knots fell out of my hair! Literally May hair fell down on my back, usually it just knots up. I blow dried my hair afterwards and it was really shiny but seemed a little dry. After shampooing the next day for a week after my initial use, my hair has been shiny and silky. It’s so beautiful.I used this again today, a week later, hoping I wasn’t overdoing it. Same results as last time but this time my hair didn’t feel as dry afterwards. I’m going to shelf it and use it once twice a month. This stuff works magic! And the results last. I love it! For the price it’s worth a try its a huge huge win! IMO

Tammy Proctor, VT

Found the one!!

Im mixed and I treat my hair with chemicals, and since I found this product my hair has stopped breakage for good.It is thick and strong even with all the heat that ai put into it.I use it weekly after shampooing I only leave it for 5 minutes then I use a moisturizer for dry hair, my hair has never been so healthy :)It worth to try!!

Karin Pipestem, WV

Like this very much

I use this after every shampoo to rub into my scalp and let set while I’m answering my email. Then I condition with my usual and rinse. My scalp and hair look and feel 100 time better, I’ve stopped losing so much hair and see new hair growth.

Christy Berwyn, IL


I’d really love this product because after I’d washed my hair and applied the 2-minute conditioner and rinsed my hair. My hair softened instantly and my nappy hair had ULTRA manageability and I’d was able to style it with great EASE!!!

Dayna Swainsboro, GA

It okay.

It is reasonably priced, but I did not noticed any significant difference. I preferred the Paul Mitchell system much better.

Erna Kenyon, MN

I Like Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor! Four Stars

I have been a big fan of Aphogee conditioning products for some time, and although I have always preferred the 2 Step Protein Treatment (that hardens on the hair when you sit under the dryer), I was pleasantly surprised at the idea of deep conditioning in under 5 minutes, so I decided to try it.And honestly, it is a little hard to get used to the idea of any real conditioning being done in under 20-30 minutes…So, I still prefer the (egg-like) Reconstructor for treating damaged hair, shedding, or bleached or chemically styled hair issues- – as a fave in general, but I think the Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor is a nice product and great for general deep conditioning needs (especially if you are in a hurry or have time constraints, or are looking for a shorter summer regimen).But, overall a solid conditioning product.Grade: B- or Four Stars

Anne Taylor, LA

Convenient and Effective, Love It

I have 3c/4a hair, been using this product for a couple years now. I’ve been natural for about 7 years but never did protein treatments, and then wondered why I kept getting so many split ends and breakage -___-. I used conditioning products all the time, but my hair wasn’t retaining any type of moisturizer – even water took a few minutes to really get through my hair shafts! It was so bad. Once I figured out the importance of protein treatments, I knew I would need something quick that I can incorporate easily into my weekly washing routine, because I have neither the patience or the time to regularly do a whole separate protein treatment routine in addition to washing. I browsed all the protein treatment products at my local Sally’s and decided to give this a shot first because it was the quickest to use lol.Well this product most certainly fit the bill! Not only do I have less problems with split ends, my hair retains moisture so much better and my corkscrew coils are so well defined after ^_^! I end up using less product for conditioning/moisturizing and my hair is overall more manageable. The moisture retention benefit sticks for two weeks without another treatment, but I do it weekly to keep up definition and reduce frizz.I noticed a couple reviews saying that this stuff made their hair stiff or break off, which was a little bothersome. This is a PROTEIN treatment product, not a conditioner, not a shampoo. It is not designed to take the place of either of these, and it will make your hair stiff – that’s what protein does. If you don’t moisturize/condition your hair after using this, your hair will be dry and more prone to breakage than usual. So use the product as instructed and hydrate and condition your hair immediately after! I love this stuff, it’s done wonders for the manageability and texture of my hair. I It’s affordable, easy to use, and I recommend it to anyone with African American or highly texturized hair.

Sylvia Bridgewater, MA

miracle worker!!!

i moved to PA from GA last june and i thought i would have to get my hair cut back off because my hair became dry and fragile. after a month or 2, i had finally got my dry and thirsty hair under control. well i thought i did at first. but after a couple months went by, the winter came and my hair became…. idk how to describe the condition of my hair!!!! i thought i was using too much protein because just about every product i used had protein in it so i stopped using protein products. (my hair wasn’t use to the harsh winter, that is why it became so dry, not because of the proteins but at the time i didn’t know that was the reason). once i stopped using protein, my hair became worse. it was SO DRY, the LOC method stopped working, then i started using shea butter, which helped a little. so i started spraying it with water almost everyday to keep it from drying out, which also helped a little bit but made it worse at the same time. it helped because the water added moisture to my hair and it made it worse because i was over moisturizing my hair and not adding any proteins. so my hair became mushy and felt wet even when it was dry. i started using biotin supplements, which only helped with hair growth. my hair went from a healthy 3c/4a/4b to a heat damaged (well in this case, a winter damaged) 2b( my hair didn’t curl up at all anymore, it went from tight curls to big waves). my hair didn’t look like healthy 2b hair, it looked like stringy and damaged 2b hair. my hair was mushy and felt wet but it also felt and sounded like dead leaves in the winter time. the best way i can describe how my hair felt like… wet dead leaves. my hair felt wet and mushy but the water was just sitting on the top of my hair strands but then i found the ApHogee 2 minute reconstructor and seen that it was for damaged hair and bought it. the 1 st time i used it i instantly noticed most curls came back (i lost all my lovely curls thanks to the wintery season). my hair isnt dull anymore, its back to it pre-winter state. i recommend this to people who hair was damaged by the wintery season. it says that its for heat damaged, hard water damaged, or permed hair but i had winter damaged hair and it worked so well. just make sure you deep condition, for moisture, after you use the reconstructor to balance your hair, because this is a protein treatment and you need to add moisture so your hair wont become dry and brittle.

Leann Verbank, NY

Great product

I use this in addition to my regular conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy. The product smells really good too.

Alyson Bowdle, SD

Reconstructs your hair strands

It was a good midprice product to help stop damage. If your hair needs protein then this is a product u might wanna buy

Henrietta Maria Stein, OH