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Andis 1-Inch Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron, Black

1″ Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron

Key features

  • Heats to 375 degrees with 20 different heat settings
  • Clamp style holds hair tight for quick results
  • Great for straightening thick or fine hair
  • Ceramic plates preserve moisture, creating incredible luster and shine
  • Auto shut-off

Honest reviews


its ok if u absolutely cannot afford a Expensive hair iron

i dont have alot of money to spend on just a flat iron alone so when i saw this i didint even check the reviews i just bought it lol i was desperate what can i say:P but um i have noticed after using it for 3 months it has broken alot of my hair off and it doesint work well at all on wet hair as u have to usually wait five ten mins for it to reheat up again and sumtimes even while im using it it quits reheating up even when my hair is not wet the upside about this iron is it eventually cools down if ur not using it instead of staying hott which is nice if u forget to unplug it or sumthing i wouldint recomment TESTING it as in that would be very stupid ha i just realized that when i was putting on my makeup and i had to set the iron down for about 10 mins i have tried the really expensive nice hott irons curly hair runs in my family and my cousens have the realllly expensive 100 200 dollar hair straigheners and if u have the money i would just go ahead and buy those its wayyyyyyyyy better in comparison to this it makes this iron seem like crap hah..anywyz i kinda wish i would have spent more money on a better hair straighener but oh well..than i would have been BROKE lol so yaa…ok well hope i helped later

Brittany Mexican Hat, UT

Great little flat iron

It amazes me how much better this flat iron performs than those $100 salon irons. No one should buy a flat iron that doesn’t have a temperature control. People with thin hair don’t need the kind of heat that people with coarse or really curly hair need. You use too high of a temp, and you’re costing yourself split ends, which is extra money on hair treatments and haircuts. This iron has that temp adjustment. Not only that, but it has a little clasp near the cord that will hold it closed during storage – something my Revlon iron never had.In my experience so far, it heats up quickly and the temp remains consistent. An added bonus is the little green light that lets you know when it’s reached proper temp. Note, though, that it does not heat up in 30 seconds as claimed. It may heat up to a heat setting of 2 or 3 in that time, but I use a heat setting of 10 for my hair, and it take about a minute and a half. (Still lightening quick IMO.)I paid $14 for this, and it would be a good deal at twice the price.

Polly Rapid River, MI


leaves marks in your hair as it goes through, cheap, not worth it, spend more.

Yvonne Mount Angel, OR

great product for the price

i’m new to the world of flat irons so I figured I should start with a highly-rated, inexpensive one. My hair is primarily straight but I have a lot of it. I’ve been blow drying it for years but I wanted to try getting it really straight. After reading a lot of reviews, I opted for the Andis 1″ ceramic flat iron. It’s easy to use and I like the results. My only concern is the added time it takes to 1st blow dry, then flat iron my hair and the potential damage to my hair. While I don’t think I’ll use a flat iron every time I wash my hair, I will use it for special occasions.

Abbie Andrews, IN


I was looking forward to this iron, my hairstylist had used one this size last time I went. The item took awhile to get here, about 5 days instead of 2 even though it was Prime. I took it out of packaging and plugged it in. Nothing, it was dead. I tried a few more outlets and it was still dead. I returned it for a refund and will have to look aroung elsewhere.

Sandra Dresser, WI

A little too rough

The plates are not quite smooth enough for my very curly hair. I am sticking with my chi (I was looking for a straightener with an auto shut off and discovered the newer version of the chi that now has one. I switched to it, and it is easier on my hair (doesn’t catch at all whereas this one does a little).

Shelia Strong City, KS

works great

This is a great size, I have one bigger 2" (too big) and one smaller, 1", which took longer to straighten my hair. This heats up quickly and you can determine how hot you want it. I have shortish hair and this works great, it takes less time to do my hair in the morning. So far, no problems.

John Chestertown, NY

good for the price

This is a good flat iron for the price, heats up quickly and is fine for fine to medium hair, may not get hot enough for thick hair though. Doesn’t make my hair frizzy either.

Loraine Gustine, CA


I like this flat iron. The only thing I would say is that it takes a little longer than I’d like to straighten my bangs. I think that’s cuz of the bigger size of the 1.5 inch plates. Still like it though. It gets really hot.

Elvia Rhinecliff, NY

Awesome flat iron!

This iron is so awesome! I can get my thick AA hair strait and I can curl it with the iron if I want. I paid 90 plus dollars for a sedu and solia. They did not even get my relaxed hair strait even on their highest settings. I can straiten my hair with the andis flat iron on the low setting and avoid heat damage. I love it because it gave me the best value for my dollar.

