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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 8 oz.

Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure magnesium Oil 8 oz. is an all natural, unscented skin care product. It is easy to use-either rubbed directly on skin or sprayed on-and since it is not an oil, but water highly saturated with magnesium chloride, it soaks into the skin immediately and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure magnesium Oil 8 oz. has a variety of uses-from skin refresher to natural deodorizer-and regular use of this “oil” may: restore cellular magnesium levels, protect skin cells, aid detoxification, relieve aches and pains, improve a user’s mood, help relieve stress, and encourage healthy skin tissue.

Key features

  • Ultra pure magnesium oil
  • Natural skin care product
  • Encourages healthy skin
  • Aids skin detoxification
  • Easy to use!

Honest reviews



Not thrilled. It’s very greasy feeling, so I tend to not want to use it. I make myself so I won’t waste it. But, it’s not fun. Directions say to wipe off after 15 minutes; too inconvenient to me. Won’t order a second time.

June Tomales, CA

Great product – magnesium is so important

This is the brand of magnesium oil Mark Sircus, author ofTransdermal Magnesium Therapy: A New Modality for the Maintenance of Healthrecommends. It is a good quality product.Transdermal magnesium is better absorbed than magnesium taken orally, and can be almost as effective as magnesium injections. Its use is far less involved and perhaps safer than injections or IVs, when transdermal magnesium is used at high doses. Transdermal magnesium experts have observed that this method of taking on magnesium seems to have the advantage of letting the body absorb magnesium where it is needed and only as much as is needed. In contrast, the amount taken orally and via injection involves a lot more guesswork and potential for side effects from too high a dose. However, these experts have also made it clear that their observation and opinion that only as much transdermal magnesium as is needed is absorbed has not yet been proven in studies, and that more research is needed in this area.There are also other benefits to using magnesium oil over other forms of magnesium. Transdermal magnesium, magnesium taken in through the skin, can indirectly raise DHEA levels, making this form of magnesium a useful treatment for menopausal symptoms and PMS symptoms. Enhanced natural production of DHEA can also help promote adequate sleep (in accordance with circadian rhythms). DHEA is the master hormone from which many other hormones are made (eg. estrogen). Raising DHEA levels naturally avoids the problems caused by supplementing these other hormones directly. (Estrogen hormone replacement raises risk of blood clots, for example and while synthetic DHEA is a commonly-used nutritional supplement, evidence points to the greater safety and effectivenes of naturally-produced/endogenous DHEA, including lower risks from adverse effects, according to magnesium expert Mark Sircus Ac OMD.)IV and transdermal magnesium bypasses the liver (reducing the load on the liver). Mark Sircus Ac OMD, says,”Transdermal (skin) application of magnesium is actually superior to oral supplements in many ways and is the best practical way magnesium can be used as a medicine besides by direct injection. Transdermal magnesium delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal and kidney problems associated with oral use.”Magnesium deficiency can inhibit oral magnesium absorption, and so IV or transdermal magnesium may be necessary for a time if magnesium deficiency is severe, to help the person overcome this problem. IV and transdermal magnesium also do not have the same limits on the rate and amount of uptake and assimilation as oral magnesium.According to magnesium expert Mark Sircus Ac OMD, magnesium deficiency can be corrected via oral magnesium supplements in 6 – 12 months, via transdermal magnesium in 4 weeks, and in 2 weeks via IVs or injections.Magnesium oil is called an oil but is in fact just refined seawater that has a slightly oily feel sue to the high magnesium content. Magnesium oil is a high-density solution of concentrated magnesium chloride (roughly a third) and trace minerals suspended in pure water. (Forms which are not taken from the ocean are not ideal.)Magnesium oil can be sprayed or rubbed on the skin, or can be added to baths or foot baths. More magnesium is absorbed through direct skin application than in a bath. More magnesium will be absorbed where 15 ml of magnesium oil is applied to the skin, than where 30 ml (1 oz) of magnesium oil is added to a bath. Thus the most cost-effective way to use transdermal magnesium is by applying it directly to the skin.Magnesium oil can be sprayed on the legs to treat restless legs syndrome, or sprayed on any other part of the body where there is muscle pain, or just sprayed on the parts of the body that are most convenient to spray. A magnesium bath can be calming, and may be ideal where there is anxiety or an inability to wind down after the day and go to sleep or extreme pain or headache.How much magnesium is absorbed transdermally varies from person to person and there are no exact figures available. More research is needed on the absorbability and bioavailability of transdermal magnesium.As with all other forms of magnesium, it is important to break your magnesium doses up as much as possible rather than having one large daily dose. Thus if you have a nightly magnesium bath or foot bath, make sure you take your oral magnesium supplements or use magnesium directly on the skin (if applicable) as far removed from your bath time as possible. (You may choose to rub a small amount of magnesium oil on your skin on waking, and have magnesium tablets just before breakfast, lunch and dinner, for example, before having your nightly magnesium bath before going to bed.)Metabolic cardiologist Dr Stephen T. Sinatra considers coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), L carnitine, D ribose and magnesium the `awesome foursome’ of cardiovascular health.Dr Sinatra explains that while 1 + 1 will always equal 2 in mathematics, in metabolic cardiology and nutritional medicine, when you are talking about substances that are synergistic with each other such as the `awesome foursome’, 1 + 1 might equal 5 or even 10. In other words, the benefits of taking more than one of these substances at a time may far outweigh the benefits seen from taking any of them alone.I dislike the itching feeling on my skin I get when I apply this product directly. I seem to have sensitive skin. But I have no problems at all adding a teaspoon of magnesium oil to my bath each night. It really helps my muscle and cardiac problems – along with high dose vitamin C, carnitine and CoQ10.Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds’ Foundation for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Chasity Eastlake, CO

