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Andalou Naturals Brightening SPF 30 All In One Beauty Balm, Sheer Tint, 2 Ounce

Fruit stem cell complex is the star of this multi-benefit BB, blending super fruit antioxidants, nourishing moisturizers, and broad SPE countrum prote countion with natural mineral-tint color for sheer, fluid aweless coverage in one easy step.

Key features

  • Naturally sheer, mineral-tint color
  • Complements most skin tones
  • Wear along or under make-up
  • Chemical-free UVA/UVB prote countion

Honest reviews


It’s Okay…I LIKED it.

I break out a lot with my current BB cream so I wanted to try something else, and I bought this product because I was looking for a BB cream that was more natural than most. Other reviewers said that this product left your skin orange looking though, but I bought it anyway.The cream doesn’t irritate my skin and it has a nice citrus smell at first, but then it smells more like strong perfumed makeup throughout the day. I wouldn’t mind the smell, but it is so strong and lasts for a long time…I just don’t like it. So I try not to apply it so much near my nose. Also, it doesn’t’ conceal as much as my other BB cream, and it does have a mild orange tint to it so I just rub it in really well and then lightly apply a mineral powder over the top.Overall, I like the cream. I do like the way it feels…its light and not too greasy, and it spreads well over your entire face so a little goes a long way. I like that the ingredients are nontoxic as well. It would be better though If they could just get rid of the orange tint and smell, and made it conceal a little better.

Jacqueline Arthur, TN


NOTE: I bought this from a different vendor (not Amazon), so I AM NOT REVIEWING THIS VENDOR, but I still wanted to provide a review of the product here. I stumbled across this product and was highly surprised.I have hyper-sensitive skin, and am starting to have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, and redness around my nose. I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do, I use mineral powders, because they don’t irritate my skin. But, I just don’t feel like using them most days. AND, in the winter, my skin needs extra moisture and powder over moisturizer leaves a cakey mess. I will not use a chemical primer because they cause a rash on my face.So, I tried this. It is great! It smells like fresh oranges, and hydrates my skin perfectly. About the color. I am PALE. Like, fish-belly white (that is why the little red patches beside my nose are so noticeable). And, this does look distinctly orange out of the tube. But, I put it on and blended it in really well, and I had no noticeable orange tint on my face. It covered the redness beside my nose, without looking like I was wearing makeup. It just gave me a very natural, healthy-looking glow.Note that this is not full-coverage. I need more concealer for my dark circles. But, a little concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, and I would be ready to go out on the town. I like!!I will update this review if it causes a rash or something, but as of right now, no issues!!EDITED TO ADD…after 3 months of continued use, I have had NO skin issues….no rash, itching, or other ill effects. My skin texture has improved, the red patches are fading, AND my wrinkles are actually starting to diminish. Just bought more of this product!!

Janis Melissa, TX

Great base for makeup

This product comes out orange but does not apply orange at all. It is actually very sheer, with little coverage. I wouldn’t even say there’s any coverage for me, but what it does do is provide a great SPF base for my makeup. I have a history of skin cancer and the natural products without chemical sunscreens have been my major purchases lately. Although this only has zinc and not titanium dioxide as the SPF, I still apply powder with titanium dioxide and my makeup does go on much better after I put this beauty balm on. I have very dry skin in the winter that usually causes my makeup to cake and flake, but this really helps my dry skin to be more moisturized. I also have a lot of sun damage with dark age spots, and this seems to be helping make my skin tone look better. I have coupled this with the andalou naturals brightening skin polish and have been pretty happy. Going for the night time moisturizer and serum next. The products are well-priced and do not break me out, very natural, rated very good on EWG, and smell good!! Most natural products have funny smells to me, but this one is very fruity.

Lorena Albion, PA

Great all natural BB cream!

This has a light feel but covers/evens skin tone–It blends in easily. all natural, which is most important to me, especially when it works as well as synthetic ingredients, without the associated harm. It is also a 30SPA sunscreen–great product!

Jocelyn Patterson, MO

Smells yummy!

This natural BB is moisturizing and smells like yummy oranges,the color is sheer but its best for light to medium skin tones.Goes on easy and feels silky soft on my skin.Best for people with dry skin,may be too much moisture for those with oily skin types. Wish they would makes lighter and darker tints.Alot of people are saying the tint on this BB is really orange but they either changed the color or people are exaggerating.Overall I would get this again,as it got a 2 on the EWG ratings.

