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Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel Espresso

What it is:A tinted brow gel.What it is formulated to do:For those with thin, sparse brows, this unique, botanical formula actually plumps the hair follicle, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. The combination of cream and gel effortlessly defines and fills in brows while controlling and shaping without flaking or fading.What else you need to know:The non-greasy formula can easily be removed at night with a facial cleanser or makeup remover. Housed in a sleek, portable tube that allows for precise, no-mess application, Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel is perfect for instant brow touch-ups – anyplace, anytime, plus it’s the must-have tool for any beauty-savvy woman.

Key features

  • Define and fill in brows for an effortessly beautiful finish.

Honest reviews



This may be a fine product. I gave it 4 stars because of that. I researched others before purchasing this one. I am a green eyed blonde. My eyebrows are so light they are barely noticeable. I was so disappointed when I received this and found it is metallic gold, not blonde! It might actually look good over another brow color such as true blonde, taupe or brown shades, but alone, it does not work. I believe the company should disclose that this is a metallic gold and not call it blonde. I hate returning things so will probably just look for blonde in another brand and use this one as a top highlight color, if that will work. Or, I might use it to highlight strands of hair around my face! Or, I could use it for holiday parties. Oh well…these things happen, not a big deal.

Donna Downing, WI

Watch Out When the Bottle is Full

I like this product, but when the tube is full, it will put too much color on your brows and in the wrong places. I have to wipe it on a tissue before applying it to my brows. Which means I am wasting the product. They must find a way to improve this or I will look for another product.

Ashleigh Cleveland, WV

Exactly what I wanted!

I have dark eyebrows with a few gray cropping in where I don’t want them. I’ve tried dying them but frankly the dye just doesn’t last all that long (although it looks great Godfrey when it’s newly applied). So, I was looking for something to extend the life of the dye and I found this espresso color and it’s perfect. It would look best with dark brown or even black eyebrows and it not only colors, it helps hold the shape as well.

Gabriela Lumberton, NJ

Giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker brows.

Getting older is a fact of life, but there’s no rule stating that you have to let your age show. Did you know keeping your brows full and shaped gives your face a more youthful look. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel Blonde 0.32 oz is perfect for giving your eye-brows a fuller look.

Margret Fields, OR

too shimmery

this is really more like a glittery gold eyeshadow…can’t use it on my brows by itself, which i was hoping for on work days. it does help keep my brows in place after i use the brow wiz pencil, but i wish this wasn’t so gold and sparkly. won’t buy again.

Letitia Marbury, MD

Bought it 4 times now!

This product is amazing. Anastasia is brilliant when it comes to brows. This is the best product for the most lazy of us when it comes to our brows. It’s like hairspray in that it holds everything in place, but it’s tinted, so it adds a bit of color to help fill everything in. If you have super thin brows, you may still have to use a brush with brow powder or wax first, but mine are decently thick, so this is the only thing I use on my brows (other than getting them waxed every 3 weeks).

Carrie Oxbow, NY

can be too dark

So I got this based off a make up review I read that used this and a mac shadow…So yeah I think dark brown-black eyebrows just come off extra vibrant with this. I think if your brows are light brown this will work perfect.

Deena Ross, CA