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Andis Tangerine Twist Curling Iron,1-Inch

The Andis Tangerine Twist 1-inch Curling Iron delivers instant styling with ease. The Tourmaline technology creates frizz-free styles while giving you silky, shiny hair. The result is increased luster and shine. Create a variety of styles with the 20 heat settings. It provides maximum heat up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for long-lasting styles.

Key features

  • Tourmaline eliminates frizz for silky, shiny hair
  • Nano-Ceramic coating for an ultra-smooth finish
  • Penetrates hair inside-out for deep, long-lasting curls
  • 450-degree high heat and 20 heat settings for a variety of styles
  • Auto shut-off and dual voltage

Honest reviews



My ceramic iron was getting a lot of buildup on it, so it was not doing as great a job of curling my hair. I have been looking around for a new curling iron to use that was high heat, because that is what my coarse hair needs. The Andis Tangerine Twist Curling Iron 1-inch promises high heat (up to 450 degrees) so I was thrilled to give it a try.The curling iron heats up quickly and makes great curls that last for hours. I am very happy with that aspect of it, but it has one major flaw that I find quite annoying. Everytime I start turning the curling iron when it is in my hair, I accidently turn it off. The On/Off button is located exactly where my fingers touch the curling iron when I use it. I keep trying to avoid the button but with no success. I now repeatedly check for the red light while I am looking in the mirror to make sure I have not turned it off. They definitely need to either change it to a switch or move the button.Overall a great curling iron – just wish the on/off button was in a different place.

Rhonda La Mirada, CA

Good curling iron for touch-ups!

Andis twist curling iron is a good affordable all purpose hair styling tool that I am glad to have added to my styling aids. I like the choices of heat that it provides and the 1 inch size is just right for the spiral curls I have been wearing lately. I am too clutzy to use it for my entire head tho. I curl my entire head with leave in foam curlers for the night. By the morning there are always some pieces that have escaped the curlers and this is where I find the iron useful to provide those touch-ups. I try to avoid heat on my hair as it is very long and fine and I want to prevent breakage. That being said I havent noticed any heat damage from this iron and it leave the ringlets shiny and bouncy.

Candice Randsburg, CA

It works well

My wife uses this iron and says that she likes it. It works well and the design is attractive. Orange is her favorite color, so it was a hit.

Tameka Center Ossipee, NH

Room for improvement……….

What do you expect from a 1 inch barrel curling iron? – Hopefully quick heat up and tight long lasting curls? This Andis curling falls short for a few reasons…The heat up is quick but does not hold curls on the lower heat settings.There is a huge design floor with the clip which allows you to place each strand of hair between the irons – it is too cumbersome and does not grip the hair. I have fine hair and I had to start at least 1 – 2 inches up to get it to hold my hair for the majority.The wand is also heavy and the on/off switch is in a bad location as it can easily be turned off while curling hair.All this being said this iron will deliver natural curls and is OK if you can get around the design flaws. I would recommend heating 5 – 10 minutes prior to styling hair and use highest heat setting for more lasting curls.

April Van Lear, KY

Just what I needed…

This iron heats up fast, and the higher temperature does a great curling job, fast! It also leaves my hair shiny and in good condition. The curl lasts, as well. I’m very happy with this device – it’s a great improvement over what I had.

Sylvia Candor, NY

Good value

I have thick long frizzcurly hair so regularly use a hot iron to style my hair. I wanted a change from the stick straight look and thought I’d try a curling iron. The Andis Tangerine Twist 1 inch is an acceptable styling tool for the money. The best feature is the speed with which it heats up – plug it in and in seconds you are ready to go. And the temperature adjusts so you can control the softness of the curl. However, the on off button is in an awkward position so I found myself hitting the off button while I was twisting my hair in place. There’s also a blinking light feature, which presumably tells you that your curl is ready, but more often than not it was faced in a direction I couldn’t see so rendered useless. However, for the price, you can pretend it never came with these features, make do and have a perfectly serviceable curling iron.

Helene Worthington, IN

First rate!

This curling iron is notable for its versatility, particularly in the wide range of heat settings. I am far from being adept with such products, yet enjoyed using this, and was successful in arranging my (very curly) hair in new styles. Highly recommended.

Katrina Middleton, MA

Good Affordable Styling

My girlfriend has been using this to style her hair.From her perspective it doesn’t dry out hair excessively. The curls are smooth and not frizzy. She would have preferred the larger barrel, but this is good for smaller, tighter curls.She has no complaints for the device or the effects of using it. She thinks the price is great and affordable.She would recommend this to a friend.

Virgie Casa, AR


I received this curling iron by mistake, but I’m thrilled with it!What it does:It gives my very long hair a smooth finish. None of the obvious curling iron twists and turns.It heats up FAST! By the time I’ve gotten the tangles out, it’s ready to go. I like the wide spectrum of heat settings, though I’ve never dared go beyond the mid to low range for my fine, color treated locks, This would be the bomb for coarse, curly hair.Did I mention how smooth it makes my hair?What it doesn’t do:The control is exactly where my index finger goes when using the iron. This means it gets turned off frequently. Not a huge issue; it’s very easy to turn back on.As with any heated curling device, it’s easy to damage hair when seeking an extreme effect. If you, like I, try for natural looking, great hair, this is your gadget.

Alma Springfield, WI

Great product for the price!

This is my 3rd curling iron and by far it’s the best, especially since it was 20.00 less than the last iron I purchased.What I love about it…
• Heats up VERY quickly. You basically plug it in and its ready in less than 30 seconds.
• 20 heat settings. This is important as the first time I had it on too high and when turning it down, it immediately dials down to that temp.
• Comes with a stand which neither of my irons did.
• Auto shut off. It is pretty much standard now, but one of my irons does not have this feature.
• Lastly, it seems to make my hair shinier, perhaps it is the titanium.The only negative I had was that I turned it off accidentally a few times.For the price this is an excellent curling iron, and the color is cool too. Highly recommend.

Eva Oldtown, MD

Well, it curls…

Like another reviewer said, I had the worse time trying to curl my hair with this curling iron. I kept hitting the off button by accident. That was really annoying. But, once I got going, it was a little easier to avoid. It curled my hair really well and it does get some major heat!Overall, I liked it, I just wish the design was a little better.

Deanne Sidney, KY

Love the frizz free look

I have very little experience with curling irons, so I can’t compare to other brands, types, or sizes.Here’s what I do know. Since using this iron, I have really enjoyed having frizz free hair for the first time in years. My gray hair is a different texture than my still (kinda ugly) brown hair. I have hated dealing with the frizz since the gray started. And I’m not at all interested in using any anti-frizz products because I don’t wash my hair often. When I use this iron, my hair is smooth all day long. I think it is shinier as well. Because my hair is also wavy and curly, I am also able to use this to fix wayward waves, typically with my bangs.I have not had an issue with the on/off button like other reviewers, but maybe it’s because my hair is a little short or because I don’t hold a curling iron normally.

Stephanie Le Roy, MN