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AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

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  • AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion – 567 g / 20 oz

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Everything is smooth.

Ok, in truth, this stuff smells funny and somewhat unpleasant. It’s not as bad as some have made it out to be, but it’s not something you should use as a scented lotion when going out, that’s for sure.That said, this stuff is AWESOME! Your skin, I kid you not!, will feel like silk after using this for a couple days. Like butter, you won’t be able to stop touching it. And the effect stays even after you wash the lotion off (but not if you stop using the lotion completely, then you skin will probably return to how it was before, if it was dry, it will become dry again unless you eliminate what’s actually making it dry). This is excellent to use after a nice exfoliating session.The bottle is comfortably big to allow for liberal application of this stuff. It’s not too thick and you have to really work it in to the skin. It does feel a little sticky after it dries, so you may have to wash it off after you’ve allowed it to dry and soak into your skin long enough.

Lula El Centro, CA

I’m a Believer

I’ve been using Alpha hydrox on and off for a decade so I know what it can do for your face. And I fell in live with a similar body lotion that nuetrogena made for a short time that has similar results for less $.I also get those little bumps up the back of my legs and arms and am plagued with body acne- especially on my back.I’m getting older(34) and am learning that exfoliation is key to improving skin tone and clarity.Well this lotion made an immediate difference in the texture of my skin. My skin was smooth the next day and the bumps not as pronounced. Two days later and I continue to see an improvement.I read a lot of the reviews and everyone comments on how moisturizing this lotion is. It’s not. What makes your skin so soft is that the dead, rough skin cells are being exfoliated leaving smoother skin. Take a biology class and you’ll be surprised at how much of your skin is actually dead. Dozens of layers! These layers are what waterproof your body but they dont help with radiance, that’s for sure!I got a mild stinging when I first applied the lotion. Good! It tells me that there’s enough AHA in there to actually do something! And you get a large bottle which is a huge selling point for me. Those small tubes of AHA cost nearly this much.It does smell awful. Really stinky and chemical like. But AHA doesn’t normally smell like roses. It’s only a mild annoyance for me and I prefer this smell to dumping fragrance on top to mask it.Some may need a moisturizer behind this. And if you are sensitive I don’t know how often you’ll be able to apply this. But it works and for that I am very, very happy. You should try it.Wear sunscreen! AHA makes you sun sensitive which means you’ll damage your skin much more easily.

Carole San Rafael, NM

Licensed Estheticians Review

Glamazons rejoice! This is the ONLY body lotion I recommend to anyone, and you all know that I am not paid by any company for my reviews, so I am 100% honest. If you have a Costco membership, buy it there. It is 17.00 at Costco. If not, buy it here. It is well worth the money and every plastic Surgeon and dermatologist I know loves it as well. I saw immediate results with this baby. I have freckles on my body and my skin isn’t as hydrated as I would like, but with this lotion, its constantly turning over my skin cells and my skin has never looked better! Now, if you’re looking for something for your hands and feet, read my review on Aquaphor. xoxoxoLicensed Beauty Pro Owner of Glamour Couture

Erica Dalton, WI


Probably like most people using this lotion, my skin just needed some help..sun damage, getting older, just seemed like “time” to pull out “the big guns’. Well, this stuff IS interesting no doubt! Everything sticks to me…my sheets, my shirts, my dogs hair…I feel like a human fly paper. It DOES WORK and my skin feels much better but only after hours waiting for this stuff to absorb or “rub off”. I’m looking into NeoStrata Lotion Plus AHA 15 after this bottle is empty…check out NeoStrata Lotion Plus AHA 15 if you’re not loving this product. I’ve never tried it but the price is similar and its a higher potency.

Nina Rice, TX

so far so good

heard about the lactic acid lotion on where else Dr Oz lolwas intrigued about the exfoliating daily, thought that would be beneficial for myselfas well as my son who has suffered from eczema since he was little (now 20) his legs (below knee) are really scarred uphas only been a week but i can def see the difference in my skinits soft and glowing more. only area where its sensitive is our neck other than that no problemsit did burn a little the first few times putting it on otherwise fine kind of pricey but i believe in good moisturesmy son doesn’t seem to itch as much so will update after a month or so

Bettie Russell Springs, KY

Skin so Soft

I have tried a lot of body lotions in my day however this is by far the best.No odor and none gressy. It leaves your skin so soft like a baby’s behind and I am in my 60’s!!

