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Ambi Skincare Fade Cream, Normal Skin, 2-Ounce Tubes

Fades dark spots for even, natural skin tone. With Vitamin E, Alpha hydroxy acid & sunscreen.

Key features

  • Gradually fades dark areas for even, natural skin tone
  • Contains sun screen to prevent darkening from reoccuring
  • Ambi Skin Discoloration Fade Cream gradually fades dark areas for even, natural skin tone.
  • Specially formulated to treat skin discolorations such as freckles, age and liver spots, and pigment in the skin that may result from pregnancy

Honest reviews


beware anything with hydroquinone

The main ingredient (Hydroquinone) has reportedly been all but banned for skin use in Europe (Directive 76/768/EEC:1976) because it was found to be carcinogenic- which means “cancer- causing.”

Angelica Wickliffe, KY

It Works and is Economical…Really!

Using this AMBI cream consistently TWO times a day (AM/PM) will deliver noticeable results in 14 days. Putting it on after a steamy shower while the skin is still moist/warm helps the cream penetrate better AND daily making sure we drink enough water, get enough fruits and vegetables are secrets from a facialist for clearer skin.This AMBI formulation now contains Alpha-Hydroxy for skin cell renewal, a sunscreen and lightening agent-2% Hydroquinone. My budget has tightened, so facials and salon products are history. AMBI I’m back! This 4pack for $19.96 from Amazon with another Amazon item, I snagged free shipping for orders of $25 and up. That’s cheaper and more convenient than going to my local Walgreens.I haven’t used any other AMBI products. I make my own facial masque/scrub using a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of antibacterial liquid soap. Make it FRESH each time, use the leftovers on the backs of your hands. I’m battling adult acne, fighting pimples, wrinkles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmenation AND age spots. Who knew we’d STILL continue working hard to stay attractive ;)IMPORTANT: Please read the product instructions and cautions. Many international skin care companies are removing Hydroquinone from their formulations due to the European ban. Additionally, if you see no improvement within 60 to 90 days you may need to see a Dermatologist for a prescription strength solution.UPDATE: Started using the AMBI Even and Clear Exfoliating wash like the microbeads and the salicylic acid 1% that keeps bumps away so I don’t need to fade them afterwards 🙂 TIP: Make sure you spend at least TWO minutes on your face with this so it gets a chance to activate and deposit the medication deep into the pores. Something my facialist told me “If we spent the TIME on ourselves… finding the appropriate products AND using them properly …pampering and treating ourselves wonderfully we’d be looking AND feeling good and have a few extra bucks in our pockets so we could go out with your facialist and get helpful hints :)” She was letting me know the economy is no excuse for not looking and being our best…I AGREE!

Luisa Pompton Plains, NJ

Excellent for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

Excellent for clearing up post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. I’m fair skinned (very very pale), so I can scar easily. With trouble combination skin, acne, age, etc…this has been a problem I’ve dealt with for years, nearly decades. The problem with cystic acne is you can develop post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which in simple terms are those dark splotchy purple/red spots that linger for months as it heals, sometimes even permanently scarring the area. And if you are older than your usual acne sufferer (ie a teenager), it takes even longer for them to go away because of the time it takes for collagen & elastin to be produced in the body. They are unsightly & seem to take forever to go away, especially if you get multiple flare ups of acne atop the same spot. Well, I finally managed to get the acne under control & decided I needed to get a product that could help clear up the dark marks left over on my cheeks. I’ve seen dermatologists multiple times for both acne & scarring, & although they are very capable, at times their remedies are costly. I needed something affordable and effective. I happened across this product amidst researched reviews & reports. It was priced affordably and seemed to have majority positive reviews on various sites. I did buy this elsewhere in a single tube to try it first, before investing in a multi-pack. There are two kinds: normal & oily skin. I got the one for normal, though perhaps I should have considered for oily, as it will moisturize the sites in which you apply it. But I’ve not broken out because of it thus far. I’ve used it for about a week now, apply twice a day as it recommends. I wash my face, treat it for acne, apply this (ONLY to the sites of discoloration), & top it off with sunblock. I wear sunblock anyway, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you wear it, especially when using this product. It works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin, within the site of application. Not using sunscreen/block, allows the spots to return once you have finishing using Ambi, because the skin’s melanin is what makes us tan & freckle; protecting & reacting to the sun’s rays. Thus, this will make you more photo sensitive to the sun for a while. It does have it’s own sunscreen mixed in, but you should really be mindful of your skin (the largest organ of your body) & wear sunscreen everyday. & don’t trust the ones only in your make up. It degrades over time & tends to be a low spf. I digress, in the short amount of time, Ambi has managed not to break me out further & the areas of extreme discoloration have already improved by 50%. I’m extremely please with the results. The majority of dark purple contrast has faded to a light pink or pale red. This type of result would have taken me weeks without assistance. Ambi recommends you use it for about 3 months & discontinue use thereafter. I would theorize that my spots will diminish adequately long before then. Remember, there is no magic cure or youth potion, but if you take care of your skin when you are in your teens & early 20’s (avoiding excessive sun, wearing sunscreen, handling acne, etc…) you’ll be much better off in the long run. And if you are going to use ANY lightening cream, be mindful that you are going to be more photosensitive afterwords; wear sunscreen.

