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Anew Clinical Eye Lift 2-in-1 Jar

Visibly lifts the brow bone, upper and under eye areas. Includes Upper Eye/Brow Bone Gel and Under Eye Cream. Each, .33 fl. oz.; .66 total fl. oz.

Key features

  • Visibly reduces dark circles & crepiness
  • Lifts the brow bone, upper and under eye areas
  • 2 products in 1 jar

Honest reviews


Too funny

Ok I have to post this even though I am not ready to post a review yet.I have been using the gel under the eye and cream on the eye lids.And I have been waking up with puffy eyes. I even got styes in both my eyes and the skin around my eye has been so sensitive. I think in the past with other products I have used the gel under the eye and cream on top.So I came here to read the reviews again and realised my mistake. No wonder!I am laughing so hard at myself! Hopefully I will be back to post a good reveiw for this product.

Leanne Harmony, ME

Very good ….but

This is a nice eye cream as far as “plumping upper eyelid” and “softening” under eye. I actually think it does more then work just when its on the skin,,,it does some repairing. You still will need to maintain. My only drawback is that Ive developed 2 tiny white dot or bumps on my upper eyelid. I did some research and found that its called Milia (when keratin, proteins become trapped under skin) Its common in infants. Would I buy this again? I want to say yes,except I dont want to develop Milia anymore. Maybe I should uses less of product? Id like to find something equal to the effects of the antiaging of this cream. The bumps I got may not happen to you.In my opinion its not a money waster or shelf sitting object, you will reach back for it and get results. The Milia is the ONLY reason i gave it 3 stars instead of 5.

Mabel Kimberly, OR


This eye cream is amazing. i love the duality. however, the instructions came in another language so I had to do research to figure how to use the product correctly.

Abbie Marion, IL

Great Product!

If you want to know if your beauty product is working, stop using it for two weeks and watch the result! That’s exactly what I did. I have been using this eye cream for two years and felt that I still had too much lines under my eyes and he was not doing anything for my puffiness. Well I stopped using it and switched to IQ Derma, and I kid you not, in two weeks the skin under my eye got loose and crinkly, the lines deepen and my eyes began to look the worst I have ever seen them. Needless to say, I grabbed the anew eye cream and started to use it again and in one week the look of creppiness and lines began to improve. The cream does what it says, full stop.

Jo Bridgeport, PA

Nice eye cream, but no lifting effect for me

I liked the dual nature of this product. The upper eye gel is nice and light so it doesn’t interfere with eye makeup and the under eye cream is richer to attack wrinkles better. It makes a nice mosturizer, but I saw no lifting effects at all which is what I wanted this product for.

Rosalinda Aiken, TX

the best

I have seen a major improvement on my skin, I will be using anew for years to come. It has been nice. People have complemented. You cannot go wrong with this brand.

Karin Unityville, PA

Maintains my upper blepharoplasty

I love this product! It is one of the best beauty products that I have ever used. I had an upper blepharoplasty in the early 1990s. I am 51 years old now, and my eyelids are still lifted. I have been using this product for about 8 to 10 years. It is inexpensive too!

Maria Midway, TX

Happy eyes!

I really like this eye cream! It works very well. It’s not heavy yet it seems to moisturize very well!

Jacquelyn Blue Jay, CA

It works!

It definitely made my eyes look more refreshed & I could feel my crows feet slowly diminishing & getting smaller & tighter. I will definitely order this product again!

Concetta Colona, IL