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AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

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  • AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

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It was a fluke that I bought this. They didn’t have my go-to lotion at the drug store, and there were a bunch of tourists that wouldn’t move out of the lotion aisle, so I grabbed the first unscented thing I saw. Holy guacamole am I glad I did. This stuff has saved my skin and given me back my quality of life. Seriously. I can’t stress this enough. And I’ve only been using it for four days. My face was a mess. For years. After a small eczema breakout in my mid-twenties, a dermatologist had me slather my face with a powerful corticosteroid. And then another. And another. Ten years went by and even years after I refused to put more poison on my face, I hadn’t recovered. The skin on my face was dry to point of cracking, and after we moved to an incredibly humid place, it was red, itchy, and peeling ALL THE TIME. People wouldn’t touch me because they thought I was contagious. Strangers wouldn’t look at me because I made them uncomfortable. It sucked, people. And doctors never seemed to know what to do, so eventually I gave up and tried everything under the sun to fix my skin.Since I wasn’t sure if this stuff was helping or hurting at first, I thought I’d include a log of how this stuff works (which I looked for when I first started using it). I’ll update throughout the next few weeks for folks that are looking for a miracle.*note: you are not supposed to put this on your face. I put it on mine because I was desperate. There is a warning on the label. So use it on your face at your own risk.DAY 1: Omg. It burns!!!! My face was like a mask of dryness, and I thought I was having an allergic reaction. But I decided to give it a few days to see. I’d read so many testimonials about this stuff that I really wanted it to work, but to be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot of hope. I started using it twice a day, even though it felt like acid on my rashed-out face. I did use some Aveeno mid-morning and mid-afternoon to ease the discomfort.DAY 2: Still burns! Maybe even worse. But I rubbed my face down with a soft washcloth and to my surprise there was skin under there! Not flaky, not red and irritated, but just normal skin. I felt hopeful, but tried not to put too much stock into it. The lines on my forehead decreased, too, though my skin was still really flaky. The amlactin seemed to push stuff to the surface too, and I got a few blemishes on my cheeks, but they were small and not too painful.DAY 3: Woke up very flaky, but after I washed my face I noticed that there was very little blotchiness. My whole face flaking out had been reduced to just a few dry spots. My blemishes were healing fast. It still burned a little when I put the lotion on, but not horribly painfully so. I had more energy. The skin on my face was tighter, but in a good way. I looked a few years younger.DAY 4 (today): I look ten years younger. There is still a little flaking, but not so much that I’m embarrassed to show my face. In fact, I look really good. My skin is smooth and there is no redness. The skin under my eyes is not saggy, my forehead has hardly any lines, and I am not itchy. The blemishes the lotion brought out are almost gone. I am a normal person. I did not have to supplement with Aveeno today. I didn’t need to.I’ll keep adding updates as I need to. But I am so far incredibly thankful I found this stuff. It’s given me my life back.UPDATE:DAY 7: I got carded at the grocery store! And I’m in my mid-thirties. This stuff is the cat’s pajamas. All the dry spots on my face have smoothed out. I have a few marks from blemishes, but they are fading fast. I had planned on getting my skin to a good enough point to wear foundation makeup, but I don’t need to any more. My skin looks better every day. I’m still having problems with my neck area, but that’s because I got a really bad heat rash on it the other day. It’s going to take some time to fix ten years’ worth of damage, but with results like these, I’m a happy camper.UPDATE:Day 10: I’ve had a horrid reaction that I’m afraid might be tied to this lotion. My face is a mess. I’m deeply depressed at the thought that I’ll have to find something else again. I’m leaving the rating because it works quite well everywhere but my face. Any suggestions for better options for face cream would be appreciated.

Summer Campaign, TN


Great lotion if you have dry skin like me!I only have to use this 1 time a week and the lactic acid in there keeps working…this lotion is really good for slight exfoliation/brightening/holding in moisture and helping enhance other beauty prodct one might be using…..but what won me over was how this lotion got rid of my feet calluses!! I have tried dermabrasion/brillo board/blow torch(just kiddin, lol) but seriously I wear stillettos/high heels allot and thats why I had ‘rough’ unfeminine feet. But not now, thanks to this God Sent lotion from heaven!Overall, its a staple in my never ending quest for all things beauty!

Reva Penasco, NM

Don’t waste your money

This lotion sits on the skin and goes on like a 99 cent bottle of lotion. There is no fragrance and I was duped by a famous dermatologist on tv. Never again.

Zelma Thompson Ridge, NY

Great Stuff. Works like nothing else.

