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American Crew Defining Paste, 3 Ounce

American crew defining paste adds texture and increased definition to the hair. This lanolin based paste provides great hold yet retaining pliability. Hair looks fuller with added texture. Beeswax provides a natural, pliable hold for various lengths. The wax-like consistency provides a matte finish while still remaining easy to distribute through hair.

Key features

  • Lanolin – A rich emollient with moisturizing properties
  • Beeswax – Provides a pliable hold
  • Glycerin – Gives hair a thicker and fuller appearance
  • Gives added texture and increased definition
  • Great memory and hold with pliability
  • Provides a pliable hold

Honest reviews


good hold, but hair looks dry and lifeless

I have rough, dry and frizzy hair. This hair paste provides decent hold. But it leaves the hair looking dry and lifeless because as it says, it has low shine. Not the right product for my hair type I guess.

Marguerite Fruitland, MD

Matte, works into hair easily, and smells great!

I blow dry my hair bone dry, and then use the defining paste (matte, and holds good with just a tiny spritz of hairspray). I also have some left over forming cream, and it works really well too, just gives the hair a shinier look. For me, that shinier look is nice if I’m going to a wedding, or dressing up…that sort of thing.I blowdry the hair in the front up, blow dry the rest totally dry, put some defining paste in my palm, rub my hands together vigorously and warm it up, and then work it into my hair. I love the way the defining paste smells, matte looks nice, and it’s super easy to get that messy but controlled look. I have slightly wavy hair, not stick straight or curly. I get it cut pretty short (an inch or so), and then let it grow out to about two inches before I get it cut. That’s about 2 months of growth, and this product works good the entire time.Experiment and have fun, but I personally think the Defining Paste is awesome for matte, and forming cream if you want a little bit of shine (but it’s harder to work into your bone dry hair, and doesn’t smell as good).

Carole Berkeley, IL

if you are missing Guck in a Puck by Sharp’s barber

..then look no further, this is the alternative since the Sharp brand discontinued the Guck ..and it is has been a hunt to find a replacement! the medium hold is defiantly more pliable and easier to work with than Crew’s firm version. we noticed a little goes a long way and we are just happy to find my hubbie a replacement! Hubbie has short and curls in hair, so the paste provides a hold on the style without being sticky and no shine ..perfect.

Marla Maunie, IL

Great quality, saved some money!

For the past 2 years I’ve been usingJonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste(R) 3.35 oz, which I liked. But the problem is it costs about $8 more for the same size jar. I decided to start looking at other options and came across American Crew Defining paste and it’s nearly half the price for the same quantity and it works exactly the same as the higher priced Dirt I used to use. I’ll be switching over to American Crew going forward and saving some money!

Lee Almond, WI

Husband Loves it

My husband finally got out of the army and was very excited to get to grow his hair out again to style. He did his research and this is one of the Paste’s he found to work the best. It doesn’t make his hair hard or gooey which is great for me! Just holds style for a long time! Highly recommended

Charity Ottsville, PA

Smells really good

The smell is awesome. But as for as the paste goes, it really doesn’t hold at all. More just for smell. lol.

Meghan North Sutton, NH

Perfect For my Dad

He was visiting and needed something for his hair to stay down.He was playing with all my products and I knew this was for him. So i tried to find it in OK. but couldn’t so when found it on here n sent it to him DAD IS IN HEAVEN NOW. AMERICAN CREW PASTE IS AWESOME!So of course I had to get the other item to go with it… lol

Andrea Calvin, OK