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Andis Professional 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer – Black Chrome

Andis Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer Andis continues to grow globally. Almost 80 years ago Andis introduced products to Europe and today these products are available in 90 countries around the world. Barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers everywhere continue to reach for Andis clippers, trimmers, dryers, blades, curling irons, and flat irons when they want to rely on top-performing tools. Compact and Powerful The Andis Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer is designed to deliver more than just heating and drying. This advanced hair dryer works faster by breaking up water molecules into fine micro particles. This powerful yet quiet product comes with four heat/air speed for better control and ultimate styling at home. This Andis Professional ceramic hair dryer breaks water molecules into micro-fine particles which penetrate the hair shaft to seal hair cuticles. It also helps to restore moisture balance and preserve natural oils for a smoother, shinier finish. Purposes and Features: 1875 watts with quiet, long-life AC motor and heavy-duty 10 ft. power cord with ALCI shock protection plug 4 heat/air speeds and cool shot button for ultimate styling and control Even heat ceramic technology for shiny, silky, and healthier hair Resin pick, resin concentrator, and metal concentrator included

Key features

  • 1875 watts with quiet, long life AC motor and heavy-duty 10 ft. power cord with ALCI shock protection plug
  • 4 heat/air speeds and cool shot button for ultimate styling and control
  • Even heat ceramic technology for shiny, silky and healthier hair
  • Resin pick, resin concentrator and metal concentrator included

Honest reviews


What junk

I’m amazed that people described this product as “heavy”. I find it incredibly light-weight and cheap. I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but even at the Friday sale price this feels overpriced. I’d be stunned if it held up any time at all.

Melisa Huntington, NY

Not for Amateurs

If you are a master at wielding a blow dryer, you’ll probably love this. I find it too heavy and big for my hands when I am using the blow dryer to straighten my hair. With that said, the various heat settings work well. The concenrator attachments work fine for me. I purchased this model in part for the comb attachment, but I can’t manage the dryer properly with it attached.Update: When I am not using the dryer to straighten my super curly hair, I like it. My current hairstyle requires an hour under a bonnet dryer. I can dry my hair in half the time using this hand-held dryer.

Ada Glenwood, NJ

Great Dryer and Great Price!

Pros:-My hair definetely dries much faster and comes out silkier-Priced very well for a professional hair dryer-I don’t care about how it looks, but it is a good looking dryer-Flexible hanging loop (was worried my hook was too large for it)-A lot of reviewers said they felt it was heavy – I didn’t notice that at all. Same weight as my other dryers.Cons:-I use the nozzle attachments, but unlike previous dryers I’ve had, they do not go on or come off easily.-The nozzle attachments get *EXTREMELY* hot. You can’t take it on and off while drying because it will burn you bad. So, no alternating between nozzles for sure. This also makes me wonder if the nozzle fries my hair when it comes in contact with it.-The on/off and warm/hot are toggle switches that are located right where your fingers wrap around to hold the dryer’s handle, so you end up accidentally turning the dryer off or changing the temp by accident. That gets a little annoying.All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Anything that can save me time in the morning, and make my hair smoother is a big bonus for me. Would definetely recommend this dryer!

Ruth Mountville, PA

HEAVY! HOT! Useless pick attachment. Awful button placement.

