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Amir Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Beautify and nourish hair with Argan Oil and Acai Berry Extract.

Key features

  • Free Shampoo gently cleanses the hair
  • Leaves hair silky with a healthy shine
  • Moisturizes dry and brittle hair and protest with antioxdants

Honest reviews


Okay, heavily perfumed

My family has now gone through two sets of this shampoo and conditioner. I purchased the set for $18. If it was still $18 I would consider buying it again for my other family members who still like it. For me, it’s a little too perfumed. I smell the scent of coconut all day long and that’s not really what I want to be smelling. I rarely wear perfume but when I do I want that to be the only scent I smell, not coconut from my hair.I also noticed that the two sellers selling this have changed the MSRP repeatedly, raising it upward with the number of reviews. At $9 per bottle it was okay. At $13 per bottle I can find something much better at my grocery store in the health food aisle and it will be organic and perfume-free.For the $26 they’re asking I could buy 2- 2 ounce bottles of GloNaturals 100% organic argan oil (vitacost) and add that to my conditioner and shampoo when I want to with plenty left for other uses.

Gabriela Owego, NY

Nice product

I have used this product twice now; it leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. I would recommend this product.

Marsha Longville, MN

Pricy as our family shampoo

Good shampoo, but it is pricy so I couldn’t buy them again when my kids were using them a lot!

Denise Fremont, NH


Great product, great smell, great texture. I love the Amir products they are great. And the packaging is convenient for shower too.

Sherry Disney, OK

Argan oil duo

I really, really like this shampoo and conditioner. My hair was looking a little tired from the winter. This is not heavy, smells good, cleans hair without drying. Will be buying this again.

Mamie Denton, KS

Must Try!!!

Great set and excellent price. I purchased this shampoo wanting to see what Aragan Oil is all about. I am a definite fan. I have dyed hair and the set contains no sulfate and doesn’t cause any fading. The scent is soft and a little bit earthy. It is a very clean scent. I must say the shampoo doesn’t lather all that well. The conditioner doesn’t seem like it works in the shower but when I comb my long hair out, there are hardly any tangles. Because of my oily scalp, I wash my hair daily with this shampoo. I recommend everyone Amir Aragan Oil and I will continue to buy this as part of my shower regimen.

Hope Lincoln, ME