Not sure really how to use this product

This is partly my fault. Since it arrived, I haven’t really had time to do some research. The directions on the bottle is so general that I am not sure how much to apply and where to apply. I wish the product came with some sort of flyer that explained it better.

Rosie Akaska, SD

Great for some

I wanted to love this product but I guess my skin is just too sensitive. The good about it is this is a very easy to use product, simply spray it on and rub it in. It is then suggested to wipe off after 20 minutes and then apply lotion. I take natural calm but wanted a dermal application for magnesium absorption. My skin itches and burns horribly with this product. I can only apply it 5 minutes before a shower or bath but I don’t know if I absorb it all in that time frame. Even if I wipe it off and put lotion on my skin I itch like crazy, hence having to take a shower. I wish my skin was not so sensitive because this would be great otherwise. I suppose trying the magnesium salts for bath soaks will be my next option.

Jacklyn Lucedale, MS

Makes a good deodorant!

Goes on silky and didn’t burn too much. I have put this all over, including my face (although that did burn quite a bit so I wouldn’t recommend that). Seems to work best under my arms as a deodorant when combined with other all natural deodorants but, otherwise, haven’t noticed much change in anything else.

Jewell Clear Lake, MN

Still awaiting a final verdict.

Bascially, I have an injury and it was aching. I sprayed this on it and the ache was gone very quickly. However, this burns like crazy. You cannot just wipe it off, you have to shower it off. I did notice an increase in energy, but haven’t been consistent because of having to spray it, wait twenty minutes and then shower.I will update in the future.

Maricela Hensonville, NY

very high quality

When I do not have time for an Epsom salt bath I spirits this on full strength The feeling it gives your skin is simply amazing. My wife is a nurse so of course she is clueless to how much a human body needs magnesium… but to shut me up she tried it and now she considers this a beauty product. She loves how soft it makes her skin feel. Unlike most of the skin creams/oils she buys, this has no toxic sent or chemicals at all… but don’t tell my wife its a healthy product… (A nurse or a doctor just wouldn’t understand).This is not the only high quality magnesium oil (its really a salt brine made from ancient sea beds and not an oil at all) but its a very good one. If your not using a product like this you don’t know what your missing. The same is true if you do not understand the power of magnesium and why your body needs it!!!

Carey Buhl, AL

Disappointed with Usage and Dosage

As mentioned on a few other reviews, it stings the skin, so I won’t repeat that. Also, in order to get the dosage I need, requires me to spray so much of the product and it’s messy. Also, you have to leave product on for 20 minutes and wipe off. This is just way too much work for me. Not sure what will happen if I accidentally fall asleep with it, but I made the grave mistake of spraying on a few different areas on my body and got big bright red splotches….Will be switching back to pill. I only switched to the oil because my doctor said it was better, but I need about 600mg/day, and in order to get that I would need to spray 48 times…I hope I’m wrong, but it said 8 sprays for 100mg. That’s a lot of body spraying all over my body.

Tamika Lake City, KS

This was highly recommended by my doctor for my condition

This made me break out in hives. I had red welts, bumps and it was SO itchy. It literally hurts. I had to wash it off within a minute of applying it. I thought maybe it was a fluke thing and I waited a few days and tried again. I used it on my wrists and knee. I have a condition called RSD which is a nerve disease. I have pain all over my body and don’t need more pain in my life.The same thing happened the second time. I washed it off almost immediately. Later in the day, my husband asked what happened when he saw my knee. I told him I tried this magnesium oil.This was highly recommended by my doctor for my condition. I could deal with the itchy but I literally break out and it hurts.I realize my body could be lacking in magnesium oil and I may try to dilute this and see if the same thing happens. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone though.

Lorrie Linville, NC

It’s okay….

I was expecting more from the mag oil. For me taking Carlson liquid Mag (800mg) helped me more than this.

