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Andrea Lash Accent Pair 318

Lash accent pair #318 will enhance your look not create a new one. They are shorter than a typical strip lash and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes for an Audrey Hepburn look. The shorter length is perfect for a natural and fool-proof application. Accents can be worn for every occasion. They will create natural looking lashes with a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Key features

  • Will enhance your look not create a new one
  • Shorter than a typical strip lash
  • To be used on the outer corners of the eyes
  • Perfect for a natural and fool-proof application
  • Creates natural looking lashes with a touch of glamour and sophistication

Honest reviews


What I thought it would be…

These are exactly as in the image. However, they are difficult to maintain — I ruined two pairs already after I removed them. They’re very hard to clean and thus reuse.

Simone Newhall, CA

awesome lashes!

i love how these look completely natural. i apply mine under the lash line instead of on top of them. also, i highly recommend using duo brand adhesive. it’s the best!

Tricia Morrice, MI

Great to accent a natural look

Fabulous price for just a little accent of lashes. This is an absolute steal and these accents are so easy to put on even if you’re terrible at putting on lashes. I’ll use these and while my lashes look great, no one can tell I’m wearing falsies!

Kenya Vernon, NJ

Really like em’

I really like these lashes. They are the perfect, natural lash to add on to the corner of the eye. I got compliments asking if they were my real lashes. I wear these on special occasions and would be comfortable wearing during the day.

Essie Glendale, AZ

My Favorite

Sometimes you want to enhance your eyelashes but you dont want it too dramatic! This is my favorite pair for a suttle but noticeable enhancement. You can even add mascara for extra boldness if you are going for that look.Dress them up. Dress them down!

Jaclyn East Schodack, NY

will be buying again

Andrea makes great accent lashes and these little beauties are no exception. They are well made and with gentle care can be reused several times. They make that crazy, sexy, cool cats eye that looks so good on everyone.

Jordan Gray, KY

Favorite lashes so far

I have been a false lash addict for years now and have tried all kinds of strip lashes. Annoyed with how easily they lifted in the corners I decided to try the baby ones. These are amazingly perfect, give me that sexy eyed look, but don’t overwhelm my entire eye. Very natural and perfect for daytime and work.

Marva Hurley, NM

I thought they looked too fake at first

I thought they looked too fake at first because they were thicker than what I was used to. But after applying them, then adding my mascara to my own lashes, they blended very well together. I just had to apply a little more mascara with these. Will buy again!

Jade Pineville, AR

Your lashes but better

Looks extremely realistic, easy to apply. This is a steal of a deal, with 4 pairs for under $4. See me wearing them here: […]

Rosalind Gallina, NM