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Ambi Skincare Bars Complexion Cleansing Bar, 3.5 Ounce

Ambi Complexion Cleansing Bar makes daily cleansing easy. It is enriched with proven cleansing agents to effectively wash away surface impurities and makeup for soft, clean skin. Its rich clean-rinsing lather also has a light fresh scent and gently cleanses without over drying skin.

Key features

  • Makes daily cleansing easy
  • Enriched with proven cleansing agents
  • Effectively wash away surface impurities and makeup for soft, clean skin
  • Rich clean-rinsing lather
  • Light fresh scent

Honest reviews


leaves my skin soft and cleansed

Pros: Soothes Skin, Softens Skin, Non-Greasy, Moisturizes, Smells Great, LightweightI’ve only been using this soap for a week but I love the results that I can already see. It smells great, it leaves my skin very smooth without drying me out, which is good because I have eczema and its hard to find good skincare products that actually work. I bought the Lotion too, my skin is so soft.I can’t wait to see how my skin looks after a month.

Bettye Hilo, HI

Good Deal for the Product

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of bar soaps. They seem to dry everything out. But recently, in a mission to start finding better deals along side trying NOT to sacrifice for good skin care, beauty product quality, etc…I decided to try this bar kinda like a 2 for 1 in the shower – something I can wash my face with & body (on a body sponge of course). I know the products are marketed to women of other ethnicity/naturally darker skin tones. However, I am a woman with a near pale alabaster complexion who combats with complicated acne and the scars it leaves in it’s wake. I’ve finally managed to find a simple, inexpensive regime to deal with it. Now, I’m adding this to it. I emerged from my last shower feeling clean and not dry. It lathers well, smells light, and so far seems to be a good replacement for my shower face & body wash in one. This would likely be a better summer product than a winter one, as your skin adjusts to the whole weather change thing, but its a satisfactory product overall. I’ll likely sign up for the subscription service next time I order to save even more.

Blanche Milford, NH

Excellent Cleanser

This soap is great. I used this soap years ago, but switched soaps for quite some time. What I love about it is the fact that it does indeed rinse extremely clean. Leaves my skin smooth and squeaky clean. I don’t feel any sort of residue left behind on my skin. It also smells fantastic, and it leaves a light, clean, fresh scent behind.One must wonder if it’s so awesome, why only four stars? Well, that’s because it leaves my skin a little on the dry side. Some may not have this issue, but I do. However, I have no problem using it. The cleansing attributes of this soap out-weigh the drying property of it.

Sasha Proctor, VT

Did not work for me

This product simply did not help my complexion at all. The smell is also rather unpleasant. would not recommend to anyone

Tricia Morocco, IN

Love this

I was trying to find something different and found Ambi. It is great. I love the smell and it makes my skin look great.

Pauline Red Oak, VA

This complexion bar is Awesome

I love this complexion bar. I use it as I would regular bath soap. It is very gentle and non drying to the skin. I will continue to purchase via Amazon because it is slightly cheaper.

Vanessa Spearfish, SD

Works wonderfully

This soap is Great!!!!!! It cleans my face very nicely. I use it after I workout because my face is covered with sweat and dirt. Great soap!!! It smells lovely.

Ilene Mill Creek, PA

Awesome BAR!

I have nothing but great words to say about this soap. At first I was wondering whether or not to buy it.. I bought one bar with another seller on amazon for 4 dollars, free shipping, and I realized I loved the soap. It makes you feel CLEAN! None of that slippery body/let me keep rinsing, stuff you get from some other bars.I bought this so that I could use it to wash my face (take off makeup etc), but since I loved what it did to my face (the fresh clean feeling), I started using it to shower too.When I found 6 bars for under 9 dollars (plus prime shipping), I was excited! Definitely a great deal on a great soap.

Lolita Rapid City, MI

Not for me

I did not see a difference in my face, it actually made my brown spots get darker. Not for me.

Addie Howard, SD

My Go TO face bar

I don’t even remember when I purchased this soap it has lasted so long! I use it every morning and every night and I’m incredibly impressed with the results. Unlike many face soaps, it doesn’t leave my skin tight and uncomfortable immediately after. I’ve used this in conjuction with the Ambi SPF 30 moisturizer (which is AMAZING) and I have no complaints. Smells great, and produces a great lather. Incredible value for one bar of soap and it lasts a really long time.

Caroline North Manchester, IN

Great skincare product

I like this product because it smells fresh and it helps with my complexion. I will buy it again and recommend it to others.

Addie Conway, MO

Ambi Skincare Bars Complexion Cleansing Bar, 3.5 Ounce (pack of 6)

I’m a fan of the AMBI moisturizer but have never used AMBI Skincare Bars before purchasing these on Amazon, I have always used Vanicream cleansing bars. I have really liked all the Vanicream products because they were developed for people who have sensitive skins and / or allergies to soaps.Vanicream bars are unscented, and I read about the mild fragrance of AMBI and then read all the good reviews by people with sensitive skin like mine who used AMBI cleansing bars.I decided to give AMBI bars a try and I’m really glad I did! I was very pleasantly surprised that AMBI bars had a fragrance but not an overwhelming one, kind of light and nice. In addition, the product feels nice to my skin. I haven’t had any problems with allergies or irritations. Now I have two soaps for my use and it’s good to switch around, at least I like to!I enjoy shopping on Amazon for most of my household supplies as well as personal items. It’s so convenient to order online, and with Prime Membership, everything ships free (sometimes cost included in price). When I compare values on similar products in stores, I find that Amazon it not so out of line in pricing. Why spend money on gas to go to town (37 mi down the road) or even to the local store when I can just order and have the product delivered fast right to my front door!

Janelle White Lake, MI