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Andis Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch

The Andis 1.5-inch titanium 450 flat iron delivers instant styling with ease. The titanium technology creates an ultra-smooth finish and gives you even heat that preserves natural oils and seals the hair cuticle for maximum moisture. The result is increased luster and shine. The titanium plates also resist heat corrosion and eliminate build-up that causes unwanted odors. Create a variety of styles with the 20 heat settings. It provides maximum heat up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting styles. The clamp style design holds hair tight for quick results. It also features worldwide dual voltage, 30-second heat up, a tangle-free swivel cord and auto shut-off.

Key features

  • Titanium creates an ultra-smooth finish
  • Andis Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch (67735)
  • 20 variable heat settings for all hair types
  • Maximum heat up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting styles
  • Clamp style holds hair tight for quick results;
  • Titanium creates an ultra-smooth finish
  • Titanium plates resist heat corrosion and eliminate chemical build-up that cause unwanted odors
  • 20 variable heat settings for all hair types
  • Maximum heat up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting styles
  • Clamp style holds hair tight for quick results

Honest reviews


Glides Smoothly!!

Andis Titanium Flat Iron glides so smoothly over my hair and straightens it perfectly. I have extensions in my hair and the Titanium flat irons give them a silky look without drying them out or without drying my real hair out. I like the Andis one inch flat irons because they help flatten out every kink in my hair without leaving it dry and brittle and I love that.If you want to straighten your hair without damaging or drying it out then this is the flat iron that you need the Andis Titanium Flat Iron helps me control my frizzy hair.

Ladonna Lavalette, WV

Works great!

This works nicely. Heats up quickly. Very easy to use. It is lightweight and easy to handle. Love that it comes with a locking option. Took me a second to figure out how to do it though since it was so different than my previous flat iron. I can’t call it salon quality, but it is much nicer than the one I owned prior. Works well on my fine, wavy hair. I don’t know if it would be a match for someone with thicker or curly hair though.

Edith Battlement Mesa, CO

Don’t get the same results as I do with the Remington S8510DS Flat Iron, Frizz Therapy.

I got this to use as my “travel” flat iron, as well as backup flat iron. I currently use theRemington S8510DS Flat Iron, Frizz Therapy, 1 Inchto smooth my hair and it works wonders. I can quickly and easily smooth my hair in a few swipes. The best thing is it does not give my hair that fried/dried look, and my hair stays smooth all day. The frizzies truly are gone. Unfortunately, I did not get these same results with this Andis flat iron.

Sharron Winton, NC

Nice Features

I like this flat iron, it has some nice features that the flat iron I was using didn’t have.It has an on off switch, a swivel cord a variable temperature setting and a twist lock to hold the flat iron closed when not in use. I like all of these features. It also has two rubberized finger grips on the end for ease of use. I like the smoothness of the metal and the way it glides over my hair.Overall this is a nice product, designed well with nice features and I like it.

Corine Imperial, MO

I liked it more than I thought

This is not a high grade salon flat iron. It is a good home flat iron, good for teens. There are little grippe places on the top that keep your fingers from burning. The iron is hot enough to straighten but doesn’t get hot enough to melt hair. This is very light weight and a little smaller. There is a red light and green light clearly on the outside. The on and off button are easily reached and not placed on the inside of the iron. Not the best iron but very good for a store bought hot iron.

Annie Adelanto, CA

Good not great

I have the 1″ iron and wish that I’d purchased the 1.5″ one. It worked well enough on my daughter’s long fairly straight hair. We used it to add a little curl/wave to her hair, not to straighten it. My elder daughter took her iron to college so we purchased this so that we had an iron at home. Her’s heats up more than the Andis one and accomplishes the desired look faster, but it also cost three times as much. Bottom line, it will straighten and it will add waves/curls but it will take some skill (really slick ceramic plates) and some time to accomplish the task. Decent buy for the price.

Kayla Juneau, WI

Highly-portable iron

A handy-sized flat iron with titanium plates with a very ergonomic design. The cord swivels so it doesn’t get in the way and a neat little rubber pad at the end of the iron to press the sides together without burning your fingertips. My hair didn’t take very well to the plates. The ends looked frizzy but when my daughter, who has super thick hair tried it, it worked perfectly fine for her. Needless to say, she’s using it right now. Maybe my hair just works better with ceramic plates.

