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Ambi Skin Care Cleasning Bar – Cocoa Butter – 3.5 oz

Helps naturally moisturize skin * Helps visibly even skin tone * With Cocoa Butter Ambi® Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar goes beyond cleansing to naturally moisturize and help you even out skin tone. It is enriched with cocoa butter to help soften and smooth dry skin. Its creamy rich lather gently yet effectively washes away surface impurities to reveal clean, smooth even-looking skin. Ambi® invites you to try other products in our line: * Ambi® Fade Cream * Ambi® Even & Clear ™ Exfoliating Wash * Ambi® Even & Clear™ Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 * Ambi® Even & Clear™ Acne Clearing Treatment

Key features

  • 3.5oz
  • 1 Piece

Honest reviews


This stuff really works

It started to fade my ingrown hair bumps in the 3rd day. So I use twice a day. Open my pores with my hot towel then put it on my Brazilian area (pubic area) then take the soap & hardly even a lather is enough soap. Rub into my skin & leave for 2-5 mins as I do my face & arm pits as well. The fading works. Good luck!

Julie Penn Yan, NY


I bought this to try it out on my skin but it left it dry and made me break out a little. It smells great but I don’t think I will be using this anymore.

Angie Ashland, NH

loved it

I loved the way this makes my skin feel. Didn’t really help with age spots but would buy again. thanks

Erma Saugerties, NY

The best fade soap ever

The best fade soap ever and it really fades my dark acne marks. My acne marks are almost gone for good.

Lizzie Cunningham, TN


I have been using this soap for about a month on my face and I really have noticed a difference in skin coloring. Seems like some of the discolorations have gone away. Helps with sunspots and age spots. Try it ladies and inexpensive.

Caryn Alamo, NV

Soap Clears Away Black Marks

This saop does exactly what it claims – it clears away the black marks. I’ve been using this for only a week and see and feel a vast difference in my complexion. It is so creamy and leaves my face feeling silky smooth and moisturized. I definitely will buy this product again.

Maribel Mc Cune, KS

So so

It is soap so not much to say. It has not helped with lightening any age spots but it does not really say it will. It does leave my face feeling nice and soft though and moisturizer. Would not buy again though.

Cindy Penuelas, PR