**Review about BLACK CHROME version.**It’s always a pain buying a new hair dryer–you’re used to the one you had, annoyances and all, and it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not you’ll like the one you’ve bought sight unseen (although you’ve read the reviews and are hopeful).I wanted to love this hair dryer, but overall I just didn’t.The first thing I noticed is that it is HEAVY. Well, not a bag of flour heavy, but it certainly has a definite heft to it (heavier than I was used to, at least) and for someone who needs to spend a good 30 constant minutes holding it and moving it around…it was heavier than I’d prefer.The second thing I noticed is that the cord is REALLY long. I never gave much thought to cord length, but it is advertised as 10 feet and I’m sure it is. I can’t say as if I ever need a cord that long–in all my years using a hair dryer, I think a 3′ cord would be plenty.The third thing I noticed was that the attachments are metal–which at first I thought was a bonus because it meant they would be sturdier. That said, since they are metal, they get HOT during use! Surprise, I know, right? Hee. But when you’re used to plastic and suddenly have metal and you forget and grab the end…OUCH! Also, the attachments were a bit of a pain to put on. I had to fight with one of them because it didn’t seem to want to click on easily (or at least as easily as any dryer I’d used before). I did finally get it on, and thought “Well, at least it will STAY on.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with the resin pick attachment, which, in addition to being super awkward to use, came flying off the end in about seven seconds. The other “concentrator” attachments were fine, but that pick one was useless.The fourth thing I noticed is that the button placement SUCKS. I managed to turn it off at least 10 times in the first two minutes of using it. SOOOOO frustrating. Just grabbing the handle to hold it would bump it to OFF. GRRRRR. I tried to be especially mindful of it for the rest of the usage period, and I did get better, but I still turned it off repeatedly.The fifth and final thing I noticed is that the hot is REALLY SUPER HOT. I mean, so hot that you do have to really be careful how long you point it at your scalp–and I’d NEVER use it on my hair without putting some form of styling protectant on it first.Taking everything into consideration, this was NOT the hair dryer for me. AT ALL. It was too heavy (minus one star), had hard-to-attach and useless attachments (minus one star), and had sucky button placement (minus one star). It’s going back.

Rosetta Devils Lake, ND

I am happy with my blow dryer

I have had this blow dryer for about 6 months now and it works great. I have A LOT of LONG very THICK hair, and it takes me about 6 minutes to completely blow dry my hair. Usually I blow dry my hair in about 3 different time fragments though. I get out of the shower; blow dry for 2-3 minutes, start applying my makeup, blow dry again for another 2-3 minutes until it is done.I never used the attachments; i ended up throwing them away a few days ago. I feel like it has good power. I like that you can have it on hot or warm air. You can also hold and press a cold button and it will blow cold air. The cold air button is easy to push (unlike most of my old blow dryers, your thumb would go numb after a few minutes). It looks classy, still after 6 months of use every day it looks new.I would definitely recommend this blow dryer to anyone. I paid $35.83 for it and would spend it again if needed.

Julie Plymouth, NC


My daughter says this dryer is amazing! She loves it. Her only complaint is that the comb attachment seems to be flimsy and is afraid that the teeth will break off. Other than that she loves it very much and is very glad she got it.

Penny Kings Mills, OH

Great hair dryer

I got this dryer for Christmas 2006. Last week, it stopped heating up and I needed to purchase a new one. I investigated dryers at Ulta and found that most decent ones were $100 or more. I figured I would check the price on this dryer on Amazon before I made a purchase. I was surprised to find that it was less than $40, because I assumed that it was a very expensive hair dryer.So that said, I am repurchasing the dryer. I think it lasted a long time given the cost, and it straightened my hair better than any other dryer I have ever used.If you blow dry your hair straight, this is a great model because it has the straightening attachment, is very hot at 1875 watts, has ceramic ions, and the price is right.

Beatriz Fisher, IL

This is a great blow dryer

This blow dryer cuts my dry time down by ALOT!I have very course 4a hair type so it takes a while to dry usually but after purchasing this Andis, I’ve found a solution.The cons are that this dryer is heavy!! (or so it feel like it weights more than a typical dryer)

Josie Idaville, IN

LOVE it!

This dryer drys my hair extremely fast. It IS a bit heavier than what I am used to, but the results are well worth it. At first, it was difficult for me to figure out the best way to hold it because of it’s size and placement of the controls. Once I figured out what worked for me, it worked like a dream.

Lupe Destin, FL

My first one worked wonderfully and lasted 2 1/2 years, so I’m getting another!