I’ve had "bumpy" arms for years. Went through literally gallons of every kind of lotion you can imagine. I wised up and bought Amlactin to see if it would be any different. Within a week, the skin on my arms is much smoother. I use it on my feet and pretty much all over. Aside from the weird "mediciney" smell, it’s a great product.

Robin Brookhaven, PA

Great medicated lotion

This is a medication, and a darn good one! It used to be by prescription only and it turned my rough keratosis pilaris patches into normal feeling skin! If all you want is to make your healthy skin a bit softer, you’re looking at the wrong thing. It has a slight odor (really not bad and dissipates quickly) and can leave your skin a bit sticky, but it works! When you have a moderate to severe skin condition those "side effects" are nothing. I’m more than willing to tolerate a slight odor if it means I can actually touch my upper arms and legs without feeling awful about myself.For best results, use it 2x a day. Once your symptoms clear you may be able to use it once a day instead. If you stop using it, the symptoms will come back. It’s a treatment, not a cure.

Jaclyn Lenhartsville, PA

good stuff

I read in one of my pharmacy textbooks about this lotion. My skin gets dry/chapped/yucky in the winter. I’ve been trying desperately to prevent this from happening. My textbook said to find a lotion with 12% Lactic Acid. I came on Amazon and found this, ordered it right away. There is NO smell whatsoever which I am happy with. Lotions that smell nice generally don’t work for me. It does feel a little greasy/sticky when first applied, but this goes away after a few minutes. The results are awesome! My hands aren’t getting chapped and we have started having some pretty cold days with high winds. I will keep using through the winter and update if this ends up not working. Also, my textbook says lotion should be applied within 3 minutes of getting out of a bath/shower while skin is still damp. I believe this is another key factor in my skin acting better this year.

Leola Carterville, IL

Really Great for Sun-Damaged Skin

I used to be an avid sun-worshipper (Why why why, young-self? Why?!), and am reaping the results in my mid-30s. I am a beauty addict, and product junkie and have tried many moisturizer options for my slightly crepey skin (mostly back-of-hands, lower arms, chest and neck areas). After about 4 weeks of steady use, AmLactin 12% has made a very noticeable improvement in overall skin texture. The backs of my hands and my neck are most improved by far.I removed one star for three smallish reasons:1) I develop little what look like little skin polyps when using this without a break (though they disappear if I discontinue use for a couple of days, and I feel like the benefits outweigh the occasional tiny bumps)2) This does not have a pretty smell (at all). But a spritz of after-bath scent can take care of that.3) I bought this for my mother who developed a rash on neck and chest (though not anywhere else on her body) after a week’s use.Overall, though, pretty great results with this stuff, and a nice amount of product for the price.

Martha Richlands, NC

Can’t believe it worked

I saw this on Good Morning America to tighten skin on arms and legs and help with dry skin. I am very fair and have had dry scaly patches on my hands for 15 years. I love rings and quit wearing them so I wouldn’t bring attention to my hands. Within 2 weeks of using, my hands were back to normal. So happy, painted my nails and put on my rings. Also using on my face and noticed it exfoliates the skin. I just bought a bottle just to use on my arms and legs. Excited to see what it does for them. The smell is not bad and I will continue to purchase.

Justina Lumber Bridge, NC

Great Lotion

I purchased this in hopes to remove the unsightly Keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. So far so good. My skin is extremely soft and the lotion doesn’t have any scent whatsoever. I didn’t give it 5 stars because there are some bumps still present, but I’ve read other reviews that have said it takes awhile for it to completely get rid of them so now we wait…

Christian Otisville, NY

Great for KP, makes my skin very soft

This was a great buy for my KP and other skin issues (some leftover hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, etc). While my KP is not totally gone, it is already drastically reduced. I have been using this about twice daily, following it with St. Ives Naturally Smooth Oatmeal & Shea Butter moisturizer. I did not really notice the smell, so I would say I have to disagree with people who say it smells like cat urine. I took off one point because it is quite expensive for a body lotion, but it made my KP much more tolerable. It also made my perpetually-cracked elbows incredibly smooth. All of my skin (even non-KP affected) is much, much smoother and silkier now that I started using this lotion. I will continue to use this lotion, and buy it from Amazon, where it is at least five dollars cheaper than my local pharmacy.

Katie Exira, IA

Strong ammonium smell

Really softens skin, but the smell made me feel like I was back in my high school chem lab. It’s a very strong, ammonium smell (the "lactic acid" is in the form of the ammonium lactate salt). Not for sensitive noses – it makes me feel kind of nauseous. Won’t be purchasing this again, unfortunately. Will stick to my Glytone.

