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Ange Ou Demon Le Secret By Givenchy For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz

ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET by Givenchy for Women EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.3 OZ patchouli, citrus, water lily, green tea, white peony, white musk, blond woods, cranberry, sambac jasmine

Key features

  • Angel ou demon le secret
  • Givenchy
  • Eau de parfum spray 3.4 oz/100 ml

Honest reviews


Sexy Daytime Scent

I’m prone to being a Givenchy fangirl, so I’ll keep it short. This scent is great, very woody – the times I can smell what seems to be cedar are divine – and it’s a perfect daytime scent. Very sexy without being too heavy or too strong.

Chelsea Potomac, IL

Sooo Pleased~

This was probably the quickest and simplest transaction EVER completed on Amazon! My Ange Ou Demon Le Secret By Givenchy Parfum Spray smelled exactly as what I had tried @ Sephora. The only difference, a 1.7oz bottle @ Sephora is $77! I ordered a 3.4oz bottle, recieved it w/in 2-3 days and pd $57, I believe!! This Givenchy scent lasts throughout the day. It’s light and refreshing. Clean. Boasts, green tea, jasmine, white peony and white musks. I have found that most parfumes containing musks have a dirty, overpowering scent about them, and they give me headaches. This Givenchy scent doesn’t. It’s more clean jasmine w/splashes of fruit when sprayed.

Ella Gilmer, WV

it actaully lasts ,I keep getting compliments

my shelf if full of the most famous brands of perfumes, so when I am giving you my opinion I am comparing it to many others that I use.. This perfume is so feminine royal , really lovely, and the best this about it that it lasts till the next day. I got many compliments from people about this one more than any other kind !

Kimberly Blackford, KY

Mom is happy

Great Purchase for an awesome price during the holiday season!! My Mom wanted this and the price was better than I could find it at any department store thanks for the great item.

Rena Boyd, MN

Ange au Demon Perfume

While trying to find Amarige, I cam across this scent and after wearing a sample for the evening fell in love with it. I ended up buying Amarige for evening and this one for day, although works well for evening scent as well. Love it!!

Darla Merna, IL