Yesenia Yolyn, WV

Really nice flat iron

I bought this for my grown daughter and she loves it. She says it’s the best one she’s ever owned.It has temperature controls, an on and off switch and comes with a cover you can put it in while it’s still hot so you can put it away without worrying it will melt whatever it touches. It heats up fast and has an auto shut-off feature.It was a very good price as well. You really don’t have to do further searching. If you buy this, you won’t be disappointed.

Margarita Allen, TX

Ok product

Not what I expected gets hot too quick burns fingers but if ur hair can take heat well this is ur flatiron right here

Willie Rising Fawn, GA

Great Deal

This was my first good flat iron. Great value for the price. My roommate borrowed it and ruined the coating on the plates though… (angry face). It gets hot and is easy to use. It looks kinda cool.I’ve upgraded since then but it’s great for beginners. it’s hot enough to straigthen but not too hot to cause major burns. The cord doesnt tangle too much. I have coarse natural african american hair and it worked for me. It got straight enough but didn’t look like a perm or anything. it just looked pressed.I actually got a remington tourmaline ceramic flat iron first as a replacement and it works better.Then I got the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron and I think it works best of all. If you have thin hair the andis flat iron is perfect.I only upgraded from this Andis one because I have no perm in my hair and it’s extra thick.

Tammy Grayson, LA

Works great especially…


Kellie Ingalls, KS

Pretty Impressive for the Price

I’ve had a few flat irons in my past and this one I would rate higher on the scale compared to some I had. I used it not expecting fantastic results because it has mixed reviews. I guess it all depends on the hair type. I have very very thick wavy hair so I can’t really judge it on the time it took to straighten my hair because there’s no flat iron out there that would straight all my hair in 5 min! I will say most of my hair I only had to pass over with the iron once and it was straight. There was some pieces I had to go over a few times but I think that’s just because my hair is very stubborn! I’ve never paid over $50 or $60 for a flat iron so I can’t really compare this to like the CHI for example. I did have the GVP flat iron and like it a lot & had it probably the longest out of all my irons but it got dropped one too many times. I had one after that which I got from Sally Beauty Supply called the “Ion Color Brilliance” and it was pretty good also but I had to go over the same spot several times to straighten my hair. So if you’re not wanting to spend a butt load I would definitely recommend this iron! I found it at Wal-Mart but if it wasn’t there I would have got it on Amazon because I freakin’ love this website! I’ve bought so many things on here because they have such good prices!

Concepcion Le Mars, IA

Best Flat Iron

Wow. This is the best flat iron ive owned. I noticed an immediate difference the first time I used it. My hair was silkier, straighter and smoother than it has ever been, it gets how really fast and the temperature settng ar ok you cant select the exact temperature setting 1 is always more than enough and it goes up to 20 which is equal to 400 degrees

Staci Glenwood, MO

A flat iron worth trying!

I am amazed with the results of this iron. I bought this item recently after reading the majority of good reviews, so I decided to invest in it and I am glad I did! Not only is it effective with my hair being smooth and silky, but my hair doesn’t revert. I usually go a half-inch or quarter inch and in one sweep my hair bone-straight. Also when I use getting my ends, I take a styling comb with small the teeth, and glide it once more to assure straight and sleek hair. And like what everyone said for sixteen bucks you can probably rival it against a chi or fhi. In my opinion give it a go, not all inexpensive are bad as some might to make them. At least with this flat iron you can’t go wrong.

Samantha Allegany, NY

Fantastic 🙂

I love this flat iron! I used it nearly every day and its lasted sooo long. It heats up really fast and does an excellent job. After about a year, the gold on the plating begins to fade and come off though. Its lasted longer than ANY flat it\ron Ive had before wich is nice. Its now been like 2 years and it makes a buzzing noise when I plug it in now. but still I recomend this 🙂

Brenda Moxee, WA


This iron is great! Gives me the salon straight I have been looking for. I use this with the CHI thermal protection and it does a GREAT Job. I had the Revlon 1″ ones before this one and it didn’t do a good job like this one. I cannot afford the CHI irons so I took a chance and bought these from Walmart and yes I am satisfied. I say buy it and try for this price you cant lose!

Naomi Comstock Park, MI


I bought this when I cut my hair and since then, I’ve only used this, it’s a lot easier to use then the larger one I had previously used.

Edith Glendale, UT