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ANSR Beam and Charger, .5-Ounce Box

ANSR: BEAM fights wrinkles and blemishes in one beauty regimen. BEAM’s blue light helps treat blemishes, BEAM’s red light helps reduce redness, pore size appearance, smooth skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In just two 10-minute treatments a day, you’ll experience clearer, more youthful looking skin. ANSR: BEAM is proudly Made in the USA.

Key features

  • 2 Lights (red & blue) in 1 Device
  • Portably compact and rechargeable
  • Charges like a cellphone
  • Features soothing vibration
  • Features 5-minute automatic treatment timer
  • Compact; Cordless; Auto-timed sessions
  • Rechargeable

Honest reviews


Flawless Skin! Worked on me the first day, I cleared up all confusion on HOW and why to use it with lots of reading

2nd Update:As you can see from my review, below, I love this little gadget and it worked great. It’s been several months now and I still believe blue light therapy is the only thing that works for me…but I had to update this review as I just got the Verilux Clearwave Phototherapy System for Acne which is a new blue light wand. It, quite frankly, is even better. I have no ties to Verilux in any way but this new one is actually 50 times stronger than the ANSR. ANSR has 2 tiny blue bulbs in the head and the Verilux has around 50. You have to move the ANSR all over your face to make it work and with that tiny head it takes a half hour. Twice a day. With the strength and size of my new one, you just put it on one area of your face for three minutes and it’s done. The Verilux also has disposable light heads so that when they begin to lose strength or die out (like the bulbs in a tanning bed) you just plop on a new one. This one does not so as these two bulbs get weaker or die you have to buy a WHOLE NEW ANSR beam. I was fine with all that until I got my new one. The bulbs are even bigger. My face just responds immediately to Verilux and I don’t have to spend all day waving the wand over my face like I had to with ANSR,Don’t get me wrong…either one will work and this is the best treatment ever for acne, but the Verilux is way closer to what is used by my dermatologist and the results are equal to that as well. I had to give away my ANSR to a friend who has been wanting one….Original review:1st Update:After using this for several weeks I wanted to give the whole breakdown on the process. The first week I noticed blemishes on the skin surface were small, or went away as well as tiny bumps under the surface of the skin. Towards the second week, things were brought to the surface so while I saw more breakouts surface and began to wonder if this was supposed to be happening, they were kept small with using the Answr and could be covered by good foundation. By the end of that week I noticed my pores were smaller because they were obviously totally cleared of excess oils or bacteria. By the third week for the first time ever I was able to stop using foundation entirely with crystal smooth skin, small pores, a flawless complexion. That said, the instructions say it could be 4 weeks. I did notice that when I used the red light as well more, that I did indeed have cellular regeneration meaning that my skin began creating a fresh later and the top layer sloughed off. Like a dermabrasion. This also helps minimize fine lines. I took the time the first three weeks to use as directed…twice a day. It was time consuming but this amount of treatment was temporary. I didn’t always use the red light for the full amount of time but I always used the blue light (for bacteria removal). Now I simply spot treat as needed taking far less time and then do my full face maybe just once or twice a week.IT IS A MIRACLE WORKER!! I was using prescription Retin-A prior with little result. This is the ONLY thing that worked and quite frankly blew my mind…I’ve never had flawless perfect glowing skin before and at may age it’s a bizarre thing to start now!Now back to the original review: First, as someone who once worked in cosmetic sales (selling the ingredients to the cosmetic scientists at the large cosmetic companies) I learned a lot. People who say they’ve tried every acne product on the market really only tried 2 if they are over the counter. There are only 2. If you turn the box over on any product you will always see “Active Ingredient: 10% Benzoyl Peroxide” or “Active Ingredient: 2% Salicylic Acid” By law, thats the top amount you can put in them and those are the two acne treatments. Some of the most expensive and most highly advertised products actually contain LESS…like Proactive. They apparently spent the money on ads and had a LOWER percent of the active ingredient. While there may be some all natural over the counter items that vary, basically your entire aisle of acne treatments is made up of only 2 products….and lots of marketing dollars to make you think they are different.For recent hormonal breakouts, neither of these worked for me. Tanning did and I don’t want to tan. Then I began reading about the blue light therapy and wondered if this is why tanning worked because even if I just did it for a few minutes without drying my skin out, it worked. But it ages you horribly and I certainly don’t need that and it’s expensive long term in lots of ways including the time to tan, the monthly fee, driving there, potential skin cancer risks, and probably needing botox later because of it!. Dermatologists are now using 15 minutes of solid blue light therapy applied over a solid area It seems crazy, but this goes down deep into the skin to kill bacteria and also remove excess oil in the glands which is why this works differently than other acne products like those that put heat on a pimple. Those are all topical, while this kills pimples you can’t even see yet by killing the bacteria and clogged pours below the skin surface.In testing, the blue and red light combo worked better than simply blue light therapy. So even if you don’t feel like you need the red light for cell turnover, remember those test results for acne.Why do you need cell turnover? That is actually what keeps us young. The reason we age is that as we get older our body stops the cell turnover process that it had in our youth, always removing the top layer of skin and generating new layers. Cell turnover is what retin-a and dermaplaning does…manually turning over your dead skin and generating new. This may seem like it’s drying out your skin, when it’s actually getting rid of old skin on the surface via cell turnover. (not like Retin-a which actually causes peeling) My skin actually didn’t look dry at all.Okay so the directions…I couldn’t figure out how this thing worked by reading reviews here, on the Costco site (it’s cheaper on Amazon than at Costco incidentally), on the beauty sites etc prior to buying (I research loads before I buy any product over $100 which is why I learned about blue and red therapy when I was considering just buying the blue light.)