I am so entirely pleased with this hair dryer that I’m coming back for another one… 2 1/2 years later. I’ve burned through cheaper, store-bought hair dryers in the past. I bought an Andis many years ago and it was wonderful, so I bought this model in June 2009, and sadly today in December 2011 it finally fizzled out.The dryer works extremely quickly. I remember comparing it to the past model I had, and the reason I’ve stuck with Andis since because of their efficiency (and longevity). I have naturally loose-curly hair, and I use this dryer daily to straighten my hair with a round brush. It allows my hair to retain a lot of body, come out super-soft, and avoid frizz!While the switches on the handle are kind of in a bad place, I eventually got used to it and rarely do I accidentally turn it off. It’s not hard to turn back on, so I don’t see it as that big of an issue.I’ve had great customer service experience with Andis in the past as well. The plastic piece that holds the filter on the back of the dryer (at the air intake) broke and no longer functioned. I also broke one of the attachments. I called their customer service number and they replaced both items free of charge, even though I’d had the dryer for more than a year!

Tina Milton Mills, NH

Attractive, powerful, and it drys my hair faster.

Usually I buy Conair hair dryers but chose the Andis and it is more powerfull than the Conair even though they are 1875 Watt. I have not used the attachments because I have short, straight, thick hair that I blow dry and it just falls into place requiring little brushing. I do believe it is just a bit heavier than the Conair dryer but not so much that causes me a problem. I am so glad I chose the Andis instead of another Conair. It was packaged very well and arrived two days after I placed my order. I would be glad to recommend this Andis 82005 to my family and friends.

Ivy Orrick, MO

Has its Pros & Cons…

After our old dryer bit the dust, I wanted to replace it with one that worked just as well, but also quieter, lighter, and had more features. From reading the specs and reviews on this Andis 82005 dryer, I felt this one fit the bill. But after using it for a week, I have mixed feelings. Here is why:PROS:1. Sleek looking (so what? Nice, but doesn’t make your hair look any nicer)2. Nice variety of attachments that stay attached nicely!3. Long 10 ft. cord (if you need that, however I don’t, and it really only gets in the way)4. Hang loop5. Dries hair fairly quickly (with Ion technology)6. Outside stays cool to touchCONS:1. Heavier than the last two dryers we’ve had (Hot Tools Tourmaline Lite 1043 — see my review on that one, and CHI low-EMF dryer).2. Dries hair no faster than the two abovementioned ionic dryers3. NOT quiet (in fact, louder than the two abovementioned dryers!)4. Not enough speed/heat settings. Not much difference in heat settings, although speed settings are adequate.5. Comb attachment actually hurts your scalp! Feels very scratchy, due to squared ends of the teeth.6. Shiny silver-colored exterior shows prints, etc. much more than others.All in all, not a bad dryer… I guess I expected more. But I would probably go with another one next time.

Juliana Imogene, IA

Adequate dryer, but think twice if you want to use the attachments.

I purchased this hair dryer to replace my Super Solano that died after more than a decade. I loved the Solano, but I wanted to see if a significantly less expensive dryer would work as well. The good news is, it dries just fine. The bad news is that the concentrator attachment (there are three attachments – I use the narrow concentrator every day for straightening) is unnecessarily difficult to attach. For the first couple of months, it took a great deal of effort and force to get the concentrator nozzle attached. I had to twist and turn and manuever it every which way. Even when I managed to get it on, it was easy to knock it off during the course of drying my hair. I had to wait a minute or two to reattach it because the nozzle was too hot to handle. When it cooled down sufficiently, the twisting and turning began anew. When this happened numerous times during one attempt to dry my hair, it got pretty frustrating.As others have noted, the thin chrome finish of the dryer chips off very easily, particularly when using the attachments. After having owned this for about two months, the chrome is completely chipped off (the dryer has a matte black finish underneath the chrome) where the concentrator attaches. It doesn’t look great, but I don’t have to worry anymore about brushing chrome flakes off my clothes every morning.Over the past week, it’s gotten much easier to get the concentrator attached, and it’s less prone to fall off. I assume it just took a couple of months to “stretch.”Update 11/9/10: The attachment no longer will stay on the dryer. I’m reducing the rating to two stars, because without the attachment, this dryer is worthless to me.

