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Ambergris Perfume Oil

A healing panacea made from large chunks of ambergris only when found floating on the Atlantic Ocean. A scent so beautiful and intoxicating that it inspired John Singer Sargent to paint his famous La Fumee d’Ambergris.

Key features

  • Rare Indian Ambergris Cashmer 15ml 1/2oz

Honest reviews


Good but…

This is good but STRONG!! It takes some getting used too. I was even grossed out, and practically passed out when I first smelled the bottle, but its grown on me over the last couple weeks and I wear it sometimes, (when Im home, dont wanna scare people, haha!!) its really, really strong. Like Amber(which I Love) and burnt Cedar. Has a very woodsy, smokey smell to it, and you can smell it for 3 days. A drop goes a looonngg way. Id say its authentic

Georgina West Finley, PA

Animalistic Scents

Madini Ambergris smells wonderful as a stand alone scent or is to be used to enhance or add a note to your regular perfume.Whether is’s real or synthetic is a moot point. All of this ‘sexy’ discussion is superfluous.Most scents like Ambergris were designed to add a particular note to whatever attar you are wearing.For example, castoreum, which is extracted from male/female beavers, adds a leathery note. Musk adds softness. And then we have civet which adds yet another note.You just need a drop or two of any animal note to change the personality of your favorite scent.Several years ago, musk was removed from perfumes as the musk deer had to be killed to remove the musk pod. Synthetic musk oil was developed to avoid killing a deer. In the case of civet, the animal had to be beaten with sticks or totmented in order to get the civet to spray.The civet is a distant relative of the cat family. In its raw form civet smells similar to a cat’s spray.Recently a procedure was developed to remove the musk pod from the deer without killing it. Ditto with the beaver. More civilized methods were created to avoid harming the civet and beaver while inducing it to spray. Deer musk obtained humanely is more expensive by the kilo than pure gold.Ambergris which is a large piece of something like a gallstone excreted by certain whales and washes up on beaches. Whales used to be killed to obtain ambergrisMany of these animal by products smell quite foul by themselves. But mixed in proper proportion with other ingredients can result in an exotic fragrance. Chanel #5 uses a civet derivarive.Clarins is currently under fire for using coumarin to add a vanilla note to its Angel fragrance . Coumarin is related to COUMADIN…a blood thinner, so a persom wearing Angel could possibly develop a blood clot or stroke merely by spraying Angel on their body where it penetrates the skin and hits the blood stream where could harm the wearer. Beware of vanilla extract made in Mexico..chances are that it could be made with coumarin beans rather than vanilla beans.I recently purchased a few vials of pure black deer musk from Malaysia . Not a pretty scent.In essence, Madini oils are the finest. Add a tiny bit to your favorite scent and experience something new. Madini Ambergris also smells great on it’s own.But don’t judge it.I’ve been using Madini attars since the early 90s and swear by them.Thank you for reading my review of Madini Ambergris.

Gwendolyn Little Creek, DE

Sex in a Bottle! But, classy.

GORGEOUS amber, with smoke-by-the-bonfire. It’s not only a man-magnet, its’ a great comfort scent! Best for night, cool weather, and rainy days.

Kimberly Raritan, NJ

This one is one of Madinia’s best.

This is a very exotic fragrance, although equal amount of people say it isn’t authentic while others say it is. It has a slightly medicinal and smokey sweet amber-ish type fragrance sort of like sweet smokey embers, would smell nice on the right man but equally good on a woman. Some more conservative types may not like it though.

Ashlee Sybertsville, PA

Definitly NOT ambergris!!!

Definitely NOT ambergris!!! This stuff smells like frankincense. I do not like the scent at all. What a waste of $20.00. Will not buy from madini again.

Ma Beaverville, IL