(Also, I liked that most of the reviews on Amazon had the verified purchase stamp at the top of the review…I knew they’d bought the product rather than it being given to them to review, or having a connection to the company. I know even if you don’t have the stamp you could have just bought it elsewhere but this is something new and I wanted to see what people who bought it on Amazon found just to be sure and it showed great results. This is a weird product so I wanted to know real everyday person results. But people talked about how they used it differently so I read the book that came with it.)There is a small booklet that came with it that doesn’t give you much info. Trash it. Read the more detailed one. Only then do you get the full scoop. So here is what you do, according to the booklet in my hand:Wash and dry your face prior. Use it on a clean face.Choose a 4×4 area of your face and begin moving the blue light back and forth slowly over it. It will then pulse and turn to a red light. Continue moving it on the same area to complete the process on this section. Push the button again and move on to the next 4×4 area. You do NOT go over your whole face the first 5 min of blue light. You are to concentrate on back and forth over small areas. For me I often did a bit more than 4×4. I did my chin area first, my right cheek, left cheek, then my forehead. So I divided it into 4 areas except for the 2nd week when more breakouts surfaced that were formerly hidden below the surface at which time I broke it up into 6 areas. THIS WORKED!!You do not hold this above your skin, you touch your skin with the element as though you are shaving back and forth.Although it says it can take several weeks to clear out all acne at the first use, I woke up the next morning with totally different skin after ONE use. I had just started breakouts in a few areas and, whereas they typically get worse the next day, these all had come to the surface or had gone away completely. By the end of the FIRST week I had totally clear skin which I typically don’t have because I also workout heavily and the sweat winds up clogging my pores fairly often as well.This was a miracle worker for me!One tube of retin-A costs more than this for me and that takes about a month to complete cell turnover and it just never cleared things up for me. I actually felt a funny faint tingling under my skin after the first use of this…it felt like I had just tanned my face which is, I’m sure, just the bacteria dying and the cell regeneration perhaps as well.I use it in the evening while I watch TV and in the morning while I drink my coffee. Nothing else works for me, truly, so I’d rather wake up 15 min earlier or drink my coffee more slowly then to go without doing this. There is always a cost to beauty and this is actually the cheapest dermatology appointment and treatment I’ve ever found…it does take time though.You could use it without the red light and just do the blue light, as that has been shown to cure about 80% of acne but everything I read said the blue/red combo works better in studies. If I am rushed I do the blue then just a little red but not all of it.Negatives: I didn’t read this in the instructions but some reading I did on the results of blue light therapy said you should wear tanning goggles when using it because blue light is not good for the retinas and this will prevent any issues. I close my eyes whenever I use it around the eye area (otherwise it’s on your skin and you see no light, unlike most blue light therapy) but I am going to buy some tanning goggles as I genetically may have retina issues and I already have had corneal issues due to bad lasik. So it doesn’t hurt to be safe. I expect because this is not held away from the face, it doesn’t have this warning but people might use it around the eye area so for that it almost seems like it should come with the tanning goggles just to be safe. Also I think the small instruction booklet should be more clear on how to use it because just reading the reviews on various sites I could tell some aren’t doing it the way it works best so of course there is varied results. And it says nothing about the blue and red light combo working best on acne, just the benefit of the red light for reducing fine lines etc (due to the cell turnover) so I would be willing to bet some concentrating on acne don’t realize the benefit of both together for ACNE as well. Better product info to prevent user error would seem beneficial to me.Conclusion: Clear out the medicine cabinet. This is amazing for me.2nd update: I have found that combining this with 40% glycolic acid peel sold on Amazon has amazing results. I don’t use it as a peel, I just dab it on to empty out all bacteria instantly from any blemish or any part of my skin that has blemishes. It just takes a minute. Then you neutralize the skin per sinstructions with baking soda and water which stops the acid from working. The acid goes DEEP into your pores to empty out any contents instantly and kill all bacteria. you’ll see it happen. Then this kills any further bacteria and stops the future blemishes.With these two tools you should never have anything but perfect skin again.