Carla Concord, CA

So Far So Good

My title says it all. Haven’t been using it too long, but I notice some flakiness on arms/legs is starting to recede. The smell is like vinegar and rather pronounced. I use a nice vanilla botanical lotion (1 pump) and the Amlactin (2 pumps) to mask the odor. Don’t hesitate to purchase this due to the odor. If you want/need a good Alpha-Hydroxy moisturizing lotion… the great size, the price and the effectiveness cannot be beat! Just keep your "good smelling stuff" nearby; although the smell dissipates (somewhat) with air drying, and soaking into skin.

Daphne Warriormine, WV

is it really good?

i don’t like the smell and it absorbed not quick, but the cream is heavy, one pump is enough to use at a large area, so this bottom i can use for a long time.

Vicky Summerfield, TX

I wasted my money

I’m seeing no change in my sun damaged skin with the use of this product and I’m very disappointed because I’d hoped it would have worked on my skin the way the dermatologist said it would in fluffing off unwanted skin bumps

Pamala Umpqua, OR

Baby soft

This lotion is really good! The smell is a bit off- a little medicated-smell but not bad enough for others to smell it or for it be overwhelming. My skin feels really soft and I no longer have dry skin. (The New England winters can be rough)

Alexandra San Dimas, CA

Amazing results!!

I’ve been using this for a month now, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I use it in conjuction with Azaelic acid for my inner thighs where i had battled Sebaceous Cysts for a long time. I rarely have one now, and now they are tiny and go away quickly. Also, my butt is smooth as a baby’s now. I only use this lotion there since I only had regular pimples there, not cycsts.I also had some irritating small whiteheads that would form on the underside of my breasts. I don’t know if it was heat from my bra or what. It’s not like I didn’t shower twice a day. Since I’ve been using this, not one issue with that. It’s amaaazing stuff. Try it! Your skin will thank you!Yes, it does smell a bit like pee, but that quickly fades. Like within 15 minutes you don’t smell it any more.

Reva Addison, PA

Three Stars

Fine. Pretty soupy and did not absorb very well. Did not help KP but helped moisturizing

Hester Lakeside, MT

Somewhat greasy

This is a good product and I will continue to use it. However, I wish it could be chemically adjusted so that it would absorb better on my skin. I use it at night and my pillow also gets it.

Sheryl Grenville, SD

Came highly recommended by dermatologist

This is for my elderly mother who golfed and sun bathed her whole life. We know better today. This helps with her thin and damaged skin.

Courtney Livonia Center, NY

Even in the desert southwest

Every winter my skin gets dry and itchy. I found this stuff on the shelf at CVS, where it costs much more. I bought some because i already knew about lactic acid’s benefits. I put it on my entire body right after a shower now. Yes, it can leave a bit of tack until it settles into your skin, so I do that first thing when I rise and get ready for my day before putting my clothes on, but I never noticed any kind of smell. Yes, it can sting a bit, especially on legs I’ve just shaved, but it doesn’t last long. I’m 49 and my skin is soft and smooth now, and no longer dry and itchy, even in winter. What a blessing.

Lisa Alzada, MT

Works Well

Purchased this on the advice I received to aid my son in small white bumps, clogged pores, he gets on his arms. He still has some bumps but it appears he is not getting any new ones.

Christine Washington, NC

recommended by dr

This was recommended to me for that keratosis pilaris. I have it on my upper arms, worse on 1 arm. This lotion seemed like it was working good at first then seemed to stop working. My one arm almost cleared up and the worse arm cleared up a little then went back to how it was before. What I did like was it is a runny lotion so a little goes a long way. But I also got a eucerine type to do the same thing and it seems to work a little better. But neither works good enough to be worth it, the bumps are still visible so when I run out I will just use regular lotion on my arms.

Gretchen Beaverdam, VA

Its good

Im happy with the product and will probably keep using it. I have extremely dry skin and can get tiny bumps on my chest due to the dryness and this alleviates this. Good product

Linda Elderon, WI