Roberta Rivesville, WV

very good

This magnesium oil has really helped my swollen ankles and as an added benefit, it keeps me regular. I spray it on my feet each night and then because it does dry out the skin, I use MSM lotion on top of it. These don’t really mix well at first and little balls of lotion form, but eventually dissolve. The mag oil does sting a little especially if pores are open, but it stops after a minute or two. This is a very good way for me to absorb magnesium and keep the swelling down in my ankles.

Verna Stonewall, OK

Good for achey muscles

This is good stuff. It’s wonderful for aches and pains, but you do have to be careful of where you apply it. If I get it on my chest, I’ll break out in a rash, but luckily I have no problem putting it on my back, or legs where I’m more likely to have sore muscles. I’ve put it in a bath when I’ve run out of epsom salts too.*

Deidre Irvington, IL

Goodbye leg cramps!

Wow! This stuff works unbelievably well for me for leg cramps!!! I was waking up with painful leg and foot cramps almost every night. A friend told me about this – and it has worked for me from the very first night that I tried it. Other posts have mentioned that it dries their skin and this has not been the case for me at all – more the opposite as it feels a bit oily on my skin. Slight tingle that fades in about 15 minutes. I spray it into my hand and then rub onto my lower legs. I’ve been using four spritzes on each leg.

Amie Frederick, CO

Love it

My husband loves it. Sore neck… spray… no more sore neck! I use it on my skin because of a tendon that hurts me. It relieves a little bit but I prefer to use Mega Mag because the results are much more obvious. Is it because I don’t spray enough? The stinging, I can’t stand it so I’ll try taking a bath with this oil.It worked on a friend who came to visit me and had a sore bunion. A little spray on her foot and gone! She used her hand to massage, even her thumb that was sore, felt great!!!!That stuff works that’s for sure so if nothing happens, I think we might want to spray more of it. It depends how much we need every day.

Esperanza Oakland, TN

Sorry not sold

I bought two bottle of this stuff because I have a serious magnesium deficiency as a result of chemotherapy. Despite continued use and oral supplementation, this did nothing to raise my levels. This may help someone with say a tenth off on their magnesium, but if you have a serious deficiency like mine, it is doubtful. I gave it one star because of all the hype. This did nothing for my magnesium. I had multiple IV infusions while using it.

Eunice Amado, AZ

Burned my skin

I wanted to give this a try as a way to get more magnesium into my system. It’s recommended you cover as much area as possible so I put a good amount on my legs, stomach and back. It didn’t seem to affect my legs, but my stomach and back burned and turned bright red. The next day I woke up to hundreds of pimple like lesions on my stomach and back. It took 4-6 weeks for them to go away.

Deborah Marion Station, MD

Yes, this WORKS

I have a knee pain and I was taking over the counter medication. I even went to the doctor to be evaluated for arthritis. I was using Bengay and like products. I still had pain and was so stiff. It varied from day to day but it was a problem. I came on line and went to an arthritis message board and this product was mentioned by a poster. I said, go to my source, AMAZON and maybe they sell it or have reviews. I ordered and it does work. FOR ME, I at first put on about 3 sprays and I was looking out for the stinging. I did not feel any stinging. The next application, I did about 6 sprays and then after say 10 minutes I felt a slight stinging and itching. It was not too “hot” and it did not last long for me. But I noticed that after a few days my knee felt “NORMAL” again. I could not believe it. I plan to buy one to take to work to use if needed.BUT this is something no one mentioned. I used it one morning before a doctor’s apt an d my blood pressure was elevated then my normal numbers. My apt was 2 hours after application but I will not use it prior to a doctor appt. I am going to test this and will come back and update. The elevated number was not high for medication but I wanted to note this fact.I’m also not claiming it will cure severe arthritis but this item did work for ME!!!

Leigh Sprakers, NY

ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil 8 oz. – FINE so far.

I did just try this today, so, while I am not a seasoned user, I have tried it. A lot of reviews said it made your skin itchy. It didn’t make my skin itch. Maybe a tiny bit; hardly noticeable, but just for a few minutes. But it was fine. Nothing to bother about. Also, it was not sticky; but dried very quickly on my skin. It died make my skin dry, so I will shower it off and put on body lotion just like I always do after a shower. If this stuff works, it’s worth it! I just wish I knew how much to use!I will keep you updated. Thank you.

Minnie Poplar Grove, IL

I feel it works

Let me say this: I massage the oil before working out (jogging and weights), and after shower working out. I usually apply it on my feet, calves and lower back. It seems to me that it alleviates sores post-workout and also assists on recovery.Because it is a bit sticky, you’ll need to apply it with care so that it doesn’t stain your clothes. When the weather is dry, it’ll leave a white deposit, however, if the weather is humid, it won’t be noticeable.

Bobbi Stratford, CA