Allyson Manchester Township, NJ

Didn’t do anything

I used this twice a day, red and blue light, for 4 months. I didn’t see any change in redness, acne, or fine lines.

Ada Lutherville Timonium, MD

Very Pleasant

First impression:This is a very pleasant acne treatment. Unlike all the creams and washes I have tried before, there is no smell, no mess, no difficulty. I can not speak for its efficacy, as I have only had it for one day.Use:So far it is almost fun to use. One button operation is simple and easy. Directions are quick, simple’ and clear. It quietly vibrates and becomes pleasantly warm as it works.My treatment:It does take a long time to use. Although the directions do not say to do so, I split my face into three segments for use. The forehead and each cheek gets its own ten minute treatment (Five minutes blue light, five minutes red.) This makes for thirty minutes per full face treatment. However, a quicker treatment would be to follow the directions and spend five minutes blue, five minutes red for the entire face. Ten minutes twice a day is manageable for anyone.Efficacy:I have had it for one day. I will update my review with how well it works in a month when it has had time to become effective.

Carol Cross River, NY

Nothing Happened

Well I’m of “an age” where I thought I needed to consider lessening some wrinkles. I was so hoping that this would work because I’ve never had any other treatments before. Unfortunately after more than a month I can’t see any difference whatsoever. I can see that it might work for acne but if you’re wanting to use this for anti-aging save your money and try something else!

Leonor Bardstown, KY


I heard about this product when I got a facial at Gene Juarez in Tacoma, WA. I bought it and although it was sort of fun to use, I think it had more of the placebo effect. Months after my purchase, I ended up going back to my Doctor and getting a prescription acne medication (Duac gel) that is far more of a "miracle" than this little device. Try the Duac gel if you haven’t already, it seriously changed my life!!