Claire Lincoln, NE

This stuff works, but you should know that…

AMBI does work at fading darker skin discolorations. In fact, it works so good, it faded a dark spot under my eye in about 20-30 minutes. That is good news, and it is kind of scary in my opinion. Although they seem to be rare, hydroquinone can have many adverse side effects. And, hydroquinone is carcinogenic (as found in lab mice). PLEASE, use it with caution.Please know, if you are PATIENT, PERSISTENT, and want to proceed with CAUTION, consider something else that absorbs in the skin at a much slower rate and is MUCH SAFER. And, it’s safe for darker skin types (asian, latino, blacks, etc). While I’m as white as they get (Fitzpatrick type 1), I still wanted to avoid the slim chance of adverse reactions with hydroquinone and decided to use MaMa lotion. It’s a 10% Malic and 10% Mandelic acid. It is very effective at evening out your skin tone, but it takes time, as it abosorbs at a much slower rate (making it safer and just as effective, but much slower).If Mama lotion interest you, you don’t need to buy the whole skincare line. Just buy the 20% refinisher. It does lighten scars somewhat and fades discoloration (melasma). Google for the website. It’s around $40 a bottle, and a bottle will last 6-8 weeks. It does make your face sticky though!I got a bad chemical burn from a ‘beauty product’ a few years ago. I still struggle to this day to get my skin back to a normal appearance. PLEASE use products with caution, and learn from my mistake!

Sierra West Topsham, VT

The BEST Fade Cream

Have been using Ambi for years with excellent results.Tip: try some lemon juice or diluted lemon juice on your skin first – helps reduce fine lines and do gentle chemical peel. Same ingredient as many expensive items at a tiny fraction of the cost. The Ambi works quicker this way. If you want exfoliation once a week, you might try some baking soda mixed to a paste and GENTLY exfoliate face, neck, upper chest, hands – even legs and feet once you’re in the tub. It dissolves before it rips your skin up, unless you are very sensitive. Age spots, redness, minor lines all disappear. Toothpaste on for 5 minutes also does a chemical peel. NEVER let any of this stuff get in your eyes. If you don’t use sunblock, the marks come back. If you have very sensitive skin, please skip these exfoliation tips.Problem: if I do my upper chest and cleavage (removes spots and creasing from sun, weathering and time) I need to wear a white undershirt or something that can get stained and does not upset me. Same with hand-towels, and pillow-cases. If you’re not sleeping alone, you may want to put this on way before bedtime as it does have a smell that’s medicinal and not too sexy.I love the convenience of the tube. You can put one in your purse. This price is great and I just love having it delivered!

Noreen Westland, PA

Dramatic Results in my hard to treat brown spots

Been dealing with ugly brown spots left over from previous pregnancies 2 years ago, tired RX samples, expensive Clinique products all without any bit of improvement. Was shocked to find this so cheap at a local drug store, have been using it twice a day for 3 weeks now and the spots have remarkibly improved! I don’t like the smell but it goes away quickly. Even though it has a SPF in it, I would also advise using your regular daily SPF that you would regularly use ontop of it.I’m anxious to cont. using it a few more weeks to see if the brown spots resolve completely…even if they don’t change any more then they are now, I’m still extremely happy with the results!Unless you have a huge area to cover, one 2 oz tube should last you a very long time. A pea size dab technically covers the entire face, so if you just spot treat your discolored areas, you will need even less than a pea size. Plus, it also states on the back of the box to discontinue use after 3 months; so buying 4 tubes is probably not necessary unless you have more family members or friends you will share them with. Just a suggestion 😉 I use it 2x a day for several weeks now, and there is not even a dent in the tube yet.

Alexis Fredericksburg, VA


I used this and it was great for the first couple uses but it stopped working and it made me itch.

Natalie Elmora, PA


Skin turnover is around 28 days or one month. Even though some people have seen results earlier than this, it might be because they were two weeks in until their “skin turnover”. Make sense? This stuff does work!!! However, you must use it according to the directions. Give yourself a nice gentle warm face wash then pat dry with a soft towel. While your face is barely moist from the washing, apply Ambi. Let it soak in with the moisture of evaporating water from your face wash. Do this in the morning, and then again before you go to bed. The skin works “magic” overnight (read up on it) and you’ll see a difference in your skin in no time. This is not a cream that will work in just three days. Add it to your daily routine.At one time, I had horrible hyper-pigmentation due to hormones and who know what else. I gave up on this before giving it the full “skin turnover” time. Well, I tried it again and I was just amazed at the results when it is used as I mentioned above. Now, I don’t even need any cover-up or base and my skin looks great.

Dolores Goshen, MA

Slow but works

My dermatologist recommended it. It leaves the skin smooth every time I use it, but it took several months to see results I could be sure of. I may try the one by Garnier next as a friend recommends it highly, but if it dries my skin out more I will switch back. I use it on both my hands and face and am fairly happy with it.

Victoria Sparta, IL

Did not work for me.

This product did not work for me. Ended up getting rid of the age spots by laser. That worked great and the results are fast.

Mattie Valley Mills, TX