Naomi Hardenville, MO

Love it

This is the most pretty dryer that I have seen in a long time. We haven’t used it yet,b ut it looks very nice and was a t a great price.

Ramona Oxford, ME

Buy this! Great mid-range dryer.

I am really very happy with this hair dryer. I bought it after reading about what a dream ceramic/ionic dryers are and researching here on only reason I give this 4 instead of 5 is for noise. I had hoped that new dryers (my last one is at least 7 years old) might have quiter motors in them.This does what it says. My hair dried to styling point within 3 minutes instead of 8. My frizzies were reduced by at least 75% without the use of any syling products or leave-in conditioners. That alone is amazing and worth the price.Another reviewer mentioned that this was heavy, making it hard to use. I don’t notice a weight difference between this and my older Conair. I do notice that the nozzle is about an inch longer, so every now and again I’ll bump myself on the head, but that’s simply user error. :DI’ve never been particularly handy with the attachments, but they’re there. It has two directional nozzles (one plastic, one metal that scratches the dryers finish) and one directional with 1 1/2″ picks coming off of it.All-in-all this is an awesome machine that gets the job done in way less time and with great results.**UPDATE**After owning this for most of a month I am still very satisfied. My rating would stay the same. I am very slightly disappointed because the finish is already starting to chip off around the nozzle. I wondered how I had gotten glitter all over my hair and face… it is the shiny finish flaking away. Glitter isn’t the end of the world, and I don’t care what my dryer looks like so long as it works properly. Just a note in case others consider looks/finish when purchasing hair dryers.***UPDATE*** lowered score to a two.This was a nice dryer while it lasted. It literally blew up in 2011. I was drying my hair and the side exploded and the motor came flying out, narrowly missing my face. My ears rang from the “pop” noise.

Lee Big Spring, TX


This is a beautiful chrome/gun metal looking dryer with an extra long cord that I love. The first day I got it, I accidentally dropped it in a sink full of water- it was completely submerged. It immediately shut off as soon as it hit the water. I left it to dry and the next day I plugged it in and it WORKED. I was pretty impressed.

Joni South Carrollton, KY


If you are looking for a professional hair dryer… Andis 82005 is the one…dries your hair in no time (& my hair is seriously long & I like it super straight & swingy)…& the dryer itself is so sleek looking…it’s a beautiful thing! Highly recommended…

Rhea Rochester Mills, PA

It’s hot!

I love this hair dryer. I like the settings so I have options for how much heat I put on my hair. I also like the cold shot button so I can dry my hair without heat. I like the attachments with give me styling options and the metallic design is really sleek.

Valerie North Bend, PA

love it

love it, powerful, it doesn’t get hot, it doesn’t smell like burning, it dries my hair leaving it soft and shiny, no frizzy and also it dries my hair in no time, I have sorta thick hair. I’m very pleased.

Libby Matewan, WV

Great hair dryer and a great cost

I have thick, coarse hair that I blow dry 2-3 times a week and this blow dryer is amazing. After my expensive blow dryer bit the dust, I was looking for a more affordable but just as effective replacement. I decided to give this a try and was very surprised. It delivered at half the cost and does not burn my hair. Some reviewers complained that the unit is heavy but I don’t think so – it is a hair dryer, plain and simple.

Darcy Pillsbury, ND

So Glad I decided on this one!

Well I was not sure, thinking it would be too bulky and big and the reviews were not as fabulous as I expected….but I am thrilled with this dryer. The warm and hot temps are spot on. I have straight hair, but I have frizz within 20 minutes of doing my hair….not anymore. This appliance is just what I needed and I love it so much I bought an appliance holder for my counter to keep it handy at all times!

Jean Inez, TX