Cecelia Forksville, PA

Has Really Helped With Keratosis Pilaris

I got this for my boyfriend after learning he has Keratosis Pilaris, which for the longest time we thought was back and butt acne. This product, along with Glytone exfoliating body wash has cleared his back and butt up in a matter of weeks. He said his back hasn’t looked this good since 5th grade. He is very happy with the product and we will by again.

Sherri Charlotte, MI

Moisturizing Lotion

This was recommended by my Dermatologist for my extra dry skin. It helps but is not perfect as it does not last all day. It probably does more healing than I realize but like some other lotions better for all day comfort. Sometimes I use both.

Jillian Kincaid, IL

good so far

I’ve been using this for a month or so and I have noticed a decreased redness and bumpiness to the back of my arms. The viscosity of the fluid is much greater than other lotions I’ve used, making it super-slippery and “lotion-y” if that’s a word. Very moisturizing, and I think it’ll become my go-to all-purpose lotion.

Mercedes Emmonak, AK

Gets Rid of Little Arm Bumps

I researched online and chose this product for those pesky red or skin-colored bumps that have emerged on the backs of my upper arms. I have delicate skin and this lotion quickly removed most of the bumps within a couple of weeks without stinging or irritating my skin. If there is a fragrance or odor to this lotion, it doesn’t bother me at all, and I have an annoyingly keen sense of smell. I have used this also on razor rash on my legs, and it clears it. Glad I chose it.

Annie Lexington, GA

Great for KP & dry skin!

This lotion was first recommend to me by my dermatologist to help with my mild KP. I got this at Costco for about $17. It smelled sort of like glue, but after applying the smell didn’t linger. The texture was sort of watery, but really helped with the KP, and I started using it everywhere I used my other lotion. Even though it’s thin, it really helps with dry skin, almost immediately.For my KP, I use the Dermadoctor body scrub on my dry upper arms and let it sit there for about an hour. I rinse it completely off, scrubbing it as I rinse it, then apply lots of Amlactin, and my arms look great!I really like this lotion, even for the price. I would never be without it again!

Madeline Milesville, SD


gets rid of / significantly reduces Keratosis pilaris, as well as any body acne. Also makes you skin soft and supple. I also use it after my retinoid cream the next day to assist with the sloughing process. This stuff is amazing. It has made my skin very supple and smooth. It smells though! Has a faint chemical odour almost like hair dye/ amonia smell- but putting up with that to get great results is totally worth it.

Robin Lovettsville, VA

Best skin protectant

i like this lotion, it does really works well, it heals dry skin, it is very essential to have it against dry or aging problems or for treating itchy damaged skin, its very light and not greasy, i like also treat scars and i like its sense,

Betsy Johnston City, IL

Best Lotion I’ve ever used! Period.

This really works better than I ever imagined a body lotion could. I recommend dry brushing first, then use this. There are plenty of videos on the internet on how to do this. Your skin will feel like a baby’s skin….I am not exaggerating! I will never buy another lotion again! (I bought the Yerba dry brush here on Amazon, FYI)

Lorna Augusta, AR

Love it

Been using it to combat my KP (keratosis pilaris) on my arms. Using it for about 2 weeks. I have seen a dramatic difference in the texture and bumps. However its not a total miracle. I can still see redness (which never seems to go away)

Geri Equinunk, PA


I really did not see any difference with this lotion. Its thin, liquidy, and smells like ammonia. Eww! Not very moisturizing.

Natasha Somes Bar, CA


This is the best cream yet, it took away most of my skin bumps..called KP skin. I will order again.

Roseann North Boston, NY

Can’t live without it

This lotion is a must have for me. I use it once or twice a week all over, including my feet; it really helps with dry skin and KP. It is a bit sticky when you put it on so I prefer to use it at night. I also can’t get over the price here, the small bottle of this runs about $15 where I live so this price for 20oz is a steal.

Stella Redvale, CO

Love this Lotion.

I was looking for a body lotion with AHA and the reviews were very good for this one. I was going to order it, but found it at my Costco for $13.99. I have a new favorite, I don’t usually use body lotions but this one is amazing. I have only been using it for a few weeks. My skin is baby soft to the touch, my tone is evening out. It makes my feet soft and smooth. It is a large bottle and I am so happy to have the pump for dispensing. I really don’t notice a smell per se and it absorbs pretty quickly. In addition it is not greasy and I haven’t experienced any sensitivity to the AHA (no tingling). When I run out, and if I can’t find it at Costco I will definitely order from Amazon.

Maude Crab Orchard, NE