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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Dipbrow Pomade – Chocolate

Creamy, waterproof brow color ideal for defining and sculpting precise, smudge-free brows. Use with Brush #12 for a completely smooth, effortless application.

Key features

  • Waterproof brow color ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won’t fade.
  • Smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair.
  • Must-have for oily skin and humid climates.

Honest reviews


Awesome product

This product is amazing! I decided to buy it because i have watched so much youtube reviews about them and thought id give it a try. It came two days after i ordered it which is fast shipping! I tried it on and was amazed with the results! I finally found the perfect make up for my brows. 3 days after receiving my first order, i ordered another one! I highly recommend this product! I would even pay more than $18 if i have to, its so worth the money!

Marcy Sherman, IL

This stays in place all day

This is a great product and it stays true even on my oily skin. You use very little product on a brush so this pot will last a really long, long time. It’s essential that you have a very fine angled brush. Mine is from Japonesque. A little goes a long way. The blond shade is a very light taupe without any red or gray, perfect for light or dark blond hair. The consistency is creamy and you can control the darkness by applying more or less product. It also helps keep brow hair in place throughout the day. I highly recommend this product.

Dena New Salem, IL

Maybe it will grow on me…

Ive been using this for a week or two, and its pretty great stay-wise. Doesnt even budge. Application is pretty easy too. The only thing that didnt impress me is the color… I heard people say it was ashy and did not have any red or yellow tint to it. It has a weird orangey tint to it… just slightly. My hair is dark ash blonde, so it doesnt quite match. I thought it would be lighter being for blondes, but its still prettttty dark. I just blend it with my Etude House eye fix pencils, which are both really grey.So in the end, it works out.

Ilene Heppner, OR

Lives up to the hype.

Out of all the ABH products, this one is my favorite. Not the Countour Kit, not the Brow Wiz, not the palettes. It’s this little jar filled with pomade that really makes a difference in how your brows should look that is my favorite ABH product that I would buy over and over.As of 5/7/14, I am surprised that this is the only place right now here on Amazon that HAS these in stock at the moment and are shipping out as soon as your order. You can’t really get them on any other website — they’re very high in demand! I was able to buy several different colors with no problem for friends and family.I own the Too Faced mousse and while it’s a nice product (that even comes with a brush), this one is just, hands down, the best I product I have used on my brows. Plus, $18 is a steal on this stuff. Given that the shelf life is 6 months, it’s going to last even if you use it every single day. Especially if you like to go for a bold brow. I don’t see how anyone could use up the product in that amount of time unless you are caking it on. If you are finding yourself low after just a couple months, then you need to remember that a little goes a long way with this stuff! Just a little dab with your brush and you’ve got one whole brow set for the day.It goes on smooth, it’s creamy, it adheres to the skin just as well as it latches onto the brows (so no patchy looking spots), and blends very well (if you’re like me and love going for a gradient brow).The only problem I have come across from most people is the colors. While Dark Brown works well for me, there isn’t much of a choice for those who have lighter ash toned hair, because these seem to run a little warm. I imagine maybe setting them with a light powder could help tone it down, although it wouldn’t be the same. Hopefully Anastasia comes out with more colors soon for this bad boy.I highly recommend those who love to have good looking brows to get this item if you haven’t yet. I love pencils and powders, but if you really want a clean look without a mess that stays all day, then here you go.

Sharon Guys, TN

apply carefully!

Okay here is the deal: When my hair is freshly dyed dark brown, and especially when it has any hint of warm/red tones in it, this looks great in my eyebrows. If your hair is any less vivid (lighter, cooler tones, or just more dull) then this might look like too much. You can try and apply it super-sparingly but it is very difficult to achieve because it is a very color infused gel. And it dries really quickly. So when I am feeling like I really have time to get ready in the mornings then this looks good if I can use a really light touch with a fine tip brush and then comb it through before it dries. If I am in a hurry getting ready, this is just not practical because it is too easy to wind up looking like a clown if you don’t really take your time.

Esmeralda Winter Haven, FL

best brow product

I really love this dipbrow. It goes on easily, stays on all day, and is the perfect shade for me. A tiny, tiny amount goes a very long way.

Christie Stanley, VA

Works better than expected.

I bought this wanting to try something new besides the usual pencil filler and this product did not disappoint. The color is consistent, the formula is creamy and goes on so smoothly. It’s blendable and buildable which is a must for any brow product. I will definitely be purchasing this over and over until they stop making it. Worth every penny.

Estella Lake Harmony, PA

A perfect eyebrow product for blondes.

I bought the Dipbrow Pomade in blonde. I am a natural blonde (but have colored my hair lighter blonde) and my eyebrows are practically nonexistent; they’re very, very light blonde and also sparse from plucking too much in the 90s (pencil thin eyebrows, be damned!) This stuff, sed with the Brush – Duo A/S – Mini (#7), gives me a thicker, natural looking brow with a great shape and natural color. Lasts pretty long too, as long as I don’t scratch my eyebrows.

Nellie Nunica, MI

The Best Eyebrow Product I Have Found!

This is the best my eyebrows have ever looked! The color is perfect. After I learned to use very little on my brush, I was able to apply it perfectly. My eyebrows are so defined now without looking "drawn on". I have tried expensive pencils, powders, "pens", gels and creams, but this works the best and looks the best. Do not worry about the price because you can use so little at a time, it should last much longer than anything else…and there is quite a lot in the jar.

Aileen Ansted, WV


I have been using a brow pencil for several year before trying this. I will never go back. A little goes a long way but this is very easy to apply. Love it.

Elena Banks, ID

Love it, wrong color

Love the product but it’s the wrong color. I purchased ebony when I should have gotten dark brown or chocolate. Should’ve swatched before ordering online.

Natalia Galliano, LA

Best brow gel ever.

Every girl who likes polished brows needs this product. This is a must have. I also love that it is water proof. It doesn’t budge.

Mildred Negaunee, MI


The price looked a little steep to me, but I tried it because I’ve heard great things. This product delivered. First of all, you’ll never use this entire pot of pomade in your entire life, unless you color your whole face in. The picture doesn’t give the jar size justice: it’s bigger than the mac pots (and wider). I barely just tap my angled brush in the pot with barely any force at all and have almost enough for both brows, and I’ve got thick eyebrows. It’s a great investment for the price, and the consistency is great. you won’t be disappointed.

Tonia Lawen, OR

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 stars is the best for my freelance kit …all others were sold out of this product or wanted to double the price . this vender/seller was selling it for the correct price great service speedy delivery to me and im so satisfied with it all service and product. Great product for brows stays in place and that’s important out here in the las Vegas heat and wind. thanks

Lina Oelwein, IA