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Amber Butter

Amber Butter is a spicy and distinct fragrance. Rosewood container is hand carved and unique. Newly and freshly manufactured by Auric Blends in California, USA

Key features

  • Rosewood container
  • By Auric Blends
  • Rosewood container is hand carved and unique.

Honest reviews


A little bit goes a very long way

This has a good aroma, with a slightly gritty texture. To me, it’s more of a vanilla amber than just an uncut amber. A piece of the inside rim had cracked off, but Amazon customer service resolved the issue in minutes. I don’t know whether or not it cracked in transit, though, since it was on the inside. Once I cleaned out the little splinters and bits, I put some on my wrist to test it out. There’s also a little smokiness to it, which I like. BUT, boy is it rich. After having it on for about 20 minutes I wish I had only applied it to my wrists instead of my wrists and the inside of my elbows. Considering it’s so potent, this small container will last a long time. The container itself is just beautiful, too.

Rochelle Wishek, ND

Sexy As Hell

Boyfriend bought this for me because he knows I like amber-based perfumes. This stuff has a slightly woody, earthy scent, but that fades a bit and leaves behind that lovely, sexy amber note. Boyfriend finds it irresistible. A little goes a long way, too.

Angelica Simpsonville, SC

Just the Fragrance I Wanted!

In their home fragrance line, L’Occitane en Provence offers an Amber Solid cube that is lush with amber, vanilla, myrrh, and other notes. So appealing is this scent to me that I took to wearing it–grating it with a Microplane and dabbing it on with a cosmetic brush. An expert in wearable fragrance warned me that my obsession with this amber might result in some skin breakout and took it upon herself to find me a substitute that was safe and cloned the scent that I liked so much.She found it!`Amber Butter’ by Auric Blends produces almost the same aromatic blend albeit in a wearable format that comes in an intriguing little carved pot that looks great on your vanity. Sliding your finger across the top of the butter and anointing your throat, earlobes or wrists will swathe you in a sweet amber cloud that will stay with you until you bathe.Please note that as I am unaware of the actual ingredients that formulate the composition of Amber Butter, I can only say that the aroma is similar to that of L’Occitane’s Amber Solid.There are two negatives. Given he softer consistency of this solid perfume when compared to other solid scents, it seems as if Amber Butter will not last very long given the small amount in the pot and the quantity that your finger will pick up if you are not careful. Additionally, be aware that as the cap doesn’t secure tightly, I would not recommend this solid for travel in one’s purse.Bottom line? Auric Blends “Amber Butter” is a lovely amber scented solid that will please lovers of amber and especially those who enjoy L’Occitane’s Amber Solid Home Fragrance cubes. Highly Recommended. Please note the small yet lovely packaging.Diana Faillace Von Behren”reneofc”

Camille Marathon, OH


OK, so admittedly, I am an amber maniac! Always have been. I have tried almost every amber perfume out there, oils and solids, but I prefer the earthy, more natural-smelling ones. I bought this amber butter on a whim, and all I can say is that I was absolutely blown away! It is this type of scent that originally got me hooked on amber! The first amber oil I ever purchased smelled exactly like this butter, but I could never find the oil again, as the supplier went out of business. I have been searching for over 10 years! I have finally found a worthy replacement! Thank you!OH, and the little wooden jar is sooooo cute! It has a screw-on lid, so I think it will be ok in my purse. Be aware that it is small, but a little goes a long way with this!!!

Monique New Salem, MA

Earthy and lovely

For days I want to wear something earthy yet feminine…this is it. It lasts and only a bit it needed. It’s strong enough that I get lots of compliments but soft enough it’s not cloying or obnoxious. For the summer I will add a bit of my vanilla to make it more sunny.

Clarice Albany, KY

Tiny Treasure in a Wooden Container!

This amber butter is so wonderful.I own 5 pieces and just ordered 2 more!As I do not listen to negative reviews I can only relate my own experiences from using it.Although there is a tiny amount in the wooden container it is a spot on amber fragrance andyou only need a tiny amount of this great butter which is long lasting.I have started to use it as a deodorant and personal fragrance as well.Every container I received was fresh and extremely good smelling.There are too many chemicals in commercial deodorants.And expensive mens’ fragrances are just that…expensive.I highly recommend this amber butter to anyone..male or female who is looking forthat special fragrance which smells wonderful and serves several purposes.Have also found the amber fragrance in this little container keeps me grounded andcentered.I stocked up on it as amber butter fromAuric Blends tends to sell out quickly andI cannot find it at local health food stores.Tom’s Incense is the best seller on Amazon and their customer service isoutstanding. I highly recommend them. And the Auric Blends Amber Butter.

Patrice Turton, SD


I’m In love with this amber butter. I want more. I need more. I can’t stop smelling it and myself.I wish I had a gallon of it. It came fast and the container is nice. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Jeanne Texico, NM

Love this scent

I usually use Egyptian Musk by Foxcraft; in my opinion they make the BEST EMusk. I’m no stranger to oils, I have tried many, and no stranger to Auric Blends, and I like their EMusk as well. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever tried Amber Butter or Amber oil, and decided to buy this product because of the glowing reviews. I am not sorry! While it’s true the pot is small, and you don’t seem to get a lot of butter, it is strong, so you only need to rub a bit on your finger then onto your pulse points. If you don’t know what Amber smells like I’ll try to describe it. The first notes to this scent are deep woodsy vanilla-ish, almost pungent. When that fades you’re left with a soft sweet musky woodsy scent. That mights sound really odd, but I hope it helps a little. If you like oils, and you like musky or woody scents you should give this a try. 🙂

Sheena Lead Hill, AR

Excellent carvings and well made

I absolutely LOVE this little jar. The Amber Butter reminds me of the 60’s, I’m gonna refill it with some solid perfume when it runs out.

Brittney Fiddletown, CA

sweet aroma without being overwhelming

I have been trying to find amber butter for years! I couldn’t even remember what it was called but this is my favorite “perfume” ever. Great product, arrived fresh and sealed and exactly as pictured!

Christie Dadeville, MO

Unisex scent for those who prefer more natural perfumes.

This isn’t anything like the Bath and Body Work’s “Sensual Amber” fragrance, so don’t expect it to be. This is a very potent natural Amber Butter and a little tiny bit goes a long way. Great for both Men and Woman. Im a Woman and I prefer bolder scents, so a little bit of this rubbed on the inside of my wrist was perfect. I also like to mix it with the Auric Blends Eygptian Goddess, or another one of my perfume oils, etc.If you love natural scents, you will probably enjoy this one.It comes in a small carved wooden container and inside is a small amount of the Amber Butter. Remember, you only need to apply a small amount. If it’s too strong for you at first let it melt into your skin for a little while and then it’ll be fine. You don’t want this to be overly strong, just enough to mix with your natural chemistry. It’s sensual, spicy, and unique. Try it!

Taylor Rising Sun, IN