Dawn Mize, KY

Just what i was looking for

This is a thick, but creamy, and sheer moisturizer/sunblock. I wanted a sunscreen for my face with zinc oxide, but didnt want that white, shiny, pasty look. This fit the bill, plus gives me a touch of color and matt finish. As the package indicates, it is sheer, so dont expect much coverage. I’m not sure why others are complaining about that since coverage is not what this product claims to do. When I want additional coverage, I put foundation on top for a flawless finish. I really like the feel when its on my face and in winter i’ll use the untinted one With or without foundation I like it that much.

Maritza North Georgetown, OH

Decent BB

This is actually a very good product if compared to other "safe" cosmetics, which too often fall short on performance. My only complaints are that it is not waterproof (will run if you sweat), and it sometimes takes some effort to get it to absorb and blend well. I have to wear a mineral powder over it to prevent shine. But it feels good on, it has a decent SPF, and it has not caused any breakouts or itching for my sensitive skin. I have a medium-tan complexion (see Iredale’s Golden Glow), and this appears a shade too light until I apply powder. It is not completely sheer, but would probably blend well over most medium skin tones. Overall, I would recommend trying it if you are a conscientious cosmetics user looking for a decent BB.

Carolina Fairmont, NE

Great color match! Silky and invisible.

I am a new fan of Andalou, and was excited to try this out. I’ve tried a few BB creams before that were decent, but this, I really give all thumbs up (should add a few hands for more thumbs). The only real concern I had from other reviewers was the color match. This is invisible on my skin, and similar to a perfect sheer foundation. Very natural looking. I would describe my skin tone as very average caucasian. Not tan, but not china doll white. Great, great product!

Ingrid Walsh, CO

Too thick and too dark

I’m pretty pale with freckles. This was a full shade too dark for my skin. The cream covered some of my freckles, so the coverage seems decent. But it’s so thick I find I can’t apply it all over my face without adding oil or serum. Without oil it’s not moisturizing enough for my dry skin.Summary: since I haven’t found anything better (Juice Beauty is too expensive, Physician’s Formula is too dark) I mix it with 10% Aveda Radiance Serum and 10% vitamin E oil.I do appreciate the good rating from EWG for safe ingredients, the quality ingredients, the way my skin looks–healthy, smooth. And that it’s a California local product.

Kristina Phoenixville, PA

protection from the sun and coverage in natural formula

I really like this BB cream and will be using again. It leaves a very dewy finish and makes your skin look healthier instantly. The spf is high but the cream isn’t thick like sunscreen. I used to use a moisturizer before, for example, with a lower spf that didn’t blend well and left white streaks. I like that it’s GMO free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and all natural. The only thing I don’t like is it smudges easily and is kind of sticky on your skin. The reason I’m still giving it such a high review, though, is because it has everything that I would like in such a product, coverage, spf, and natural ingredients.

Isabel Manton, MI

Really Good

Love this product, it is perfect for people with a brown hue, which is amazing to find. it blends in and for the most part, this is all you need

Simone Pierceville, KS

Light, refreshing cream

I purchased this product because it has a low toxicity rating on the environmental working groups website. I love BB creams, and I am trying to switch all of my beauty products to natural/toxic free.I really like this cream. It smells amazing. It goes on very smooth, with no caking or clumps. It is very sheer and does not provide much coverage over blemishes, etc. So, if you are looking for more coverage, you might want to use this under foundation or as a base/moisturizer. It does, however make your skin appear more even and smooth. I am very happy with this BB cream and will definitely order again.

Maura Teays, WV

I love it!

I had heard about “BB” creams, but didn’t know exactly what they were. I now know that the BB means Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. I had tried other products in my quest for the illusion of clear skin. I had tried a sample order of Fairie Organics mineral make-up to see if it would help cover my dermatitis while simultaneously not aggravating my dermatitis. The parts of my skin that were already clear looked “airbrushed” with the Fairie Organics mineral make-up, but the dermatitis on my chin area looked “cakey” after applying both the mineral make-up and the mineral concealer, and I believe that this make-up made the dermatitis worse. While I loved the samples of the blush and eye shadow from Fairie Organics, I was less than pleased with the mineral concealer. I was hesitant to try anything on my skin, as I didn’t want anything to aggravate my dermatitis (mostly contained to my chin area), yet this product caught my eye at my local natural health store. It is on sale and I get to use my housemate’s discount, which makes it very affordable, plus I wear sunscreen year-round and this product has SPF 30 in it. I tried the sampler at the store and loved it. Be it in natural lighting or harsh artificial lighting, this stuff does not look cakey and at least on me, it does not look orange. I have very fair skin, and it just gives me a bit more color without looking like I spent too much time at a tanning salon or with a self-tanner. My skin shade is very fair, and the tint is perfect for me—not too much and definitely not orange. I know that everyone’s skin tone is different and thus this tint may not be for everyone, but I hope the company will not change a thing with this formula!

Shanna Douglas, NE