Anastasia Brow Wiz-Taupe

What it is: An ultraslim mechanical pencil to shape, define, and fill in your brows for a natural, polished look. What it does: Sometimes brows need a little magic. This must-have pencil features an ultrafine, retractable tip to easily fill in gaps and mimic brow hair. Perfect for spot checking areas that may be sparse or over-tweezed, the smear-proof formula wears all day for a natural, fresh look. What it is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Phthalates

Key features

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’ best-seller.
  • Super-slim mechanical brow pencil.
  • Slim tip can create hair-like strokes of color.
  • Perfect for spot filling.
  • Ideal for outlining the overall shape of brows.

Honest reviews


i didn’t think i would need it….

To start out, i have always had decently thick eyebrows. But i recently went in sephora and had my make up done and the lovely lady did my eyebrows with this. I really never thought about filling my brows in before, but my god, there was a noticeable difference.It blends fabulously. I had black eyebrows and so i use the brunette and it blends right in. The wand part of the brow wiz helps shape my eyebrows and also gets rid of any stray powder.I don’t leave the house without this now. And as someone that didn’t think they needed it before, thats something. i LOVE this product. seriously.

Lucy Caspian, MI

Brow Wiz

I have very sparse eyebrows and absolutely love this product. It allows you to draw in natural looking eyebrows, which will stay the entire day without smudging.

Luann Great Mills, MD

excellent brow pencil

This truly is a five star product. It is very easy to apply, no pressing needed. I love the thin lead as I feel like I have more control. Also, I find it quite water resistant through perspiration and rain. I will definitely order again. ps: my hair is light ash brown but my brows are very dark. Brunette works perfectly for me.

Winnie Sorento, IL

BEST eyebrow product ever!!

this truly has done wonders for me. I use the whole anastasia brow line. Trust me, this is the best purchase you can make for your uneven, missing eyebrows while they grow out and also to thicken them up or add depth.Thick, even eyebrows will take years off your look!

Edith Russell, IA

A [recise cosmetic tool and the convenience of Amazon

Eyebrows are a very expressive and important part of our faces that are all too often ignored. This wonderful product enables anyone to make the most of what they have. The instructions will give you an idea of where your natural brow should start. peak and end. I purchased brunette and the color blends with your natural brow beautifully. Simple in design, it is a wonderful combination of the pencil itself and the spooly brush for blending. Try it! You will not be sorry!

Kenya Port Costa, CA


This is really great. The point is fine and natural and blendable when you apply it. I liked the brush at the end as well . Make sure to get a good eye brow gel to keep hairs in place.

Kelsey Dennysville, ME

Best brow pencil evah

Love, love, LOVE this stuff! The pencil is so easy to use and the result is so natural looking. I have chestnut brown hair, but I use the medium ash pencil…it’s great to fill in sparse patches without being too overpowering. I highly recommend this product!

Alexandra Pickstown, SD

I’d probably love it – if it were cheaper!

This is the 2nd time I’ve purchased an Anastasia Brow Wiz. The first purchase was some time ago at an Ulta Beauty store. The clerk recommended the wrong color and it soon ran out of lead – and it’s not refillable. I ordered another from Amazon in the correct color – I gave the Brow Pencil 4 stars because of it’s fine lead which does a good job of filling in the brows.However, it’s not inexpensive – matter of fact, considering the limited amount of brow color, it would definitely be considered expensive. Thus, not a 5 star item.Especially since the soon empty pencil gets thrown away. So, even tho I can afford the Brow Wiz, I’ll order it only sporadically.I don’t like to feel ripped-off.Imagine how Anastasia sales would soar – if the pencil contained more brow lead, or were refillable, or were more reasonably priced. I know lots of females feel exactly as I do regarding an unrealistically high price for a throw-away item with a relatively short life.

Tamika Snydertown, PA

Sad I didn’t like it.

I thought I would love this brow pencil as I usually love Anastasia products, but I was disappointed with this one. It is so thin that you have to apply more pressure than I like on my brows, and I even ended up pulling a few out. My brows are sparse anyway so that is not okay with me. I’ll continue to use her brow powder but this product was thrown in the trash.

Sonia Wetumka, OK

Best Brow Pencil

This brow pencil works wonders on your eyebrows, it makes your eyebrows look define and it looks like you got them done by someone professional.

Flora Eckert, CO

Best Eyebrow Pencil in the World

I have spent money on every brand (high priced) eye brow pencil. This is the only pencil that has an authentic color and leaves my brows looking thick and beautiful!

Shawna South Glens Falls, NY

Love it!

I just ran out after months of applying it. Looks very natural. I just bought the dip brow which is suppose to be better and I wanted the feeling of the gel. You won’t go wrong with this one of course!

Roberta New Leipzig, ND

Very Disappointed

Very disappointed with this product. I was so excited to try it after reading so many great reviews & I honestly don’t understand how people like it. It’s very waxy and goes on very roughly. Almost hurts a little to be honest! Takes a long time to make look natural because of how hard it is to apply. Definitely sticking to Benefit’s brow pencil.