Tabatha Accomac, VA

Probably OK

I was looking forward to this item to arrive because I was looking for a light therapy for skin care that combined the red and blue lights, so I can save time. First, I received it unsealed, and the ANSR had a tiny scratch on the rubber disk, some black dirt on it. I also didn’t like that there were 2 labels to cover up the description of product. Also, there was a sticker on the box that said it was not FDA cleared.It said that the first time you charge this, it will take 2 hours. It only worked for 20 minutes for the full charge because there are 3 tiny white lights that comes on when it is done charging. What I did not see in the description before purchasing it, was the unit vibrates or buzzes when in use. I didn’t care for the massage, as I am looking for a light therapy for skincare. Furthermore, the unit has a total of 4 bulbs. 2 red and 2 blue lights.The blue light comes on, along with that vibration;then after 5 minutes,the vibrations kinda skips then the red light comes on. It shuts off after 5 minutes of the red light. To me, this product seems weak compared to other items similar to this that has many more LEDs in it. Perhaps for someone who has very mild acne, normal skin. I happen to have super oily skin and need something stronger.

Angel Bradford, IN

This little thing WORKS!!!

This thing is worth every penny, the best thing I have ever used on my face including peels and creams. You have to do it on a regular basis though but it WORKS! I will continue to use for as long as I live!! It evens out my skin and I break out much much less now, I am 39 and have fair sensitive skin with sun damage and even friends have commented on how even and clear my face is.. Get it, you will be amazed!

Maxine Rio Vista, TX

so far so good

so far so goodmight be working.. but not sureI use only red lightblue no need as i feel my face wash kills bacterial and i dont want to over do the ‘kill bacteria’ part

Linda Touchet, WA

Magic for my zitty face

OK, so I’m 57 years old and lately I am going through some hormonal changes. One of the unfortunate things that goes along with this is the cystic acne on my face that has haunted me at various times in my life. Trust me when I tell you, I’m sick of it. Oh yes. Nasty bumps that never seem to go away. I went for years having clear, beautiful skin, but now nasty acne has returned to haunt me. So after a couple months of this crap, I decided I needed to take drastic action.This is the absolute truth. I bought the Ansr beam yesterday afternoon, and I used it last night, this morning, and again tonight. Ten minutes each session…five minutes of blue light that kills the bacteria causing my acne, five minutes of red light that tightens and eliminates creases and wrinkles. I swear to you, not only are the bumps under my skin almost completely gone,and my skin is definitely smoother all over. I am completely blown away. My husband couldn’t believe it, either, as he commented on my smooth, glowing skin. I am ecstatic. This thing is worth its weight in gold. If you suffer from cystic acne, run, don’t walk, and get one of these things. The skin toning and tightening is just a bonus, but I’m so thrilled I would have been happy with just the acne solution alone. I can’t say it will work for everyone as fast as it did for me, but I can tell you, this device definitely works.

Lupe Coventry, VT

Works, but you have to be committed.

When I first got this, I was so excited that I used it about twice a day. As other people have mentioned, it can cause breakouts before helping. That’s exactly what happened to me. I pushed through it and used it consistently for about a month or two. It wasn’t a miracle worker, but it slowly started to clear up my acne. Though my acne has gotten a lot better, there are still some pimples even this can’t stop.

Carmella Kenton, TN

Noticeable difference

I did a LOT of research on red and blue light therapy before finally choosing on a product to try. This was the best rated yet most affordable product that I could find. I love it. When I use it nightly (both the red and the blue) I started to see a noticeable difference after about a week of using it. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to spend any money on replacing batteries and it’s very compact which makes it easy to travel with.

Earnestine Columbus, KS

Takes persistence, but it works.

