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Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel-Brunette

Sets and holds brows and brow color all day. Temporary tint gives color and dimension to brows. Flake-free hold. Instantly fills and defines brows in seconds. Can be layered with other Anastasia Beverly Hills products for bold and natural looks.

Key features

  • Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel-Brunette
  • Size: 0.32 oz/9 g, full size

Honest reviews


great brow gel

I have strawberry blonde hair so I use the brunette gel together with the blonde gel to create really natural looking color for my eyebrows. By coloring all the brows I have I am able to achieve much fuller, younger looking eyebrows than I have naturally, since my brows are practically colorless. I have never been more pleased by any other brow product. I’ve tried a lot of pencils, powders, and wands in the past. These are by far my favorites.

Kelli Hancock, MN


Right up there with Asian cosmetic brands, (which are by far highest quality) this gem is worth the investment.Durability: Yes all day, in sweat, in rain, in heat it just lasts and don’t need to touch up.Removal: easy, lightly rub with makeup removing pad.I can even blend it with other colors to achieve higher shade precision. I blend it with Caramel, and Brunette. This shade is brown on the reddish side, Caramel is like a dark blonde, but more golden, yellowish tones.I love this and the fact that it is attainable in America.

Lorie Linn Grove, IN

Never knew I needed this

I never knew I needed this until I used this. The difference is subtle but very noticeable, if that makes sense. I have very black eyebrows, I use the shade Caramel to lighten them up a notch.

Morgan Wevertown, NY

Great for defining light blonde eyebrows

I have eyebrows that are thick and well defined, but so blonde they barely register on my face. This brow gel in Caramel is the perfect solution. It tints my eyebrow hairs so they pop and better accent my eyes, but the shade is still very natural and gives them color without giving me a made up look. It is perfect for every day where, even when I have minimal makeup on overall. I absolutely love it, though I am not sure it would would as well if you have sparse brow hair and want a fuller look. It seems like for that purpose an eye brow pencil or powder might work better.

Mara Pennsauken, NJ

This is an awesome product!

Perfect! Goes on without clumping or stickiness. Blends perfectly and the color looks natural. You can’t go wrong with this color if your in the auburn shades.

Luisa Sumas, WA


Bought this after reading all the good reviews. I have sparse eye brows so I use MAC pencil + powder to create the designed effect, then use a gel to keep the brows in shape. I like the Anastasia one but it leaves the color on eye lid if you have one fine/clear stray brow… It might work well for people who diligently pluck out ANY stray hairs. Anyway, I have gone back to the Maybeline $5 clear brow gel which works perfectly.

Lucile Embarrass, MN

Great for sparse brows

This is my third or fourth Anatasia Tinted Brown Gel Caramel tube I have used. I love it. Gives my sparse brows a thicker, natural look.

Elsie Amma, WV

Great Color

I have used this brow gel for some years now and l just love it. Applicator is terrific at separating brows.

Jasmine Rushsylvania, OH

This makes *such* a difference!

I recently started having my hair dyed a darker brown, but had still been using either my clear Tweezerman brow gel or my Laura Mercier brow gel. I had always heard that your brows should be lighter than your hair color, and so have always used a lighter shade. However, when I was at my local Ulta two weeks ago, a makeup artist grabbed me and asked if she could use this in the Espresso color on me — and it made my eyes just pop! The darker color that matches my hair made all the difference; it brings out my green eyes, and makes my skin look not as pale.This also lasts all day, is easy to apply (it has a mascara-like wand), and doesn’t flake. If you do get some marks on your skin or not where you want them, brushing a spoolie brush through your brows blends the color right in.

Sandy Deweyville, TX


This is the nicest product for the money that I’ve ever bought. It stays nice and soft. I hate "crunchy" eyebrows!

Elda San Elizario, TX

New color

This is a new color since the last time I purchased an Anastasia product. I like it better than the old blond option. Works well – brows are neat and stay in place.

Amelia Davey, NE

Hated this.

The one that I got was very flaky and looked terrible on the eyebrows with flakes all over. I had to throw it away.

Dorthy Longboat Key, FL