Diane Edmonson, TX

I used like 1 per month but after trying other many products …

I’ve used this pencil for over a year an a half and tried moving towards other pencils and brow products because let’s face it, this pencil is expensive! I used like 1 per month but after trying other many products I realized, you can’t mess with perfection and. Oh well, Anastasia for life it is 🙂

Elinor Belchertown, MA

perfect match

this matches my dirty blonde hair perfectly. looks so natural, and the point is fine so you can draw individual hairs. very easy to use!

Beth Little River, AL

Too dark for blondes

I am a true blonde and without some help, my eyebrows are invisible. I thought "medium ash" would be a really light color that would work well for me. I was definitely wrong. It’s a much darker brown than I thought. No matter how lightly I press, it goes on way too dark. Even my husband commented that they looked too dark and he doesn’t even know I do anything to my brows.

Doris Avon, NC

The pencil broke the first day …

The ladies at Ulta – the beauty store – were raving about this and so I went for it, the beautiful Anastasia Brow Wiz Brunette. I have pretty thick eye brows but I need to shape it here and there, so nothing heavy duty mind you. The first day I open the stupid pencil, the lead just falls out, broken. The Ulta is too far from my house so I decided to just make it work, so I put it back in there, carefully, and was able to make it work a little bit but then the following week, the lead broke again. The brush is fine, nothing spectacular, and the color of the stupid pencil, when I could get it to work, was alright. I don’t believe I’ll be buying another thing from the Anastasia line. Be gentle with this pencil, it is not made for practical use or anything!!!

Georgina Bergman, AR

Perfect application

I love my Brow Wiz. I have very thin eyebrows and have tried many things to make them look darker, thicker and most importantly, natural. This little pencil allows me to have complete control over my tiny thin brows and the color is very natural and perfect. The little brush on the end works well too for grooming hairs the right direction.

Lourdes Hazel Green, KY

Great brow pencil

After hearing many positive reviews about this I had to get it and I have to say it does do a good job with making your brows look natural. I don’t like the fact that part of the product fell apart after opening it but other than that it works very well and it’s a bonus i got it for a tad cheaper than on any other department store.

Lauri Luverne, AL

best brow pencil ever

Love this brow wiz! Color is amazing and love how fine the tip is gives you complete control to be natural or a little daring

Guadalupe Saddlestring, WY

good definition.

I was first recommended this product from a sales girl at ulta and was unsure about going from a drugstore brand to this and am glad I did. Its so easy to define your eyebrows and you don’t have to sharpen it. I would give it 5 but I did try a brow pencil from benefit cosmetics that gives me a little more of a bold brow which I like sometimes. But this is quick and easy to use when you are in a hurry.

Letha Rapid River, MI

Where has this been all my life?!

I am fairly new to filling in my brows. I use to use just a pencil from the drug store. The end result was just okay and my brows would get oily and not stay put at all. I saw all the rave reviews on this product and gave it a try. This is an absolute must have for brows! I use this in conjunction with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to set my brows and WOW do they look great and stay put all day! This is my HG for brows-I honestly don’t think I could use anything else. I know the price is steep but the result is well worth it.

Heidi Candler, NC

This product is awesome, I love all of Anastasia’s products

This product is awesome, I love all of Anastasia’s products. This one is great for a quick fill in or you can go all out with it. The color payoff is pretty good, but if you’re looking for a little more Anastasia brow pomade is the way to go! Love all her products, can’t go wrong. The soft brown is a little light for me, but my eyebrows are pretty dark, I have invested in the color chocolate, and that seems to fit me.

Magdalena Fort Thomas, AZ

Great product

I chose the medium ash shade and found it to be a perfect match for my brows. It is easy to apply and looks very natural when used lightly to fill in my brows where needed, following the direction of the hair growth. I next apply NYX Eye Brow Shaper Wax on top then use the brow brush to do any final shaping of my brows. Although expensive, I ordered another one because the results look so natural.

Frieda Colgate, WI

Would not purchase again.

I love Anastasia products, but this pencil did not glide on so easily. I much prefer her brow powders. Would not purchase again.

Chris Kingston, WA

Wiz of a product

amazing product. I have no eyebrows due to chemo. this draws nice hair like strokes, and doesn’t smudge. It stays put, and looks very natural

Dora Corinth, VT


It came in great packaging .In its own original anastasia beverly hills box.It’s the perfect color for my eyebrows andI have medium brown natural hair. I love this pencil andhave been using it everyday since I bought it. I will definitely repurchase!

Reyna River, KY

Anastasia is the truth!

My brows look so natrual and awesome. I got the dark brown and it is really dark. The brow brush is nice for keeping brows tidy and the pencil goes on light and fine. LOVE IT!!!! I will try a lighter color next but I love it. No more Maybelline for me.

Angel Silverdale, WA

One of my favorite ones. A bit over priced though.

This is one of my two favorite eye brow pencils. It allows you to have more control over the shape and you can slowly draw very precise lines using this.However, I think this one is over priced because I used to have a product that is almost exactly the same as this product from NUANCE and it costs less than 10 dollars in drug store. Sadly NUANCE no longer manufactures that.

Concepcion Bethel, DE

Terrible value

First off, I love the color! This is the first good match I’ve found as a blonde. If I had Unlimited funds, I’d probably continue buying it. It’s WAY to expensive for what you get. This didn’t last a month for me with daily use. I can’t justify that much per month when there are much less expensive options.

Ila Sandusky, MI