Selma Ferrisburg, VT

Good at what it does but requires a lot of guessing to regulate temperature.

I have short hair and I like the narrow plate on this straightener. It heats quickly and is not heavy like some straighteners can be. It glides easily through my coarse hair.Pros:
• Heats quickly
• Small enough for travel
• Glides smoothly and easilyCons:
• Even though it has heat settings they are VERY difficult to read, really I just have to guess. The dial is in an awkward place and reading it is almost impossible.

Elba Cassville, PA

(3.5 stars) Beats an ironing board…

“Back in the day”, girls with curly hair had to resort to an ironing board and an iron to achieve what we take for granted to day. That said, the Andis Titanium 450 Flat Iron is a modern-day answer to an age-old dilemma, a good starter item, described as safe to use without burning or damaging the hair. Though it is not a top-of-the-line item in terms of expense, it provides the expected features, and a few more: titanium to preserve the integrity of the hair and seal the hair cuticle: 20 heat settings, up to 450 degrees; a clamp style to hold hair tightly; a swivel cord to avoid tangling; dual voltage; and an automatic shut-off.The titanium plates are flat, not curved, so there is a possibility that hair can get caught along the sides of the plates. And while the heat dial can be raised or lowered, the numbers on the dial do not indicate the degrees of heat, nor is the dial lighted. Because of this, an automatic shut-off feature is even more critical. This product is serviceable, but like other such styling aids, an acquired skill, to avoid over-heating or burning the hair. (I would suggest a styling spray to protect the hair when using any heated styling aid.) A bit clumsy for smaller hands, it will take some practice to become adept at using this flat iron, to become familiar with its weight and ease of handling- or not. While this flat iron is acceptable overall, I am not impressed with its quality or design features. It has no great flaws, but neither is it an item I will use daily. Luan Gaines/2013.

Kay White Lake, NY

Not up to par

I currently own aBaByliss Pro BAB2590 Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron with Removable Comb, 1.5 Inchand seems I will be keeping the Babyliss. I was looking to update my flat iron, or have a spare one for travel, but I won’t even try to use it for that. As a point of reference, I have thin, slightly wavy hair.The iron heats up fast and maintains heat throughout. But, tThere were several issues with this iron. First, although it heats up fast, I had to go through each section several times for it style the hear. I do not have curly hair, nor overly wavy hair yet, it takes double the work than my Babyliss. Second, it is not that hot. At least, it doesn’t feel like the 450 degrees it advertises.It does give you a smooth finish, doesn’t over dry your hair or get it to staticky.

Sophie Mandaree, ND


I firmly believe you can’t have too many flat irons. The Andis Titanium Flat Iron is wonderful. I don’t have to have the temperature at the highest degree to get my hair smooth and straight. Yay. No more smelling burnt hair. Yay. My hair glides along the plates without any hindrance. Some flatirons, if you start in the middle of your hair, will leave an indentation. The Andis doesn’t.I have chin-length hair so the 1 inch flatiron is perfect for me. It easily straightens the shorter pieces near the back of my neck, where my hair is layered and stacked. Because it’s only 1 inch I don’t have to worry about burning my neck.Andis Titanium Flat Iron is my new go-to hair device.

Sierra Sanbornville, NH


This is my first non-ceramic flat iron. The Titanium is very smooth and goes through the hair easily.Another great thing about this iron is that it is very light, and smaller so it’s easier to maneuver around.It works, but I still like my ceramic one better for some reason.

Delia Oasis, UT

Overall, it works.

My g/f take on this item: Maybe it’s because I’m new to hair straightening, but this product didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I have a ceramic hair straightener, so I had something to compare it to:This one, at setting 15 (out of 20) took 3 passes through every single small section of hair that I separated to straighten.The edges of the metal plate occasionally got caught in my hair and yanked strands out.I’m not sure what the purpose of the locking mechanism is, since you aren’t supposed to keep it clamped on your hair for more than a few seconds lest you do damage….and when I locked it while it was heating up, the green light never stopped blinking.The grips at the top of the prongs were nice, but having similar grips on the body would have been more useful, as I didn’t have the ability to grip a section of hair, and the body AND the top, seeing as I only have 2 hands.Overall, it works as a straightener, but takes several passes, and doesn’t have any features that make it (to me) extraordinary.

Doris Butler, IL