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Anti Aging Active Botanical Eye Cream with Hydrolysed Collagen to Help Fight the Signs of Aging. Featuring a Superior Blend of Penetrable Lipids, This Collagen-based Anti Aging Eye Cream Gently Plumps Surface Dehydration

Your search for the best anti-aging eye cream is over! One of the first places where visible signs of aging begin to emerge is around your eyes. The delicate skin in this area is extremely thin-becoming even thinner as you age-and is especially vulnerable to unsightly age-related changes in appearance, including dark circles, “crow’s feet,” and bags or swelling under or around the eyes. While not necessarily an indication of extreme exhaustion or serious illness, dark circles and bags certainly make you look and feel a lot older than you really are You Have No Risk When You Purchase Today We understand that every person is unique, and that no supplement, however good, can guarantee the same results for every single individual. That’s why every Gina de Rossi product comes backed with ‘Gina’s Promise’ – a 100% rock-solid LIFETIME ‘customer happiness’ guarantee!

Key features

  • Results may come quickly. Reduces Dark Circles and Puffiness on those Nasty Under The Eye Bags, helps Restore Your Skins Collagen, Increasing Its Suppleness
  • Helps Reverse Skin Aging Around Your Eyes. Diminishes Wrinkles and Fine Lines and is Soothing to the Skin, You Will Notice How Your Skin Begins To Feel Softer, Silky Smooth And Firmer. Some Women Have Called It Amazing!
  • Get ready to SAVE money as you throw away all those costly yet ineffective ‘heavy’ face moisturizers
  • Produces Brighter and Smoother Skin while Hydrating and Moisturizing You’ll Look Younger, Healthier And More Radiant. Your Friends Will Ask You What Is Different About You, What Has Changed. They Will Want To Know Your Anti Aging Secret
  • When You Order NOW You Are Protected By Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked – Very High Quality yet Affordably Priced Every Day and Made in The USA!

Honest reviews


Nice feeling skin

I haven’t been using this for too long but I all ready like it then only bad thing I found with it was the smell. I didn’t care for the smell in any way.

Mandy Gardendale, TX


I really wanted a natural cream for my eye area that would help me to keep a youthful appearance as long as possible. I really like this because it is non-greasy, has barely any scent, and comes in a great pump dispenser. I use one pump for each eye area, and there is still a little left to continue it up around my forehead. It really is a nice treat at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day. The only way it would be better is if it had a natural spf…but since I put it on before makeup in the morning, and before bed (after cleansing of course) then it doesn’t matter that much.Happy with the seller as well! Shipping was awesome, got it in TWO DAYS with Prime!! Thank you! 🙂

Kerry Newport, PA

Really love this cream! Helps with lines and crows feet.

Makes me feel like my eyes look younger! They certainly feel younger! Less fine lines and crows feet. Love that my skin feels amazing and no overbearing smell. Great eye cream. Doesn’t burn or sting either.

Toni Mount Jackson, VA

Great product

Has been helping with dryness around my eyes and fine lines. Good quality product. Would buy again

Tonia Melrose, NY

Reduced Fine Lines

I received a bottle of this product for review purposes. So far it is great, I can already see the fine lines on my face starting to fade.

Corinne Concord, NC

I have been using this product for only a week …

I have been using this product for only a week and already the area around my eyes feel nourished and looks less dry. I am loving it!!

Karin Sprott, AL

Five Stars

My sister can’t believe how well this works. She won’t stop talking about it.

Elisabeth Lake Park, GA


I really think that this anti aging eye cream has dramatically improved the area around my eyes, this is such amazing product, I feel and look younger every time I use it.

Jesse Chewalla, TN

Fights Aging

A quality product that helps to fight and reduce the visible signs of aging. I spent a lot of time in the sun so having this product on hand makes me feel a lot better. Repairing the damage and looking great, happy with this purchase!!

Nelly Orange, CA

I am really happy with this eye cream – I’ve tried all different …

I am really happy with this eye cream – I’ve tried all different kinds and this is defintiely one of the best – the little lines around my eyes seem to have diminished and overall look more youthful – looking forward to more results with continued use!

Marianne Temple Hills, MD

smooth experience ………..

I have been searching for an eye cream that is not greasy or irritating… it sounds simple but it’s not ….and I chose active botanical eye Cream – and it is way better!It goes on and moisturizes my eye area so well.I have noticed a reduction in the lines and wrinkles around my eyesas well as a decrease in the puffiness in my under eye area no allergic reaction,no greasy film residue, no harsh chemicals …I’m very satisfied

Vanessa Semmes, AL

Great Eye Cream

I’ve been trying to find a good eye cream for years with very mixed results. This is a fantastic product and I’m really happy with it so far.

Monica Zion, IL

Did the trick!

Did the trick! – I can really notice the difference – the dark bags under my eyes have definitely have diminished – I rarely get enough sleep and this has been a constant problem for me –

Emma Port Costa, CA

nice anti aging cream

its a nice anti aging cream. Helps in reducing fine lines & wrinkles. I had no side effect on my skin while using it. No break outs or pimples. The packaging looks very high end & classy. The pump bottle makes it very convenient to use, user friendly packaging. It arrived in no time.I’m also a beauty & fashion blogger at

Clarice Newman, IL

Nice Eye Cream

Hard to find an eye cream with hydrolyzed collagen (that’s the broken down form). This is made in the USA (no fears of what’s actually in the cream). Goes on smooth & completely absorbs.

Muriel Amherst, CO

Bye bye dark circles.

Bye bye dark circles. They are fading and I’m so happy. Have had them for years.

Brandy Springfield, KY

I really like the Eye Cream.

I really like this eye cream. I have used several different brands, but this one really seems to help my under eye bags. I put it on in the morning and it seems to plump up my skin under my eye. The serum has collagen in it the is good for my skin to help with the problem of under eye bags and it really does work. It has a nice smell and is easy to apply. I am really happy with this cream and highly recommend it.

Hester Hayneville, AL

Noticing results

This is hands down the best eye cream on the market. I’ve tried Clarins, Clinique, Bliss, Iope, Lancome and other brands and I like this one the best. It is super rich and moisturizing and really helps to keep away the fine lines and wrinkles. You only need a little bit of the product and it lasts a long time.

Colleen Cayuga, ND