I’ve had the ANSR for about a year now, and I do feel it is a good investment.I wanted to give it some time before I wrote a review. I have a lot of acne, and have been going to a dermatologist for about 2 years trying different methods. I know someone with an occasional pimple will have good results with this device. The ANSR hasn’t solved all my acne problems, but it does work.Pros:1- rechargeable2- 1 charge lasts about 2 weeks with freq usage.3- Small, easy to travel with.Around Dec/Jan, I had trouble spot on my chin that would breakout with pimples one on top of the other, repeatedly. (holiday stress).All my prescription creams and treatments wouldn’t work to reduce the flare ups. When 1 pimple would start to die down, 2-3 would replaced it with a vengeance.So I used the Ansr on my chin.**This is the method that worked for me:I pressed Ansr, the Blue light, on the area for 10 mins (2 rounds of the blue light) 2-3 times a day. (I would just skip the red light part)After the 2nd day, new pimples stopped coming. I continued for a week, and the existing pimples were fading away quickly.This is the BEST part!Its been over 3 months and that area has NO new pimples at all! I believe the blue light really diminished the amount of oil and sebaceous glands in that area, and “killed” all the bacteria.Now I just run the blue light over my chin area once every 2 weeks as maintenance, but I don’t need to do the 10 min cycles on it anymore. I think that was just for the beginning.I haven’t used the 10 min cycle on the rest of my face yet, because I haven’t had the time, as you can see, it takes a while to do that, and the light doesn’t cover much area at 1 time.Eventually, I want to do the blue light laser treatment on my whole face at my dermatologist office.

Belinda Peak, SC

hormonal acne

I only have hormonal acne and this doesnt really do much to get rid of the pimples or make your skin better. I no longer use the product. After 4 months I didn’t see much of a difference. Its hard to commit to using this thing anyway. After using this I began to break out under the chin which never happened before so I’m thinking that it doesnt really kill bacteria but maybe the light surpresses it in the area you use it on (face).

Donna Oakhurst, OK

Sounds Crazy but it works–However it’s time consuming

The instructions say use for 5 minutes per light (there’s an option that it will change on its own which is kinda fun.) I did it for 5 minutes and saw very little improvement. When I increased the time, I started to notice the difference. I think maybe if you have light acne 5 min may be enough. I’ve had severe acne regular and cystic since I was 9.MY Instructions to get the best out of this product:1. Wash your face or clean the area you wish to light.2. Exfoliate the skin the best you can (you can take a bit of sugar or baking soda and rub it in where you want to be treated. Don’t scrub hard! Just gently rub your fingers on the area in circular motions until you cover the area and rinse well.) This will help you remove lots of excess dead skin so the light can penetrate better.3. Dry the skin.4. You’ll see the light instructions. Use the blue light just hover above your skin and stay there 15-20 or so minutes NOT 5.5. Change to the red light if you wish and hang out for 10-20 minutes.This product seemed to really keep the flaring up under control. No it didn’t cure me, but neither did Accutane which is one of the strongest acne medications out there… I don’t have a ton of hope when I try new products but I don’t doubt that this works.Easy to use, simple instruction (which I say change if you wish), portable, effective, grips in your hand well, cost efficient considering the price of other products like this easily bump up to 3-400 dollars (the professional ones run 1200-2500 or so.)About 3 inches wide, an inch tall or so. Basically close to the size of your palm. Comes with a charger. Holds charge well.The time it takes isn’t too time consuming when you consider doing it while watching tv or whatever. You can prop it on something if your arm gets tired.

Gabrielle Parsons, WV

Did absolutely nothing for me

I ordered this product in 2011 out of desperation(I developed acne after being on several rounds of antibiotics and nothing was helping). I used it for about 4 months and saw zero difference, so I just put it away. Last week I found it and decided to see if using the red light would help reduce facial redness. Well, when I plugged that thing in it to charge the red light automatically came on and wouldn’t go away. It did not hold charge and wouldn’t work at all. I took it apart and couldn’t believe how cheaply it was made. What was I thinking paying over a $100 for this garbage? -_-For those who actually want something that works… go with 0.01% retinol gel. I can guarantee you, it will get rid of your break outs no matter how bad they are (it actually re-surfaces your skin, reduces acne scars and prevents future break outs). Retinol is also the only thing that was clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and help build collagen. You can either get a prescription for it or look for it online.

Leanna Zuni, VA